Member Shop Committee Chairman Updates

 January 21, 2020 Update

January Happenings!
Holy New Year, Batman! There's a lot of things happening in 2020, and it's only January! Mark your Calendar! Here's the list!
"Eye Opener" Includes Equipment Auction and Sale!
Our regular "Eye Opener" this Saturday, Jan 25th, will be special in several respects. We'll be auctioning off our Powermatic Table Saw that has been replaced by a Saw Stop generously donated to us. But there's lots more! We'll also be auctioning and or selling a jointer, router table, down draft sanding table, two different dado sets, 12" Carbide tipped saw blade, Bosch Fine Cut Power Handsaw, Porter Cable Omni-Jig and a long list of other hand and power tools.
"But Wait! There's More!"
New Member David Weismann will be giving us a peek under the tent of his "Hand Tooled Mortise and Tenon" Class coming up soon at the Shop. David is a highly skilled woodworker "snowbirding" here from Wisconsin and loves mentoring other woodworkers on various subjects. We asked him if he'd teach a class and he said "Yes"!
David is also available for individual tutoring through February. So don't miss the opportunity to meet him!
...and Stay for the Digital SIG!
Immediately following the "Eye Opener", at 10 am, is the monthly Digital SIG (Special Interest Group) Meeting.
And what and agenda they are offering!
Travis is going to tell you how he made this incredible lighted sign. Alan Lewis is going to talk about his $230 diode Laser. And Kurt and others will be sharing laser in-lay techinques. If that's not enough, there will also be a discussion on adding Amazon Canvas to the Shops laser software. What a meeting this should be!
$100 Cash, Anyone?
Next Wednesday night, January 29th, is the first SDFWA General Meeting of the New Decade! And it should be a "Doozie"!
You won't want to miss the opportunity to participate in our first contest of the new's a Cutting Board Contest! And did I mention the "First Prize" is $100?! All entries will become part of the 2020 Holiday Gift Sale. Help us get this off to a great start by entering at least once. We'll have "a little something" for everyone that enters. And we can't wait to see what comes in!
And yes, you're going to look a little silly if you're the only one that shows up without an entry!
Sandor Nagyszalanczy will be our main presenter Wednesday night. He'll be talking about a number of things including the construction and use of Tambor Doors.
If you really want to learn this skill, he'll be offering a workshop the following day, Thursday, January 30th, at the Member Shop. This should be a special and unique offering that woodworkers of all skill levels will enjoy.
The "Fast Start" program will start at 6:30pm Wednesday night, before the General Meeting. Doug Glessner will be talking about hand tool sharpening. Don't miss it!
Those of us currently running the Shop need a little help. Actually, we need quite a bit of help. If you are not currently doing something to help make the Shop run smoothly, please step up!
We will find the perfect "slot" for you that fit's your schedule, the amount of time you can spare and your "skill set". The following is just one example of the many positions we need to fill to make 2020 our best year yet!
"Director of Administration". This job requires a minimum number of hours, hours that work around your schedule. The job is to stay on top of all the administrative details involved in running the Shop...ordering printing and supplies, keeping bulletin boards and calendars current, filing, etc. If you like this kind of work, please step up and help us out. It will give you a chance to meet and get to know more Members and help us find ways to make our Shop even better!
Email Dallas for more information!
Coming Attractions!
February 2nd - WWW Mtg (Women Who Woodwork) 1:30 pm
February 7th - Holiday Gift Build 9 am - 1 pm
February 8 th & 9 th - CNC Basics Class
February 14th - Hand Tooled Mortise and Tenon Class
Please address questions or suggestions to Gary Anderson,



Christmas is over.....
But the "good news" is that there is still an "Eye Opener" to look forward to this Saturday, December 28th at 9 am.
And there's plenty to smile about! (Besides the coffee and donuts...)
Rey Tagle is going to do a brief demonstration on how he does these incredible wood mosaics. This is an opportunity to get a glimpse into a new segment of woodworking many have never even attempted.
Additionally, Jim Strawn has arranged for Kurt Schroeder, a local "wood guy" to bring in and sell some of his really beautiful, highly figured stock at rock bottom prices. So if Santa forgot to leave any wood in your stocking, don't miss this! Check out some of his "goodies"...
"Where'd My Nametag Go?!"
I received a call from a puzzled and frustrated Shift Supervisor this past week. "Where'd the nametags go?!" he demanded.
Well, we are woodworkers, not "Navigators", right?
The problem is a good one to have. We've grown to the point that the old rack would no longer hold everyone's tag. So Dallas built a new one (and it's a "beauty"!). But it wouldn't fit in the old space. So it's now in the hallway between the Reception Area and the large Shilbe Classroom. So if you can't find yours, look around.....the corner!
And in case you're wondering, the "number" is 338!
"Shop 3.0"
The SDFWA Member Shop is starting to plan for it’s future! If you are an artist, have drawing skills, and can create artistic, perspective renderings, floor plans, and cutaways, we would love to have you on the planning team!
Pete Sterling is the Planning Director responsible for developing this project, and needs someone who can create these types of drawings for use in presentations and briefings. This definitely is not a full time job, but rather we will need materials from time to time, and updates to materials as we refine our needs. It will be fun, and will exercise your artistic skills! We do currently have a need for such materials. If you can help, please email Pete directly
It's Coming!
2020 is almost here. Which makes us think about resolutions for the New Year.
For example, at the Shop, we have a resolution to find new ways to help you enjoy the Shop. Which got us to thinking...
What are you're resolutions for 2020? Win the Cutting Board Contest? (You've only got about 30 days left!) Build something really special for DIW? Take a special class?
We'd like to know. Email us your favorite resolution and we'll print some of them in the next issue of the "Update"!
Thank You! Our last Help Wanted posting yielded a perfect candidate for the position we needed help with.
So let's do it again!
We badly need a "Director of Administration". This job requires a minimum number of hours, hours that work around your schedule. The job is to stay on top of all the administrative details involved in running the Shop...ordering printing and supplies, keeping bulletin boards and calendars current, filing, etc. If you like this kind of work, please step up and help us out. It will give you a chance to meet and get to know more Members and help us find ways to make our Shop even better!
Email Dallas for more information!
Please address questions or suggestions to Gary Anderson,



