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Time and date: 7 pm, March 29, 2017
Location: Al Bahr Temple, 5440 Kearny Mesa Rd.
Behind the Hampton Inn

March Meeting - Brian Lisus

The Art of Making a Traditional Violin

We have an exceptional program for March from the world famous violin make Brian Lisus. Brian has been making violins in South Africa for about 40 years, but just recently located to Southern California. Brian makes a traditional violin using traditional methods and materials. He compounds his own primers (stain) and varnish using materials similar to what would have been used hundreds of years ago. Besides making violins, he also give classes in instrument building. Here is Brian's website if you want to preview his work and approach to music. It's one of the classiest websites I've ever experienced.





Meeting Location


tool Raffle

The tool raffle is now held at the meeting break, and we are using a new procedure where you can allocate your tickets towards one or more specific raffle prizes.

Great Prizes

  1. Lie-Nielsen No 62 Low Angle Jack Plane

  2. 16 pc Forster Bit Set

  3. 25 pc Hss Brad Bit Set

  4. Dewalt 20 volt Drill/Driver combo set

  5. Bessey 4pc clamp set



REMEMBER! Money collected for the raffle goes toward the purchase of bigger and better prizes next meeting!!!

Raffle IconTicket Sales start at 6:30, and only at the meeting. Come early and support this fun event. Every penny supports the purchase of prizes. More support means more and better prizes. Compare that to the odds on any other raffle you know of.

James Strawn
Raffle Committee Chair



Craftsman's Corner


Bring your latest project and show us what you've been up to.



Car Pool

Any member who would like to car pool to SDFWA meetings, please list your name, phone number and zip code with Kevin Deal (in back of meeting room).

It is understood and agreed that this information will be given only and exclusively to SDFWA members.


You can reach Kevin at 951-565-6848