Shop Memberships

The opportunity to purchase a Membership in our new Member Shop is one of the premier benefits of belonging to the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association.  Our non-profit status and all volunteer staff allow us to offer one of the greatest values in woodworking! 

For a low annual rate, you will enjoy many benefits:


If you haven't seen the new Shop, call 858-230-7593 or write and make an appointment to come in for a tour.   We’re at 5360 Eastgate Mall, just off I-805 and Miramar Road


It’s important to understand that as a Shop Member, you are required to volunteer for a Shop position that will require, at a minimum, an average of 2 hours per month.  By becoming involved with the actual operation of the Shop, you not only help keep the Shop operating but you’ll meet and get to know other Shop Members.  We will work with you to find a position that fits your schedule and skill set.

Unfortunately, we have neither the space nor equipment to support commercial users.   Members are not allowed to primarily make items for their business out of our Shop.

Shop Membership Levels

We offer two Membership Levels, both of which entitle you to designated amounts of shop time called “slots”. Each “slot” is your opportunity to spend up to three hours in the Shop.


Silver Level Membership - $295/yr

This membership level is intended for the occasional user who may already have a shop at home. It includes 15 “slots” during the course of 12 months (from the day you purchase).


Gold Level Membership - $550/yr

This membership is ideal for any woodworker using this Shop on a regular basis. It includes 50 “slots” that can be used over a 12 month period (from the day you purchase).


These prices include your 3 part Safety Training and Certification Program that all Members are required to complete. Also included is Membership in the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association.


This Membership includes a number of significant benefits such as discounts at most Woodworking suppliers such as Rockler, TH&H, and Frost Hardwood.. 


Additional Slots – 5 Slots for $50

This option is available only to Shop Members who have used all of their initial allocation of slots.


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The Member Shop's accelerating growth has become too much of a good thing.  Recently, we have been adding 30 new members a month.  This is more than we can handle without creating significant issues.  Therefore, we going to limit the number of new members added each month.  Thanks for your patience - our goal is to ensure that we maintain and improve the community we are building.  Please let us know you are ready to join by clicking here to complete a Member Profile.  


As soon as we are able to have you join the Shop you will be invited to our monthly Orientation Meeting.  It is held the third Saturday of each month.  The meeting will:


  • give you an in depth explanation of the Shop, how it works, the procedures and policies. 
  • give us the opportunity to explain the "Volunteer" component of Membership and to secure a tentative commitment as to how you will help the shop operate.
  • give an opportunity to select your type of membership and join on the spot.


Gary Anderson