2nd Annual Holiday Gift Sale
Nice Job, Team!
Our 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Sale is "in the books", and what an event it was! If you missed it, you not only missed a sale, but a great social event that bordered on a party!
It required four rooms to display the over 200 different items built and contributed by our Members. And over 40 people helped staff the two-day long production.
Event Director, Doug Glessner was predictably humble. "While many will try and credit me with organizing another tremendous Holiday Gift Sale, I was just the place-holder by name. The incredible amount of hours that all of our members dedicated to not only making the 217 different gift items that were sold, but the endless hours towards the shop clean-up and setting up the sale was nothing less than phenomenal. It truly reflected the dedication and passion that all of our members have for maintaining our shop into a successful place to gather".
In addition to the sale of our gift items, a great many tours of the Shop were given and several Memberships were purchased on the spot. But perhaps the most fun was had by the Digital Tools crew who were personalizing items on the Laser and showing off it's many capabilities.
When the dust finally settled, nearly $18,000 was taken in, a 60% increase over last years receipts! This is a huge contribution to the operating budget of the Shop, allowing us to continue the many services and classes we provide our Members. But perhaps most importantly, the Members that got involved made new friends, learned new skills and had a lot of fun!
Again, Congratulations and "Thanks" to all involved!
Saturday is "Eye Opener" Day!
Don't Miss the Auction
Don't miss this Saturday's "Eye Opener". You'll want to show up by 9 am or shortly thereafter.
Ed Baize will be showing how he builds his baskets using "stave" construction. There will be the usual coffee, donuts and good cheer! Given the fact that this is the last "Eye Opener" before Christmas, Santa may even be doling out Hot Chocolate and Christmas cookies.
You should also know we'll be auctioning off several items including a router table donated by John Wilkinson and a "like new" Sjoberg" workbench. If you need a new bench, this is definitely something you need to consider. It's sitting in the Shop now, so you can come by and take a sneak peak if you're interested. This could be your chance to pick up a great deal! We also have a "gently used" scroll saw that needs a home.
...and Stay for the Digital Tools SIG!
At 10 am this Saturday, the Digital SIG (Special Interest Group) holds it's regular monthly meeting. This month a new "wrinkle" has been added...a Skype presentation by Luke D'Lonra-Bonathan how a guy goes from CNC enthusiast in 2014, to being a CNC entrepreneur in England (, to joining the Carbide 3D team and taking on the new role as director of product development. 
Mike will demo his laser cut bow tie technique. and everyone is encouraged to bring their "not yet finished Christmas projects"! If you want to know what the one in the picture is, well, you'll need to come on Saturday!
Clean Up Complete!
Many thanks to Sharon Sykora and the 12 -15 Members who joined her to clean Shop just prior to our Holiday Gift Sale. If you've been in the Shop since, you know what a great job they did! Even the ducting for the dust collection system was wiped down. What a difference!
Let's show our appreciation by making sure the Shop stays clean. Before you leave, clean up your mess and spend a minute wiping, cleaning or polishing something else! Together we can keep the Shop sparkling clean!
Dallas has created a tremendous new "Sponsorship" program to help new Members get into the Shop, through HOST and familiar with our procedures. He pairs each new Member with an existing Member to "show them the ropes" It's been really well received. But we need more Sponsors! Like you!
If you're willing to spend just a few hours each quarter helping a new Member get started in the Shop, contact Dallas and let him know. He will train you and our new Members will thank you! Do your part!
Let's make the Blast Gates BLAST!
Over the past couple of years we have debated the wisdom of closing blast gates. After all the discussion it's apparent that we are better served by closing them when the machine is not in operation. Because we do have automatic gates, we need to help our members get in the habit of opening and closing the gates.
Our shop will be cleaner and our machines will run better with proper dust collection and airflow. Our shop policy is that gates are to be closed when a tool is not in use. The obvious exception is the small drum sander which has a gate that is not accessible.
We need a member to take the lead on tool disposals.  We often receive gifts that we can’t use in the shop, or we acquire a better tool and need to dispose of the old one. We offer SDFWA members the first opportunity to buy these tools. Occasionally we need to sell an item on craigslist or on eBay.  We are looking for a member who will take this responsibility.
Email Dallas for more information!
...a Simple "Thank You"
Finally, we would like to offer a special "Thank You" on this Thanksgiving Holiday Week to all of the volunteers who make our Shop run. The dues each Member pays covers only a portion of the expense of operating the Shop. But the real work is in actually running the Shop. We have over 50 dedicated Members who volunteer to show up, even when it's not convenient to make sure the Shop is open, staffed and maintained. We sincerely thank each of those volunteers who make this marvelous facility work for all it's Members!
May you all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!
Please address questions or suggestions to Gary Anderson,


