Member Shop Committee Chairman Updates


Exciting Changes Announced!
One of the big "learnings" from our recent experience with "Shop 2.0" is that planning our Shop's future is a complex and time consuming process. As we continue to grow, doing this correctly will be more important than ever.
I'm pleased to announce that Pete Sterling, who has been one of the key architects of both Shop 1.0 and Shop 2.0 has offered to take on the responsibility for leading this effort. In his new roll as "Director of Planning", he will be focusing on a variety of issues important to our Shop's future, but particularly "Shop 3.0".
So that he can give this new challenge his full time and attention, Pete will be turning the "Shop Director" position over to Dallas Keck who has been his Assistant Shop Director for a number of months.
Pete's thoughts are as follows:
I have been your Shop Director now for over 2 years since the shop's
opening, and I believe that the time has come to make some changes in order
to assure a successful future for the SDFWA and the Member Shop. It has been
a tremendous experience for me, and I hope for all of you as well. We
fulfilled the business plan we created, and a lot more. We have been
financially successful since the beginning, and I hope that we have created
the beginnings of a useful and enjoyable woodworking community for all of
you reading this. But my real strengths, expertise and passion are in the
development process for planning the future of our shop. In no way am I
disappearing - I will still be around to help and support the shop whenever
I can and assist the new Director. Therefore, effective immediately, I will
be assuming the position of Planning Director, to plan and facilitate the
process of how we continue to grow and expand the shop after our current
3-year lease expires in early 2023. This long term project is being called
Shop 3.0. I am extremely pleased to be able to transition my position to
Dallas Keck, my former Assistant Director. There could be no more
experienced and appropriate person to lead the shop than Dallas. Thank you
for the opportunity to participate in the planning and execution of our
current shop over the last 5 years! Shop 3.0 will be even better - stay
Those of you that have had the opportunity to meet and get to know Dallas, know what an important asset he is to the Shop. In addition to his responsibilities as Asst Shop Director, he not only led the Shop 2.0 build out, but has initiated the Sponsor Program for new Shop Members and handles a variety of other programs including the "Eye Opener".
As the new Shop Director, he will have overall responsibility for all Shop Operations including supervision of the Shift Supervisor Team and the Maintenance function. The transition has already begun and I'm sure you'll be hearing more from Pete and Dallas in the near future.
Both of these men have contributed hundreds if not thousands of hours to the success of the Shop. Please join me in congratulating them on their new responsibilities as well as thanking them for all they have done!


