SDFWA Member Shop


IT'S HERE!  (well almost...)

Your Association has embarked on its most ambitious project yet…opening our own Member  Shop!

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Our Own Member Shop

President Mike Davis signed a lease on February 14th for a great location just north of Miramar Road and east of I-805.  The actual address is 5360 Eastgate Mall, Suite E.  We have retained an architect to draw the final plans and pull the necessary permits to complete the build-out of the space.


This may well be the most significant event in the history of our Association.  This Shop will open the door to new opportunities limited only by our own imaginations.  Shop Members will have access to not only basic woodworking tools and equipment, but to a laser cutter/engraver, a CNC router machine, a professional level lathe, large planers and jointers, a wide drum sander, and more.  We will attract a significant number of new and younger Members that will position us to assure the success and growth of the Association well into the future. 


The San Diego Fine Woodworkers Member Shop will be approximately 3,000 square feet.  It will include a large Tool Room, and beautiful Hand Tool/Classroom, Reception Area, Lounge and Library.  This will be a first class facility that all Members can enjoy and take pride in.


Events will now begin to unfold very quickly. 


Once the final plans are drawn, we will select a contractor to do the “heavy lifting” involved in the build out of the space.  However, to keep our costs to a minimum, we plan to use volunteers from SDFWA to “finish” the space.  This will include installing and hanging doors, installing molding, painting, building shelves and cabinets, moving in and setting up equipment, and more.  If you would like to be involved in this process, please contact Tom Veatch - Tom will be coordinating and scheduling work crews once we have the basic construction and inspections complete.


A critical part of the Shop’s operation will be our Team of Volunteer Shift Managers.  The Shift Supervisor will be the individual responsible for overseeing the actual operation of the Shop.  Duties will include opening/closing the Shop, checking in Members, assuring all Safety guidelines are being followed and assisting Members in finding and using the tools they need. We will need a number of Shift Supervisors.  If you have an interest in volunteering for at least one or two shifts per month (or more), please contact our Shop Director, Pete Sterling - All Shift Supervisors will need to be trained prior to the Shop Opening.  If you have a training background and would be interested in helping train Shift Supervisors, please contact our Education Director, John Rieger -


Safety will be our Number One Priority in the Shop.  We want all of our Members enjoy the benefits of this Shop and to do our very best to make sure no one is injured.  Towards that end, every Member will be required to take a Safety Exam to certify that they know how to properly operate the tools they intend to use.  All of us will need to complete a basic training class.  And, if necessary, Members lacking the ability to operate some machines safely, will need additional training on that specific issue.  Again, all of this training needs to be completed before we open or just thereafter.  If you would like to help with Safety Training, please contact our Safety Director, Mike Howell -


One of the goals of the Member Shop Project is to offer additional training to our Members.  It is our intent to offer both project based and skills based training classes on and ongoing basis.  We have already begun to line up classes and instructors.  We expect to begin these classes shortly after “Opening Day”.


The first event at our new Shop will be a private reception for all of our 130 Founders Group Members.  The incredible generosity of this group of people is what has brought us to this point. Together, they have contributed over $130,000.   It seems only fitting that they should be the first to see and enjoy our new Shop.  If you would like to join the Founders Group, please go to or download the Donation Form -  and send it in with a check.  A donation of $250 or more includes a waiver of the Initiation Fee.  A $1,000 donation includes a free Silver Level Shop Membership for the first year.  All Founders Group Members will have permanent recognition on a beautiful plaque in the new Shop.


To sign up today, just go to the “Shop Memberships” page on the SDFWA web site -  Memberships are good for 12 months.  That 12 month “clock” won’t start until the Shop is open, regardless of when you purchase your Membership.


The one thing everyone wants to know, of course, is “when”.  When will the Shop open?  The reason that is such a difficult question to answer is that we don’t control that issue.  We want to make sure we comply with all permit requirements of the City of San Diego. As you may have heard, that can sometimes be a protracted process.  Our best “guess” is that we will be open in the second quarter of this year.  But again, unforeseen delays are possible.  We will let you know once we can be comfortable with a more definitive answer.  Until then, help us get ready!  It’s going to be special!


Please join us in this exciting new adventure!


Gary Anderson

Member Shop Chairman