Exciting Changes Announced!
One of the big "learnings" from our recent experience with "Shop 2.0" is that planning our Shop's future is a complex and time consuming process. As we continue to grow, doing this correctly will be more important than ever.
I'm pleased to announce that Pete Sterling, who has been one of the key architects of both Shop 1.0 and Shop 2.0 has offered to take on the responsibility for leading this effort. In his new roll as "Director of Planning", he will be focusing on a variety of issues important to our Shop's future, but particularly "Shop 3.0".
So that he can give this new challenge his full time and attention, Pete will be turning the "Shop Director" position over to Dallas Keck who has been his Assistant Shop Director for a number of months.
Pete's thoughts are as follows:
I have been your Shop Director now for over 2 years since the shop's
opening, and I believe that the time has come to make some changes in order
to assure a successful future for the SDFWA and the Member Shop. It has been
a tremendous experience for me, and I hope for all of you as well. We
fulfilled the business plan we created, and a lot more. We have been
financially successful since the beginning, and I hope that we have created
the beginnings of a useful and enjoyable woodworking community for all of
you reading this. But my real strengths, expertise and passion are in the
development process for planning the future of our shop. In no way am I
disappearing - I will still be around to help and support the shop whenever
I can and assist the new Director. Therefore, effective immediately, I will
be assuming the position of Planning Director, to plan and facilitate the
process of how we continue to grow and expand the shop after our current
3-year lease expires in early 2023. This long term project is being called
Shop 3.0. I am extremely pleased to be able to transition my position to
Dallas Keck, my former Assistant Director. There could be no more
experienced and appropriate person to lead the shop than Dallas. Thank you
for the opportunity to participate in the planning and execution of our
current shop over the last 5 years! Shop 3.0 will be even better - stay
Those of you that have had the opportunity to meet and get to know Dallas, know what an important asset he is to the Shop. In addition to his responsibilities as Asst Shop Director, he not only led the Shop 2.0 build out, but has initiated the Sponsor Program for new Shop Members and handles a variety of other programs including the "Eye Opener".
As the new Shop Director, he will have overall responsibility for all Shop Operations including supervision of the Shift Supervisor Team and the Maintenance function. The transition has already begun and I'm sure you'll be hearing more from Pete and Dallas in the near future.
Both of these men have contributed hundreds if not thousands of hours to the success of the Shop. Please join me in congratulating them on their new responsibilities as well as thanking them for all they have done!


