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We are all following the news. In light of the recommendations of the WHO, CDC and State of California

in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are canceling all previously scheduled in-person events.



All SDFWA in-person events are suspended until further notice.



Upcoming Online Events


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Welcome to the SDFWA Member Shop!


Our Shop is a vital part of a 1,200 member San Diego centered woodworking community, established in 1982. Our 3,000 sq ft facility is a woodworker's dream. Located just off I-805 and Miramar Road, it’s easily accessible from anywhere in San Diego County.



The Shop

There is always a Shift Supervisor on duty when the Shop is open. The primary responsibility of these volunteers is to keep you safe. However, most possess an extensive knowledge of woodworking and they will be happy to offer suggestions and advice if asked.  We also have an extensive resource library in the reception/lounge area. Design computers are also available for use in the Shop.





Shop Open Hours



Note: Closed does not mean nothing is happening in the Shop. During non-reservable hours we are teaching classes, doing equipment maintenance, working on special projects and holding special events.

Shop Slot Calendar




The Classroom is dedicated to helping woodworkers of every skill level grow and learn. We offer everything from Introduction to Woodworking to specialty subjects such as double bevel marquetry. For the latest on upcoming classes, click here



Special Interest Groups

Additional features of the Shop include our Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  These are groups of woodworkers with a common interest that come together on a regular basis to share ideas, tips and information. Currently these include Carving, Digital Tools, Women Who Woodwork, Toy Building and a newly forming Luthier group. This list will grow as Members request more. There is no additional charge for these activities.




Our Tool Room has virtually any tool you could need to complete your projects. Power tools include a Saw Stop table saw, 12” Grizzly Jointer, 22” thickness planer, wide belt drum sander, 18” re-saw band saw, dedicated mortise, adjustable speed drill press, edge belt sander, lathes, scroll saws and much, much more. If you’re interested in digital tools, we have two large bed lasers, two CNC routers and a 3D Printer. Specialty tools includes items like the Festool Domino machine and a large vacuum press.




Becoming a Member is easy. You will be surprised at how reasonable our prices are.  Additionally, once you become a Member, you will be assigned a Sponsor to quickly get you safety certified and working in the shop. Your Sponsor will also make sure get any additional help you may need succeed at the Shop. Click here for Membership details.


Please take a few moments to browse our web site.  If you’d like to tour the Shop, just stop by whenever the Shop is open. The Shift Supervisor on duty will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have. If you can't wait to see inside the shop we have a Click here to have a look around.


I look forward to seeing you in the Shop!


Gary Anderson

Member Shop Chairman

Shop Phone - (858) 230-7593