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Safety Training


The SDFWA Member Shop is dedicated to providing a safe environment for fellow woodworkers to practice their skills and improve their craft.  Safety in the Member Shop is our number one priority.  By encouraging safe practices in the Member Shop we will be able to provide a space in which all our members can comfortably and safely work, learn, and make sawdust.


Safety Pre-Test


Each member will take a Safety Pre-Test prior to attending the Safety Orientation Brief.  The answers to the test will be reviewed in the Safety Orientation and any incorrect responses will be discussed as a group.  The Safety Orientation will discuss safe practices and shop procedures that each member will be expected to follow.  Upon completion of the Safety Orientation, each member will then demonstrate their skills through a Hands On Safety Test (HOST) Certification under the guidance of a HOST Coach.  After successfully passing the HOST Certification the member will be granted their Member Shop ID Badge.  This badge will indicate which tool groups they are certified to use.


Print Answer Sheet Only.  Indicate answers, bring answer sheet to Safety Orientation Class.


Safety Pre-test and HOST Certification Material and Class Schedules


Member Shop Reference Manual


Safety Pre-test


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Schedule - Safety Orientation Brief


Hands On Safety Test (HOST)


Schedule - Hands On Safety Test (HOST)