October 21, 2019 Update

October Eye Opener This Saturday!
Most of you know Jim Bradbury. He's a long time Member and a real asset at the Shop. He's also a heck of a nice guy!
What you may NOT know is that he's a very creative woodworker. And this Saturday he's going to show you his "Napkin Baskets" that you can make on either the Scroll Saw or the Laser.
Check it out at the "Eye Opener" festivities from 9 -10 am at the Shop.
The "Planes" Have Landed!
If you haven't been to the Shop lately, you may not have seen one of our latest and greatest additions.
Dan Eberle, a long term Member of SDFWA, and a hand plane collector and enthusiast, recently made a significant donation to the Shop.
He has decided it's time to begin to part with at least some of his tools. So he donated a number of "like new" Lie-Neilsen planes to the Shop. They are displayed in the "Doug Glessner" case in the front hallway.
Most importantly, they are there to be our Members! If you would like to "take one for a spin", check with the Shift Supervisor who will check one out to you. They will be following the "check out" procedure used at Palomar. You turn over your Driver's License when you check the plane out and get your license back when you return the plane.
Digital SIG to Answer Important Questions!
As is our custom, the Digital Tools Special Interest Group will meet at 10am, right after the "Eye Opener" (Saturday, October 26th).
Grappling with the tension of tool desire vs. available space? You'd like a CNC but have no room and it's dirty and noisy? The Nomad Pro may be your answer.
We'll cover:
  • Nomad Pro
  • Laser Etching on Glass using a Rotary Attachment
  • The idiosyncrasies of Moving Arm Shop Lasers
In addition to these we'll have Show-and-Tell so BRING A PROJECT!
More Changes! Whadya Think?
Part of the Shop 2.0 plan was to better utilize the space in the "far corner" of the Shop. With the lasers removed, we want to add a dedicated "Turning Area" and more assembly benches.
More storage space is also on the docket!
Dallas and his team have set the area as you see it in the photo. This is a trial, to see if it works before we finalize it and spend the money to move the electrical. We welcome everyone's input. If you have questions or ideas, let us hear from you.
Let's Keep Our Equipment Running Smoothly, Safely!
We continue to have Members bring "Recycled" wood into the Shop. Our policy is not to allow recycled wood to be processed by our power tools. The reason is that the dirt, sand and metal fragments often found in this material is not only hard on the equipment, but it can be a severe safety hazard. A broken off screw point launched by a table saw or jointer blade can become a "bullet".
If you are certain you material is "Clean", you can call Dallas, schedule an appointment for him to inspect it, and if he concurs, you can then process it. But generally speaking, we'd really like to keep recycled wood out of the Shop.
Thanks for your understanding and for caring about Safety!!
A request from Sharon Sykora
As you've probably noticed, the shop hasn't had a thorough cleaning in over 2 years. Now that we have our beautiful remodel, it seems like a good time to hit the reset button on shop cleanliness. It will also make a better impression when it's open to the public for our Holiday Gift Sale.
Pete and I are organizing a shop cleaning party (I use the term loosely) on Friday, November 15 from 4 p.m. until 8 or 9. We are looking for 10 volunteers over the course of the evening so we can tackle all the rooms. You needn't stay the entire time. Come when you can conveniently do so. But we do want to know who is coming. If I know you're coming, I'll bake a cake (maybe ) but you will be fed dinner so we need a head count.
If you use the shop often, please help us out. Let either Pete ( or Sharon ( know.
Also, this seems like the perfect opportunity to clear out the Lost and Found box. (Didn't know we had one? It's under the shelf in the library.) Any item that is not claimed by cleaning day will be donated.
Upcoming Classes at the Shop
Looking to "up your game"? Lot's of opportunities:
Router Seminar - Sunday, October 27th, 8 am
Laser Intro - Sunday, October 27th, 1 pm
CNC Basics - Saturday, November 2nd, 5:30 pm
Holiday Gift Sale is Coming!!!
Check out Lou Adzima and his CNC-made "child's growth charts" that he donated to our upcoming Holiday Gift Sale.
We need your donation, too! If you have not yet dropped off saleable items at the Shop, we hope you'll do your part. This is our largest fund-raiser of the year. Please get involved.
The Sale is Friday and Saturday, November 22-23 at the Shop. Tell your friends and family to save the date.
Come help out at our "build sessions" every Friday from 9 am - 1 pm. We're particularly in need of people to help "finish" projects that have come in without finish or that "need a little help". If you have those skills, we could REALLY use you! Come on's FUN!



August 27, 2019 Special Update


Late August Update and Events!
Eye Opener/Shop 2.0
This Saturday, August 31st, we will hold our monthly "Eye Opener" at 9 am. The normal coffee, donuts, fellowship, malarky, drawing, etc will be accompanied by much, much more! You'll have a chance to see the new "Shop 2.0" which will be about 90% complete by that time.
You'll have the opportunity to see the new "Digital Tools" Room as well as our new Classroom / Meeting Room.
Dallas Keck will be talking briefly about the new changes to scheduling your time in the Shop. This new system will allow more Members to use the Shop by scheduling Digital Tools slots separate from regular Shop use. There will be a separate update coming out soon with details. But this will be your chance to get your questions answered.
Also, Paul Duffield will be hosting a brief demo on "milk paint, it's uses, how to tint, etc. Paul is one of our most prolific woodworkers and has done a number of pieces using this technique.
At a recent "Eye Opener", he did a demonstration on how to build band saw boxes, which is one of his favorite items. Now he'll show you how he finishes them.
By the way, we always welcome suggestions for future demos. If you have a specific idea or request, let us hear from you.
Another highlight of the "Eye Opener" will be our most ambitious tool auction yet. We had a 1.75 hp Saw Stop Cabinet Saw, similar to the one picture here, donated to the Shop. Dallas and his crew have cleaned it up and checked it out and it's ready to become part of somone's shop. We will begin the bidding at $1200. If you've always wanted a Saw Stop, you don't want to miss this opportunity to have one for a fraction of the cost of a new one.
Famed Member and "Wood Rat" Mike McElhiney has just returned from yet another trip to the Northwest, his (t)rusty truck, loaded with "goodies".
He will be offering a number of pieces for sale at the "Eye Opener", including this beautiful book matched set pictured on the left.
But he'll have a number of other great pieces to choose from.
All purchases are strictly between you and Mike and do not involve the Member Shop in any way.
...and Stay for the Digital Tools SIG Meeting!
At 10 am, right after the "Eye Opener", the regular meeting of the Digital Tools Special Interest Group takes place. This month the subject is "Stories of Grit". There members will present their quest for perfection and how they overcame the many challenges we all run into doing our own projects. They include:
* Dallas' journey to build a perfect Systainer clone
* Dan's odyssey to build exacting CNC train rails
* Sam's challenges building his train steam engine
Fall Seminar and Hands-On Workshop
We're less than two weeks away from the start of a very big event! Gary Rogowski comes to town for the Fall Seminar! The opening session is Friday night, Sept 6th and runs through the weekend. Seats are still available. Bring a friend and enjoy a weekend of high-end wood working and learning!
The first of two sessions of his "hands-on" finishing workshop begins Monday the 9th. That session is sold out. However, he has agreed to stay on and do a second session, Thursday and Friday, Sept 12th and 13th. Two slots still remain as of this writing. Don't miss this one!
We Need "Santas"!!
Our Holiday Gift Sale (our biggest Shop fundraiser) is fast approaching.
We've got a great start on producing items to sell.
Join us every Friday morning at the Shop between 9 am and 1 pm to help us create more items. It's a great opportunity to meet your fellow Members and do your part to keep the Shop financially strong.
Can't make it on Firday? Then make something at your shop and bring it in. Need ideas, materials? Just let us know. But DO pitch in. We're counting on you!
Blood Drive - Important Update!
As you've already heard, our friends at Strata Lumber are sponsoring a Blood Drive to support the Rady's Children's Hospital. Bob and Jack have long supported our Design in Wood program by supplying all the wood for our Chair Program. So now it's time to support them! The event is Thursday, from 11am to 4pm. But you must sign up on the web site of the San Diego Blood Bank. We need to get some folks signed up quickly to avoid a cancellation of the event. Please click on this link and get involved. 
So Many "Heroes"!
Finally, we'd like to say a hearty "Thanks" and "Job well done" to the more than 25 Members that stepped up and answered the call for volunteers to complete "Shop 2.0", just a few of which are shown below.
Please address questions or suggestions to Gary Anderson,



