Old Tool Swap Meet

Held three times a year on the first Sunday in April, August, and November

Next Date: August 4, 2019

Time: 6:00 am until noon (get there early)

Place: Rockler Woodworking store – parking lot

           8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. (near 163 freeway)


Contact: John Orsini



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April Swap Meet Report

On April 7th, 2013 the SDFWA held its spring Old Tool Swap Meet at Rockler’s in Kearny Mesa. I arrived at Rockler’s at 4:30 in the morning in hopes of getting setup before the crowd arrived. To my surprise there were 20 to 30 sellers already setup and selling. I set out the signs pointing the way to the event and set up my table to showcase the SDFWA.

After setting up I took a quick tour of the area. I found Table Saws, Drill Presses, Miter Saws, Hand Saws of all types, and more Planes than in Stanley’s warehouse, Badges, Buttons and Patches. There was Lumber, Turning Stock, Lathes, Screw Drivers, Hammers, Chisels and Fishing Tackle. There was literally everything but the Kitchen Sink. Oops, take that back, one fellow did have a kitchen sink.

Don Spangler arrived and setup decaf and regular coffee, orange juice and some yummy looking chocolate cake. Donations for the coffee started coming soon after. Mike Durlak of Rockler provided seven (7) dozen donuts that didn’t last more than two hours. Donations for these nutritional items netted $117 for the Wounded Warrior Program. Thanks Don and Mike.

I was able to meet many nice people at the event including two of special interest to me. Laura Pitney of Toolswap USA introduced herself and filled me in on some history of the Swap Meet and offered her continued assistance with getting the word out. Bill Collins, one of our members and apparently the organizer of the first several Swap Meets introduced himself and gave me more history of the event. Thanks to you both for your time and effort.

During the six hour event I would estimate that 300+ buyers and sellers visited the venue. I heard several reports that sales were going very well. I don’t doubt this based upon the prices that I was quoted. There were fantastic buys to be had, for example, the fellow setup right in front of me sold one Stanley Smoothing Plane and one Stanley Jack Plane both in very good condition for $45 total, maybe half their value.

Due to the short lead time to get the word out about the Swap Meet, I was a bit apprehensive about the turnout and the possibility of enrolling new members to the SDFWA. I had heard that the average number of signups was 7 to 10; I hoped I would not cause this average to drop. I am happy to report that the average did not drop. We signed up five New Members and Renewed three members one of them for two years. The dues collected for these memberships totaled $245 which will go to our general fund.


Special THANKS to Doug Murphy, Gary Anderson, Mike McElhiney and Mike Durlak for their efforts publicizing the event.


Mark Fuller - in memoriam - thanks for everything