Member Sponsors

By joining the Shop, you will open up a new dimension to your woodworking … one we hope you’ll find richly rewarding and enjoyable.  And we want to do everything we can to help you get the most from your Membership.  We have a process that will quickly get you safely working on your projects.  


You will be assigned a sponsor who will guide you through the entire process.  Your sponsor will contact you shortly after you join.  She or he will be your single point of contact for everything needed to get you ready.  This includes:


  -  Learning how the shop operates

  -  Understanding our websites

      o  Accessing the shop's calendar of classes, shop time, and community activities

      o  Enrolling in classes

      o  Reserving time to use the shop and equipment

  -  Get you safety certified

  -  Introduce you to shop members 

  -  Answer your questions and help you find solutions to any problems you may have at the shop

  -  Let you know about the many ways to be involved in the shop activities


Your sponsor will schedule a 3 hour orientation and safety session with you at the shop.  There are a few things you must do to prepare for this:



1. Shop Safety Video


There is a short shop safety video that you need to watch.  You will be signing an affidavit that you watched the video so don't skip it.  Safety Video  


2. Read the shop Safety Manual


There's no need to print it out unless you really want to.  Here's a link to it: Member Shop Reference Manual


    Complete the on-line Safety Exam


Print out the answer sheet:  Safety Test Answer Sheet


Then take the exam, marking the answer sheet. Allow an hour or two for this.  Safety Written Test


3. Safety Certification


Please don't stress over the Safety Certification.  We don't care if you are proficient at using the machines.  We care a lot that you will be SAFE.


If you want to know what you will be doing in the Safety Certification, here's the link:  Safety Certification



After you have finished the steps above, it's time to spend some time with your sponsor at the shop.  Together you will:


- fill out the shop liability waiver

- discuss your safety exam

- do your Safety Certification

- learn how to use the Punchpass system to schedule shop time and classes

- learn your way around the shop

- get answers to any questions you may have


What's next is up to you.  Sign up for a class, volunteer to build toys for the Shop's Christmas sale, join a special interest group, attend a Eye Opener meeting, become a Shift Supervisor, or start your woodworking project.  Welcome to the Member Shop!