There are many opportunities to volunteer at the Shop.  The Shop exists because members volunteer to get things done. Without your help there is no shift supervision, no teaching, no maintained equipment, no program nor event.  Nothing.  Being a part of the Shop means taking on some responsibility to help ensure its success ... without you there is no viable Shop.  We are a community with a shared interest in woodworking.  It’s both fun and rewarding to get to know others and be part of the team that makes the Shop available for all to enjoy.  Currently, more than 50 members are involved in operating the shop, making improvements, sponsoring new members, doing special projects, and much more. 


Take a look at the opportunities listed below and get involved.  It's fun and it's how the shop runs. 




Don't know what your skills best fit?  Give Gary (619-670-1181) or one of the contacts below a call to explore how you might help or send an email to volunteering@sdfwa.org.


Volunteer Activities   Contact  

Shift Supervisor

Shift Supervisors oversee the shop whenever members are using it.  Their primary emphasis is in keeping the members safe.  Many enjoy the opportunity to help less experienced members.    Dallas Keck 760-884-6475


Instructors are needed for all wood related subjects from basic woodworking classes to design software.  Do you have knowledge to share?  Contact Susan to explore the opportunities.   Susan Lively-Klug



Teacher's Assistant

Teacher's Assistants are needed in some classes to help the students with the hands-on portion of the class.     Susan Lively-Klug




Each new member is assigned a sponsor who will guide them through the entire process of getting started to use the shop.  See the Getting Started in the Shop page for the details of how sponsors help new members.   Dallas Keck 760-884-6475

Annual Fundraising Sale

Volunteers make a wide variety of wood items our annual fundraising sale.  Some volunteers work at the shop on Friday's while others work in their home shops.   Doug Glessner dkgless@yahoo.com

Committee Members

The Shop Committee has 15 volunteer members doing everything needed to keep the shop running and growing: education, IT, Marketing, Safety, and Finance to name a few.  Let Gary know if you are interested.   Gary Anderson 619-670-1181

Special Projects

Occasionally, the Shop has the opportunity to raise funds by doing some woodworking.  Examples of Special Projects include building custom furniture and cabinets and specialty items for local schools, businesses and individuals.   Doug Glessner dkgless@yahoo.com

Shop Improvement Projects

The Member Shop is always evolving.  It takes your involvement to keep the shop moving.  Help is needed building shop fixtures and jigs, cleaning the Shop, organizing or re-organizing Shop storage areas, etc.   Dallas Keck 760-884-6475




Find a role.  Be involved.  Get the most from your Shop membership!