August 19, 2019 Special Update

Shop Membership Hits 300!
No, no one bowled a "perfect game". But this news is even more exciting! During the past week, our Shop Membership hit and exceeded 300 Members.
This is a goal we've had for some time. And it's even more exciting to see it realized at the same time the Shop 2.0 expansion is taking place. Clearly we are doing something right. We continue to grow and attract new Members while helping our existing Members build and improve their skill levels.
Everyone reading this announcement has either directly or indirectly played a role in helping us achieve this goal. But I want to recognize two groups who have been really key in making this happen.
First is our Shift Supervisors, who, day after day, show up religiously to open and run the Shop safely and professionally. The additional service they perform is meeting, greeting and touring prospective Members. They do their job so well, it's easy to take them for granted. But don't! The next time you're in the Shop, let them know how much you appreciate their efforts!
Second, I want to recognize our Member "Sponsors". Dallas Keck both conceived this program and has tirelessly administered it to insure that all of our new Members get off to a strong start. But he would be the first to tell you that without the efforts of our volunteer Sponsors, it obviously would not be the success it has been. To all of you involved, our sincere thanks for making our Shop better and our new Members feel welcome!
Hitting this milestone validates the concept we first developed nearly five years ago. SDFWA Members want, need and will use a Member Shop. And so does the San Diego community at large! We're literally helping to "re-birth" woodworking in San Diego one woodworker at a time.
Additionally, the revenue stream generated as a result of this steadily growing Membership has made us financially sound and put us in a position to expand and continue to offer our Members an ever improving facility, resources and community.
And we've done it all with volunteers!
Congratulations and thanks to all!
Shop 2.0 Heads for the "Home Stretch"!
If you've used the Shop in the last two weeks, you know there's lots going on. But we want to alert you to the fact that "you ain't seen nothing yet"!
These next two weeks are slated to be the most intense of any time frame since we first opened the Shop. If you choose to use the Shop between now and the end of the month, you can and should expect a great deal of commotion and activity. We've made every effort to minimize the disruption to normal Shop use, but please, "Pardon Our Dust" as we move into the final phase of this expansion.
This Thursday promises to be the most dramatic. We plan to move both large lasers and the 3D printer to their new home in the other end of the building. If you've noticed, the standard door frame between the Reception area and the existing Classroom is a tad narrower than either of the lasers. Should be interesting!
Once the old laser space is vacated, work will begin on the new plan which includes a dedicated turning area, more storage and additional assembly benches.
If you are in the Shop, and see volunteers who need a hand, please take the time to jump in and help them complete this important work.
Should you plan to use the lasers after Thursday, you may wish to call ahead to make sure they're up and running.
If the chaos causes you any angst, please try to remember that the end goal will be well worth the aggravation.
Let's all pull together to support the "Hole in the Wall Gang" as they push this exciting project across the finish line. Shop 2.0 is about to become reality!
Please address questions or suggestions to Gary Anderson,


