Photo Gallery Instructions

Procedure for submitting pictures to the Members Woodwork Photo Gallery

Size your pictures for web display

Many images directly from modern digital cameras are much larger than necessary for web page display. The longest dimension of your images should be 800-1000 pixels. Images can be resized with any photo editing program, or with utility programs such as (Windows), or using Apple's built-in photo tools. Also make sure the orientation is correct - right side up, not sideways.

Assign meaningful file names

The file names will be used as the captions for your pictures - so name them something other than DSC0237. Also, pictures in your gallery will be displayed with the captions in alphabetical order. So write captions for related pictures using the same initial words - such as "Chest of Drawers - front" "Chest of Drawers - detail". File names can be up to 250 characters long - but should NOT include the following symbols: " (double quote), < (less than), > (greater than), : (colon), / (forward slash), \ (backslash), | (vertical bar or pipe), ? (question mark), * (asterisk).

Bundle multiple images into a ZIP file

Group all your images into a ZIP file. The size of an individual ZIP file needs to be less than 20 MB - so use multiple files if necessary. You should be able to fit dozens of pictures into a 20 MB ZIP file. In Windows, a ZIP file can also be called a "Compressed Folder".

Send in ZIP file

Email ZIP file(s) to Include your name for the photo gallery listing. You may specify which picture is used for your "cover" image in the gallery listing, and you may optionally include a sentence or paragraph of information about you, your projects, or your shop. 


I'll also answer questions, and help if you're having trouble putting these files together.


Webmaster, SDFWA