Video Library

SDFWA maintains a video library along with our extensive collection of woodworking books and magazines. The presentations cover a wide range of woodworking subjects from stock preparation to finishing, with skill levels ranging from beginning to advanced. Many are in VHS video tape format, however newer titles are being purchased on DVDs. This is an underused resource - we generally have a few enthusiastic borrowers, but there's certainly something here for everyone.


These videos are all available to SDFWA members at the Member Shop. They may be watched at the Shop, or checked out and later returned.


Title Presenter Title Presenter
Cabinets Adams Building the Cabinet Cliffe
Basic Drawer Construction Cliffe Advanced Drawer Construction Cliffe
Basic Door Construction Cliffe Advanced Door Construction Cliffe
Fitting Doors (Video Takes) [FSS#107] Bunn Making Kitchen Cabinets Levine
Cope & :Stick Router Doors Cliffe Bookcase (with booklet) Shopsmith
Installing Knife Hinges (Video Takes) [FWW#94] Rogowski Building the Cabinet Cliffe
Belt Sanding Drawer Fronts Becksvoort Faceplate Cabinetry(series) Cliffe
Make Simple Face-frame Cabinets (DVD) Boyle    
Title Presenter Title Presenter
Making Mortise & Tenon Joints Klausz Router Joinery Rogowski
Dovetail a Drawer Klausz Rough to Ready Cosman
Mortise & Tenon Klingshott Leigh Dovetail Jig Leigh Indus.
Cove Cutting on the Table Saw (Video Takes) [FWW #102] Binzen Wood Rat Systems CMT Tools
Hand-Cut Dovetails Cosman Advanced Hand-Cut Dovetails Cosman
Joinery Adams Making Raised Panels  
Radial Arm Saw Joinery Erpelding Biscuit Joinery Klausz
Jointech Precision Woodworking System   Incra Jig Joinery Adams
Incra Jig Tutorial (DVD)   Design Better Mortise and Tenon Joints (DVD) Lang
Dovetail Techniques (DVD) Hammer 9 Essential Woodworking Joints (DVD) Ruegsegger
Furniture Building
Title Presenter Title Presenter
Building a Three-Drawer Chest (4 tapes - SDFWA 1999 Fall Seminar) Klausz Chippendale Small Chest (DVD with plans) Huey
Chairmaking Techniques Miller Make a Hepplewhite Night Stand (DVD) Huey
Build a Shaker Table (DVD) Mehler Measuring Furniture for Reproduction (DVD) Lowe
Repairing Furniture Flexner Regluing Made Easy Stacy
A Week with Sam Maloof Maloof Chair Caning Interlace Indus
Workbench (with booklet) Shopsmith Bookcase (with booklet) Shopsmith
Learn Woodworking the Easy Way [Blanket Chest] Parko, Shopsmith High Chest of Drawers Huey
Repairing Furniture (DVD) Flexner Make an Inlaid Gallery Table (DVD) Millard
Build a Classic Drawer (DVD) Turner Frame and Panel Construction (DVD) Blackburn
Build an Elegant Writing Desk (DVD) Rodriguez    
Wood Finishing
Title Presenter Title Presenter
Wood Finishing Klausz Three Simple Finishes Dresdner
Refinishing Furniture Flexner Coloring Wood Saunders
Secrets for a Perfect Wood Finish Flexne Spray Basics Dresdner
The Wood Finishing Video Dresdner Essential Guide to Wood Finishing (DVD) Johnson
Hand Applied Finishes (DVD) Jewitt Gilding and Chemical Patinations (DVD) Marks & Baggot
Finishing Made Simple (DVD) Heavey    