August 15, 2019 Update


.....and so it begins !
On August 1st, Shop2.0 became a reality as a hole was punched through the wall in the Reception area to access the new "Quiet Tools" room-tobe.
Tony had not even completely moved out yet. But Project Manager Dallas Keck has a plan and he's sticking to it!
And over 25 Shop Members answered our call for volunteers, setting the stage for a concerted effort to build our new Shop quickly and efficiently. The Shop as been a real bee-hive of activity every day since. This new crop of volunteers has been affectionately named the "Hole in the Wall Gang" and they have been "taking no prisoners!
Once the new space had been cleaned out, the painting crew was brought in. Erica and Jane were just two of the many Members who made short work of giving both the Quiet Tools Room and our new Classroom a fresh coat of paint.
One thing everyone agrees on is that the light and cool breezes coming in those windows is going to make a huge difference not just to these rooms but to the whole Shop.
Doug Glessner showed up with a floor sander to smooth and prep the floors.
Josh and new Member Cassiano wasted no time laying down the new epoxy floor. What a difference!
And what a difference it makes when everyone pitches in like this! Thanks again to the "Hole" "Gang"! :)
The electrical is in. The next steps include painting of the "blue stripe", and reinstalling base boards.
The "biggie" is the receipt and installation of the new roof-mounted exhaust fan which will evacuate all laser fumes and smoke while keeping the room quiet. It's on it's way, but Dallas isn't sleeping well wondering what day it will show up.
Once that's installed, the real fun begins. Stay tuned!!
Would You Like to be a Shift Supervisor?
If you're interested in helping make our Shop successful, have we got a deal for you! We need a few Shift Supervisors to help augment the tremendous staff that we have.
We'll train you carefully and thoroughly, give you the chance to "shadow" an existing Shift Supervisor then set you up with a shift that fit's your schedule.
You'll meet and get to know all kinds of other Members, learn while helping them learn, and, most importantly, you'll be keeping our Shop running smoothly and safely.
If you'd like more information, email Dallas Keck at or talk to the Shift Supervisor on duty and hear first hand how rewarding this position can be.
Gary Rogowski Finishing Workshop!
Amazingly, there are still a few slots left in the second session of the Gary Rogowski Finishing Workshop, September 12th and 13th. The first session on September 9th and 10th sold out immediately and this one will too. So wait no longer.
This is your chance to work side by side with one of the Country's most renowned woodworkers. He'll be showing you how to apply oil, varnish and shellac finishes on your own set of sample boards. Don't miss out. Sign up today!
Holiday Build This Friday!
This Friday, and every Friday between now and November, are "Holiday Build" Fridays at the Shop. Doug Glessner gathers his merry band of elves together and makes sure everyone has a project to work on (and donuts). You can bring your own or work on one of his. But come on down and join the fun. We're there from 9am until 1 pm. Come and go as you please. The only rule is to have fun. Join us!
Laser "Refresher"
  • This machine look familiar?
  • Remember when you took the Laser Class?
  • Remember forgetting some of what you learned?
  • Still wish you could get in there and create?
  • Need just a little bit of "refreshing"?
Tuesday morning, 10 am is your answer. Travis will be hosting a "Laser Refresher". He'll get you "back in the saddle". Just two slots left. Sign up today!
Shop Positions Vacant....Awaiting Your Arrival!
We could use a little about giving us a hand?
Sponsors - Are you willing to take a new Member "under your wing"? Make them feel comfortable, help get them through HOST, etc? Contact Dallas
Personnel Director - Our staff is getting pretty big! We need someone to help identify new volunteers and match their skills with our needs. If you've got Personnel experience, please let us know.


July 27, 2019 Update


Things Are About to Change!
That's right! "Shop 2.0" is about to become a reality.
We will be expanding into the front two rooms currently sub-let by Woodshop Wizards. Tony is moving out August 2nd and Dallas Keck has developed an exciting plan to renovate the space to make way for our new "Quiet Tools" room and a second Classroom/Meeting Room. Relocating the Lasers and 3D Printer will allow us to finally set up a professional "Turning" area.
To make all this happen, we need a little help. If everyone pitches in, no one will have to work too hard and we'll have a newly renovated Shop in no time. Here's a list of the help we need:
Framers and Drywallers: We need to open up two walls to move the lasers, then close them up again. (One day or less)
Painters: The walls in the new space need a fresh coat of paint. (approx 1 day)
Cabinet Builder: We need some storage cabinets for the new space. (1 - 3 days).
Epoxy Floor Coating Project: We need a couple of Members with good knees to help remove and replace baseboards and prep the floors. (1 - 2 days)
"Swamper": Cleaning, "gopher" and misc.
If you can help with any of these projects, even for a short period of time, please email Dallas Keck asap at
This is your chance to put your mark on our new Shop. Don't let us down!
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181
Eye Opener This Saturday
That's right! It's the last Saturday of the month. That's means it's "Super Saturday"!
8am New Member Orientation (new members only)
9am "Eye Opener" Coffee, Donuts, Shop talk and a brief presentation by Dallas Keck on the use of Epoxies as adhesives and fillers. If you like this, Dallas and Jesse Manor are willing to put together a "Live Edge Table" class. So don't miss out! There will be the usual free drawings, horseplay and other nonsense.
10am Digital SIG This month the focus is on inlays using a special technique on the CNC. You won't believe how great these look!
Total cost for all of the above..... ZERO! See you there!
Many of you know Tony Denopoulis, our neighbor and sub-tenant....the "Wizard" behind the Woodshop Wizards program. Tony has run his "woodworking for kids" programs for many years, long before he moved in with us. But as you may have heard, he's decided it's time to move on. He and his wife are moving to Arizona.
While we wish them the best, the open question is ..."What happens to Woodshop Wizards"? Tony would like to sell the business to someone who might enjoy teaching woodworking to youngsters, 1st to 6th grade. His projects are all pre-cut and require only hammers, nails, glue, sand paper and paint. He has found that the real core of his business is in the schools, negating any need for leased space.
If you or someone you know has an interest in learning more about taking over this successful enterprise, give Tony a call at 619-952-3988,
Shop Positions Vacant....Awaiting Your Arrival!
We could use a little about helping us out?
Sponsors - Are you willing to take a new Member "under your wing"? Make them feel comfortable, help get them through HOST, etc? Contact Dallas
Graphic Designer - We need some help designing fliers to promote our classes and events. Basic graphic design skills is all that's required.
Personnel Director - Our staff is getting pretty big! We need someone to help identify new volunteers and match their skills with our needs. If you've got Personnel experience, please let us know.
Assistant Education Director - Susan could use a little help with scheduling, arranging classes, finding TA's, etc. Great opportunity to get involved and meet a lot of interesting people!
Contact Susan ( or Gary (


