Member Shop Fundraising

Thanks to the generosity of so many of our Members, the new Member Shop is now up and running!  What a huge accomplishment and what a tremendous credit to all who have made it possible.


While the Shop is open and well equipped, there is still a significant need for additional funding.  We want continue to add more and better equipment, and continue to make improvements in the building itself that will make it easier and more comfortable to use.


Your financial support continues to be an important part of the Shop’s fiscal health.  If you can help, please do!  Mail your check or make a credit card donation today:

Mail check and
donation form to:


Donate via PayPal

SDFWA - Member Shop

5360 Eastgate Mall, Suite E

San Diego, CA 92121




Please send us a donation form
so we can properly credit you!


As you make your decision, please remember the following points. First, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, donations to SDFWA qualify as tax deductible. Second, as most of us have learned, even major charities burn up an average of over 60 cents of every dollar contributed in overhead expenses. In our case, 100% of your donation to the Member Shop will go towards the shop! Third, we can’t do this without your help. Your generosity will allow us to move ahead and further develop a Member Shop that all of us will be proud of! 


The largest donation made to the Shop was by long time Member, Henry Wenc.  Henry was kind enough to leave a percentage of his estate to the San Diego Fine Woodworkers when he passed.  Without his donation, we might not have a Shop today.  Please keep the Member Shop in mind as you do your Estate Planning. 


Please feel free to contact Gary Anderson, Member Shop Chairman, by phone, email or at the Shop, with any questions you may have. 



Sustaining Donors

Paul Sasaki
Don Spangler
Travis Good

Founding Donors

Lou Adzima David Costantino Thomas Heiting Greg Miller Christine Steichen
Gary Anderson Charles Coughran Dave Henry Bruce Nelson Peter Sterling
Jay Atherton James Covell Michael Howell James Nerison Robert Stevens
Richard Babbitt Del Cover Chuck Hukari Marlo Olson Robin Svalstad
Harry Baldwin Rolland Crosby Dick Huntington Jerry Pendzick Sharon Sykora
Joe Beemer Michael Davis Tom Kenan Ron Prater Tony Tait
Doug Behenna Kevin Deal Doug Key Robert Reese Sam Takahashi
Charlie Bierman Dale Denio Michael Kirk John Rieger Albert Tamayo
Bryan Blacksher Robert Denlinger John Kramer Wright Rodman Ted Thompson
Marty Blake-Jacobsen Robert Diehl Brian Kranson Thomas Roetker Peter Tobias
James Bradbury Bill Doane James LaGrone Steve Rogers Parris Toyzan
Sam Bradsher Steffanie Dotson Alan Lewis Lynn Rybarczyk Dick Ugoretz
Jeff Bratt Edward Ducharme Eric Lunde Ron Sanzone Tom Veatch
Mick Bueno Clinton Egleston Randy Mason Paul Sasaki Samuel Ward
Bernie Burke Don Fiegehen Mike McElhiney Leonard Scarpace Roberto Weinstein
Walter Burkhard Joan Forbes Michael McElroy Debbie Schilbe Paul Williamson
Chip Burwell John F. Gander Jack McKinnon Richard Schulman Gerald Winiarz
George Byrne Marc Gehr Joseph McLachlan Thomas Schulz Tim Witucky
Graydon Calder Cleo & Leif Gihbsson Michael McNamara Bob Searles Rod Wolfe
Dennis Caldwell Doug Glessner Daniel McNaughton William Skinner James Wusthoff
Donna Chapin Kenneth Goodwin Chuck Meacham Don Slaughter Robert Zaugg
Ted Childers Mike Granger Mark Meenahan Martin Smith  
J Brockway Clark Rory Hallman Louis Mengoli Michael Smith  
James Collard Rita Hanscom Michael Mertz Kevin Specht  
John Conklin Eric Hedegaard James Meyer Howard Springsteen  


Additional Startup Donors

Scott Baldwin Carolyn Jones
Wayne Brechtel Warren Mock
Charles Brown David Nightengale
Darren Cole Jack Olson
Robert Coles David Rubenson
John Elder Jayson Schmitt
Sally Findlay Mitchel & Jeffyne Telson
Ian Graham Dennis Wood
Michael Grundler Ed Yager
George Helsten