Next Meeting

Time and date: 7 pm, March 28, 2018
Location: Our Mother of Confidence Catholic Church

3131 Governor Dr. - corner of Regents Rd.

Serra Hall (Downstairs)


Starting January 2018 - we have a new meeting location

See map below...

March Meeting

The Treasure Boxes of Los dos Patricio's

For the March program we will feature Pat Edwards and Patrice Penot-Lejeune talking about how and why they are now building Treasure Boxes. In 2008, during the recession, they decided that rather than building large traditional pieces that can take many months, there might be a better market for smaller, but finely crafted boxes. All of the boxes are inlaid with French marquetry. Both have studied at the Ecole Boulle school in Paris where they perfected their skill in cutting out these exquisite designs. They will be talking about the construction and materials that go into these boxes that are made in their North Park studio/school.


Del Cover

Program Chair




Meeting Location


tool Raffle

The tool raffle is now held at the meeting break, and we are using a new procedure where you can allocate your tickets towards one or more specific raffle prizes.

Great Prizes

  1. Lie-Nielsen #610 low- angle jack rabbet plane
  2. Lie-Nielsen #5 jack plane



REMEMBER! Money collected for the raffle goes toward the purchase of bigger and better prizes next meeting!!!

Raffle IconTicket Sales start at 6:30, and only at the meeting. Come early and support this fun event. Every penny supports the purchase of prizes. More support means more and better prizes. Compare that to the odds on any other raffle you know of.

James Strawn
Raffle Committee Chair



Craftsman's Corner


Bring your latest project and show us what you've been up to.