June 19, 2019 Update


Congratulations to Us!
It's our 2nd Anniversary!
Today, the 19th of June, is actually the second Anniversary of the Opening Day of our Shop. Thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of us setting up the Shop and how much different it looks today.
It's still hard to believe how far we've come in such a short period of time.
We have nearly 300 Members, Shop usage is at an all time high and we're already planning our first expansion. We've introduced dozens of new people to the world of woodworking through our Introduction to Woodworking Classes. And over 100 Members have learned the exciting new dimension of Digital Tools. Members have had access to "hands on" sessions with nationally known experts such as Garrett Hack, and soon, Gary Rogowski.
None of this would be possible without the incredible support of so many of our Members. It's particularly important to again thank our Founding Members who made the Shop financially feasible, and also our amazing Shift Supervisors who keep us safe and make sure the doors are open. Don't forget to offer them a special "thank you" the next time you're in.
As we move into Year 3, I hope each of you not already involved in the Shop's operation, will join me in committing to a specific role that you can play in making our Shop even better. There is so much that still needs to be done. Please give me a call or email me to talk about how your skills and availability can fit in with the tireless Team we already have in place. You're going to enjoy it! I promise!
June "Eye Opener" Features Great Demo!
Digital SIG "Owner's Panel"
Join us Saturday, June 29th, at 9 am for the June "Eye Opener". Two important things you should know...
First, there will be (Anniversary) Cake! Second, Paul Duffield will be giving a brief demo on the basics of Band Saw Box making. Haven't you always wanted to give that idea a try?
As is our custom, the "Eye Opener" will be followed at 10am by a special version of the Digital SIG featuring an "Owners Panel" discussing four different price levels of CNCs and issues on building your own CNC.
Come for the Cake...stay for the SIG!
It's Time to Learn the CNC!
You've been to the Fair. You've seen what this incredible machine can do. What are you waiting for?
The next CNC Class begins Saturday, June 29th, at 6:30pm. This class has just two spots left. In addition to the "hands-on" personalized training, you'll receive a License to operate VCarve Pro on the Shop's CNC.
At the completion of the Class, you'll have added an entirely new dimension to your woodworking skills portfolio. Don't let others have all the fun. Treat yourself today.
Ed "Doc" Yager
Sadly, we must report the passing of long time SDFWA and Founding Shop Member, Ed Yager.
At 93, "Doc" was still practicing.....and woodworking....right up until a brief bout with Lung Cancer took him from us.
He was a true gentleman and strong supporter of the Shop. Ed, you will be missed!
This Friday is "Build Friday"!
This Friday, June 21st, is another session of our "Holiday Gift Build". Anyone who wants to can come down to the Shop, between 9 am and 1 pm and help us build items for the sale in November. (All proceeds benefit the operation of our Shop).
We need your help. But, more importantly, you'll have a good time! You can work on your own project or we'll assign you a roll in one of the projects we've got going. There's donuts, coffee and lots of good fellowship and conversation with other woodworkers. Learn some new skills and sharpen some old ones. Why not give it a try this week? I'll look forward to seeing you there.
This is a photo of Mary Russo with the toy train sets she's built. You have to see them in person to appreciate them! Nice job Mary!
Whether you realize it or not, it takes a large number of people to run our Shop. Over 50 volunteers give their time and talents to keep things running as they should. Many of you know at least some of the Shift Supervisors but most of you don't know all of the people "behind the scenes". So in each update, we're going to introduce you at least one of our "stars"!
Let's begin with Michael Lewis, our Director of IT. He is responsible for keeping our electronic systems, including Punchpass, up and running. His list of tasks is nearly endless, but includes scheduling classes and events, solving the Punchpass issues and questions that arise and working closely with our financial guys to make sure all the monies get collected and accounted for properly.
If that were not enough, he also volunteered to take over the SDFWA email (Constant Contact) duties from Harry Baldwin. Those colorful and interesting emails you get from SDFWA are all constructed and arranged for by Michael.
Michael is a retired Navy pilot and Software Engineer living in the Bonita area and is a long time member of SDFWA. Our special thanks to Michael, one of many "unsung heroes" that keep our organization running smoothly!
Shop Positions Vacant....Awaiting Your Arrival!
We could use a little about helping us out?
Sponsors - Are you willing to take a new Member "under your wing"? Make them feel comfortable, help get them through HOST, etc? Contact Dallas Keck.
Graphic Designer - We need some help designing fliers to promote our classes and events. Basic graphic design skills is all that's required.
Personnel Director - Our staff is getting pretty big! We need someone to help identify new volunteers and match their skills with our needs. If you've got Personnel experience, please let us know.
Contact Susan ( or Gary (
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181



