President's Message

Hello Fellow Members!


One virtue to being a fresh face is that everyone can be your teacher. As I took an interest in running for president I met with many people: seasoned veterans of SDFWA, recent additions via the Member Shop and the woodworking community at large. Wow! This association of ours does a lot and has for a long time. I'm honored to be a part of this accomplished community!


Other things I learned have helped me frame how I'd like to contribute. 


Goal #1: Deliver more value to the SDFWA membership.  

With all that goes on in our community there many untapped opportunities to deliver value. We hold events which more members could be invited to. We do deals which can bring members savings. We have talents and assets and know-how that more members could tap in to. At the board and program levels I'll work to help unlock this potential and deliver more value to our membership.


Goal #2: Build bridges between association silos.  

While we have wonderful programs such as Design in Wood, the Member Shop, the Toy Program, Shop Tours, and so much more, I learned that they tend to operate in isolation. All programs can benefit from smart and appropriate collaboration. We've already started to unlock this potential and you'll be reading more about it in coming weeks.


Goal #3: Grow membership through increased diversity.  

We have a large pool of seasoned talent. A large but shrinking pool. We need growth but not for growth alone. What SDFWA has to offer can benefit a much larger slice of San Diego county: young adults who long to work with wood but don't know where to begin; recently retired who are looking for a new community to join; women who should by all rights be half our membership but aren't ... yet; other communities in San Diego who work with wood but don't yet call SDFWA their community. We will position our programs and our resources to attract them.


From my many conversations, I believe these should be my goals.

They are ambitious goals but with time they are achievable.

Write me with your thoughts and if you'd like to play a role.


It's January, my year has begun, and I'm excited.


I hope to help make SDFWA better, for you.


Best regards, Travis