Shop Memberships

Shop Memberships are a fundamental benefit that SDFWA can offer to existing and prospective members. While regular SDFWA membership is required to join and maintain membership in the shop, Shop Memberships are an additional cost. Shop Memberships are purchased on a yearly basis. We have set up a structure which insures that people will have equitable access to the shop, and allows us to control how much use the shop is getting at any particular time, so things don't get too crowded. Note that these times and numbers will be adjusted to meet the demands of SDFWA Shop Members and ensure that the Member Shop is a great resource for SDFWA members.


There are two Shop Membership levels - one for a more casual user and one for more frequent use. The scheduling is based on shop time slots of 3 hours each. Each slot can be scheduled in advance, and may also be available on the spot if the shop is not currently full - which we are currently designating as 12 people at once. Access will tracked using the bar code on your SDFWA membership card. Details of this tracking will be worked out as we get closer to opening the facility.


A one-time initiation fee of $99 is required to join the SDFWA Member Shop, but will not be needed for subsequent renewals of your Shop Membership.

Shop Membership Levels

Gold - 50 3-hour time slots per year (about one per week)

This membership level is $300 per year.


Silver - 15 3-hour time slots per year (about one per month)

This membership level is $150 per year.


Additional time slots for either plan may be purchased - $40 for 10 additional 3-hour slots.


So decide what level Shop Membership is right for you, then watch the video below.  It will briefly demonstrate the process of creating an account for the member shop app and purchasing a membership.



Then click here to purchase SDFWA Shop Memberships on-line with a credit card.


Or you can download and fill out this form, then send it in with a check to:

SDFWA - Member Shop

5360 Eastgate Mall, Suite E

San Diego, CA  92121


If you have additional questions, check the FAQ page or the Shop Plan document, or contact anyone on the Member Shop committee.

Gary Anderson