SDFWA Officers and Committees

Board of Directors
President Travis Good
Vice-President Gary Anderson 619-670-1181
Treasurer Jeff Bratt 619-276-8641
Secretary Steve Rogers 760-749-5652
Shop Representative Pete Sterling 858-484-6696  
Member at Large Mike Davis 858-486-1014
Community Outreach Mike McElhiney 858-761-7020
Craftsman List Vacant - we need help
Email List Manager Michael Lewis 619-370-1383
Historian Lou Adzima 619-922-0311
Magazine & Book Sales Jeff Romek 760-213-0351
Member Shop Gary Anderson (c) 619-670-1181
Pete Sterling 858-484-6696
see Shop Committee list 858-230-7593
Membership Bryan Blacksher (c) 858-414-7233
Mike Davis 858-486-1014
Membership Greeters Kevin Deal 951-565-6848
Mentor Program Bob Stevenson 619-422-7338
Merchandise Matt Evans 858-366-5499
Newsletter Editor Tom Schulz 619-463-4010
Pro Bono Jim Vitale 858-623-8630
Programs Del Cover 858-270-7739
Property Dale Stauffer 619-561-2202
Publicity Vacant - we need help
Refreshments Don Spangler (c) 858-270-6165
Ron Rossi 619-582-9883
Carl Drake 619-446-7532
George Lattuca 858-337-7862
Resources & Raffle Jim Strawn 619-887-8090
Shop Tours Dale Stauffer 619-561-2202
Shows & Exhibits Ed Gladney 858-484-4366
Sound Technician Vacant - we need help    
Special Events Ed Gladney 858-484-4366
Student Awards Jim Strawn 619-887-8090
Swap Meet Vacant - we need help    
Toy Program Roger Solheid (c) 858-279-1140
Terry Stolzoff 619-869-1347
Video Library Richard Schulman Videos available at the Member Shop!
Video Technician Lou Adzima 619-922-0311
Wants & Disposals Dave Barnhart 760-721-1457
Web Site Jeff Bratt (c) 619-276-8641
Doug Murphy 619-994-0869
For committees with multiple members, (c) indicates the chair and primary contact person.