May 23, 2019 Update


Big News! We're About to Get Bigger!
As most of you know, the Shop's bursting at the seams. We need more space!
Fortuitously, Tony, our sub-tenant (Woodshop Wizards), is taking his business in a new direction and no longer needs his space in our building. That gives us roughly another 900 square feet to work with.
Our tentative plan is to use his front room for a second classroom and meeting space. His back room will become our "Quiet Tools Room" and we will move our Laser Machines and the 3-D Printer in there. That move frees up the back corner of the Shop for some badly needed additional bench space and storage area. Who knows what else?
This is both an exciting and daunting undertaking. We'll need your help and your support.
And we'll be providing more information as soon as we have it.
Holiday Gift Build Needs You!
We are having a great time building gift Items for this November's Holiday Gift Sale! The current project is "Trains". They're everywhere and there are some pretty fancy "Choo-Choos" rolling down the track!
But we could use a few more helpers. Please join us every other Friday from 9 am 'til 1 pm or as long as you can stay. We can use anyone from any skill level. We guarantee you'll enjoy the day! Hope to see you tomorrow and/or June 7th!
Eye Opener. Digital SIG Postponed
This month's "Eye Opener" and the Digital SIG have both been postponed due to falling on the Memorial Day Holiday. (Turns out some of our Members have personal lives outside of woodworking!)
But we'll be back in action June 29th with an extra-special program. So jot it down on your calendar now.
....and Happy Memorial Day!!
New Bandsaw Policy - Important!
We need to make you aware of a new policy regarding Member use of the Shop Bandsaws and ask for your help and understanding in implementing it.
We continue to experience a significant number of problems with Members mis-using the bandsaws. While we've tried to keep our policies and practices as inobtrusive as possible, we have to do something to reduce the mis-use and abuse of our three bandsaws. This past week we've had to replace broken blades nearly every day. Some members are attempting to cut inappropriate materials and others are inproperly adjusting machine settings, creating actual safety issues. Other incidents include Members cutting unstable pieces without properly supporting them. Blade guides have been reset so tight the machines won't start up.
Consequently, the three bandsaws have been "locked out". This means you will have to ask the Shift Supervisor for access to the band saws.
When you do, expect the Shift Supervisor to ask what you plan to cut and to insure you have a plan to do so safely. Once the Shift Supervisor is satisfied, he/she will unlock the machine for your use. However, Members are NOT permitted to reset any of the guides or tension knobs. If you think they need adjustment, please ask the Shift Supervisor for help. Again, keep in mind that "wet" wood is not permitted in the Shop. "Urban" lumber cannot be milled in the Shop without prior approval by either Pete or Dallas.
Please understand that we would rather not impose these restrictions. However, something has to be done to bring the problem under control. Hopefully, once our Membership has a better understanding of the limitations of these machines, we'll be able to relax his policy.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
Shop Positions Vacant....Awaiting Your Arrival!
We could use a little about helping us out?
Sponsors - Are you willing to take a new Member "under your wing"? Make them feel comfortable, help get them through HOST, etc? Contact Dallas Keck.
Graphic Designer - We need some help designing fliers to promote our classes and events. Basic graphic design skills is all that's required.
Personnel Director - Our staff is getting pretty big! We need someone to help identify new volunteers and match their skills with our needs. If you've got Personnel experience, please let us know.
Contact Susan ( or Gary (
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181




April 25, 2019 Update



Eye Opener This Saturday!
Don't forget that this Saturday is the day for our monthly "Eye Opener" event at 9am. Lot's going on this Saturday. Ed Sides will be at the Shop at 8:30 am to sell his Teak boards for $10 per board foot. He ran out at the General Meeting. So if you missed out, this is your chance. Rick Van Hatten will demonstrate the Shop's Track Saw. You'll find this informative and useful. And there's a free drawing! And did we mention coffee and donuts?!
Digital Tools SIG
At 10am, Saturday, right after the Eye Opener, Travis will host the monthly Digital Tools Special Interest Group Meeting.
This month will feature a discussion on how best to use DTs to engrave plaques and similar items. There will also be the normal random exchanges and everyone is invited to bring in their projects.
Veneering Class Slated!
We're very excited to announce that Susan has finalized plans for an intermediate level veneering class taught by none other than Chance Coalter!
Many of you know Chance. He is one of the most popular instructors in the San Diego area. He will run a four day class on how to build and veneer a small table. Each student will actually build this talbe. It begins June 23rd and is expected to fill quickly. Check the web site for details.
New "SIG" - Luthiers
The first meeting of our latest Special Interest Group (SIG)was a raging success. 24 people showed up and there's clearly an interest in getting together once a month and talking about how to make musical instruments. If you'd liketo join them, you can! Just show up at the next meeting, Friday
April 26th, 7:00 pm at the Shop!
Shop Positions Vacant....Awaiting Your Arrival!
We could use a little about helping us out?
Basic Veneering Instructor - We've got a lot of interest in veneering and we know we've got some accomplished people in our Membership. Can you teach a class in basic veneering? We'll help you every step of the way.
Graphic Designer - We need some help designing fliers to promote our classes and events. Basic graphic design skills is all that's required.
Personnel Director - Our staff is getting pretty big! We need someone to help identify new volunteers and match their skills with our needs. If you've got Personnel experience, please let us know.
Contact Susan ( or Gary (
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181


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