Wood Carving

Title Presenter Title Presenter
Wood Carving: Lecture and Demonstration Disparti Carving a Ball & Claw Foot (DVD) Lowe
Letter Carving Hall Carving Bears & Bunnies Wolfe
Beyond the Basics of European Woodcarving Hall Carving Desperados Wolfe
Advanced European Woodcarving Hall Carving Robed Gnomes Wolfe
Chip Carving Barton Carving Wood Spirits Wolfe
Carving Techniques & Projects Bush & Headley Arbortech Wood Carver Arbortech
Wood Turning
Title Presenter Title Presenter
Turning Wood Raffin Turning for Furniture Conover
Turning Projects Raffin Tips for Turners #1 Ellsworth
Turning Boxes Raffin Tips for Turners #3 Ellsworth
Bowl Turning Stubbs Techniques from the 1995 AAW Symposium  
Wood Turning Workshop Lewin Wood Turning: Box, Flowers, Mushrooms Lewin
Wood Turning: Bowls, Platters Lewin    
Veneering and Marquetry
Title Presenter Title Presenter
Veneering on Solid Wood (Video Takes) 10 minutes in length Frid Fabricating with Laminates Adams
Ironing on Veneer :(Video Takes) Rodriguez Marquetry Adams
Marquetry Master Patrick Edwards in The Woodwright's Shop PBS Decorative Veneering Schurch
Hand Tools
Title Presenter Title Presenter
Hand Tools Klausz Stanley Planes by the Numbers Leach
Wooden Planes & Cabinet Scrapers Krenov Japanese Waterstones (Video Takes) Young
Planes & Planing: Bench Planes Kingshott Sharpening Filbeck
Planes & Planing: Special Planes Kingshott Hand Saw Sharpening Law
Hand Planes in the Workshop Rodriguez Clamps in the Workshop (Video Takes) Maas
Plane Sharpening Charlesworth Hand Plane Sharpening Cosman
Hand Cut Dovetails Cosman Rough and Ready Cosman
Sawing Fundamentals (DVD) Schwarz Precision Shooting Simplified (DVD) Charlesworth
The Art and Mysteries of Hand Tools (DVD) Cherubini Sharpening Planes and Chisels (DVD) Kirby 
The Last Word on Sharpening (DVD) Schwarz Plane Sharpening (DVD) Charlesworth
Power Tools
Title Presenter Title Presenter
The Tool Bench: Power Tools The History Channel Planer Tune-up (Video Takes) Vaughan
Mastering Your Bandsaw (DVD) Duginski Setting Jointer Knives (Video Takes) Vaughan
The Scroll Saw - A Beginners Guide Burke Advanced Router Jigs & Fixtures Adams
Mastering Your Tablesaw Duginski The Router - A Beginners Guide Goodell
Tables Saw Basics Robbins Routing Adams
Building the Sliding Table Horton Professional Router Secrets Rodale Press
Mastering Woodworking Machines (DVD) Duginski Router Jigs & Techniques (with booklet) Maas & Fortune
Sliding Compound Miter Saws (Video Takes) Nagyszalanczy Radial Arm Saw Joinery Erpelding
The Versatile Router (DVD) Warner 12 Great Tablesaw Jigs (DVD) Heavey
Power Tool Setup (DVD) Heavey Intro to Woodworking Machines (DVD) Ruegsegger
Design and Designers
Title Presenter Title Presenter
Beyond Wood: Jewel Fantasies in Wood Cummings Beyond Wood: Emotional Expressions Gibson
Beyond Wood: The Translucent Bowl Ron Kent Beyond Wood: French Follies sur Bois Jean-Francois Escoulin
Beyond Wood: Structural Harmony Gianfranco Angelino Beyond Wood: Turnings Rude Osolnik
Beyond Wood: The Art of Turned Wood David Ellsworth Expressions in Wood: The Wornick Collection  
Forest Expressions The Art of Turned Wood Contemporary Lathe-Turned Art Arenskov
Instant Gallery of the 1995 AAW Symposium   Woodworker Sam Maloof
Title Presenter Title Presenter
Hickory Bark Processing Boggs Small Shop Tips & Techniques Cummins
Small Shop Projects Cummins Hardwood from Forest to Finish Frost Hardwood Lumber
Milling a Board Foursquare (Video Takes) Korn Wood Bending Adams
Beading Hack Gluing Difficult Shapes Stacy
Shop Secrets from Master Craftsmen Time/Life Identification of Older & Antique Furniture Fred & Gail Taylor
Toxic Woods (Printed matter, not a videotape, from a British journal. Extensive coverage) Woods & Calnan Woodworking Fundamentals (with Booklet) Shopsmith
Best of Fine Woodworking (CD) Taunton Best of Fine Homebuilding (CD) Taunton
Woodworking Secrets: Tips and Techniques (DVD) Heavey Woodworking Secrets: Tips and Techniques 2 (DVD) Heavey
Guide to Perfect Glue-ups (DVD) Heavey Weekend Woodworking Projects (DVD) Wood Magazine