October 21, 2019 Update

October Eye Opener This Saturday!
Most of you know Jim Bradbury. He's a long time Member and a real asset at the Shop. He's also a heck of a nice guy!
What you may NOT know is that he's a very creative woodworker. And this Saturday he's going to show you his "Napkin Baskets" that you can make on either the Scroll Saw or the Laser.
Check it out at the "Eye Opener" festivities from 9 -10 am at the Shop.
The "Planes" Have Landed!
If you haven't been to the Shop lately, you may not have seen one of our latest and greatest additions.
Dan Eberle, a long term Member of SDFWA, and a hand plane collector and enthusiast, recently made a significant donation to the Shop.
He has decided it's time to begin to part with at least some of his tools. So he donated a number of "like new" Lie-Neilsen planes to the Shop. They are displayed in the "Doug Glessner" case in the front hallway.
Most importantly, they are there to be our Members! If you would like to "take one for a spin", check with the Shift Supervisor who will check one out to you. They will be following the "check out" procedure used at Palomar. You turn over your Driver's License when you check the plane out and get your license back when you return the plane.
Digital SIG to Answer Important Questions!
As is our custom, the Digital Tools Special Interest Group will meet at 10am, right after the "Eye Opener" (Saturday, October 26th).
Grappling with the tension of tool desire vs. available space? You'd like a CNC but have no room and it's dirty and noisy? The Nomad Pro may be your answer.
We'll cover:
  • Nomad Pro
  • Laser Etching on Glass using a Rotary Attachment
  • The idiosyncrasies of Moving Arm Shop Lasers
In addition to these we'll have Show-and-Tell so BRING A PROJECT!
More Changes! Whadya Think?
Part of the Shop 2.0 plan was to better utilize the space in the "far corner" of the Shop. With the lasers removed, we want to add a dedicated "Turning Area" and more assembly benches.
More storage space is also on the docket!
Dallas and his team have set the area as you see it in the photo. This is a trial, to see if it works before we finalize it and spend the money to move the electrical. We welcome everyone's input. If you have questions or ideas, let us hear from you.
Let's Keep Our Equipment Running Smoothly, Safely!
We continue to have Members bring "Recycled" wood into the Shop. Our policy is not to allow recycled wood to be processed by our power tools. The reason is that the dirt, sand and metal fragments often found in this material is not only hard on the equipment, but it can be a severe safety hazard. A broken off screw point launched by a table saw or jointer blade can become a "bullet".
If you are certain you material is "Clean", you can call Dallas, schedule an appointment for him to inspect it, and if he concurs, you can then process it. But generally speaking, we'd really like to keep recycled wood out of the Shop.
Thanks for your understanding and for caring about Safety!!
A request from Sharon Sykora
As you've probably noticed, the shop hasn't had a thorough cleaning in over 2 years. Now that we have our beautiful remodel, it seems like a good time to hit the reset button on shop cleanliness. It will also make a better impression when it's open to the public for our Holiday Gift Sale.
Pete and I are organizing a shop cleaning party (I use the term loosely) on Friday, November 15 from 4 p.m. until 8 or 9. We are looking for 10 volunteers over the course of the evening so we can tackle all the rooms. You needn't stay the entire time. Come when you can conveniently do so. But we do want to know who is coming. If I know you're coming, I'll bake a cake (maybe ) but you will be fed dinner so we need a head count.
If you use the shop often, please help us out. Let either Pete ( or Sharon ( know.
Also, this seems like the perfect opportunity to clear out the Lost and Found box. (Didn't know we had one? It's under the shelf in the library.) Any item that is not claimed by cleaning day will be donated.
Upcoming Classes at the Shop
Looking to "up your game"? Lot's of opportunities:
Router Seminar - Sunday, October 27th, 8 am
Laser Intro - Sunday, October 27th, 1 pm
CNC Basics - Saturday, November 2nd, 5:30 pm
Holiday Gift Sale is Coming!!!
Check out Lou Adzima and his CNC-made "child's growth charts" that he donated to our upcoming Holiday Gift Sale.
We need your donation, too! If you have not yet dropped off saleable items at the Shop, we hope you'll do your part. This is our largest fund-raiser of the year. Please get involved.
The Sale is Friday and Saturday, November 22-23 at the Shop. Tell your friends and family to save the date.
Come help out at our "build sessions" every Friday from 9 am - 1 pm. We're particularly in need of people to help "finish" projects that have come in without finish or that "need a little help". If you have those skills, we could REALLY use you! Come on's FUN!



August 27, 2019 Special Update


Late August Update and Events!
Eye Opener/Shop 2.0
This Saturday, August 31st, we will hold our monthly "Eye Opener" at 9 am. The normal coffee, donuts, fellowship, malarky, drawing, etc will be accompanied by much, much more! You'll have a chance to see the new "Shop 2.0" which will be about 90% complete by that time.
You'll have the opportunity to see the new "Digital Tools" Room as well as our new Classroom / Meeting Room.
Dallas Keck will be talking briefly about the new changes to scheduling your time in the Shop. This new system will allow more Members to use the Shop by scheduling Digital Tools slots separate from regular Shop use. There will be a separate update coming out soon with details. But this will be your chance to get your questions answered.
Also, Paul Duffield will be hosting a brief demo on "milk paint, it's uses, how to tint, etc. Paul is one of our most prolific woodworkers and has done a number of pieces using this technique.
At a recent "Eye Opener", he did a demonstration on how to build band saw boxes, which is one of his favorite items. Now he'll show you how he finishes them.
By the way, we always welcome suggestions for future demos. If you have a specific idea or request, let us hear from you.
Another highlight of the "Eye Opener" will be our most ambitious tool auction yet. We had a 1.75 hp Saw Stop Cabinet Saw, similar to the one picture here, donated to the Shop. Dallas and his crew have cleaned it up and checked it out and it's ready to become part of somone's shop. We will begin the bidding at $1200. If you've always wanted a Saw Stop, you don't want to miss this opportunity to have one for a fraction of the cost of a new one.
Famed Member and "Wood Rat" Mike McElhiney has just returned from yet another trip to the Northwest, his (t)rusty truck, loaded with "goodies".
He will be offering a number of pieces for sale at the "Eye Opener", including this beautiful book matched set pictured on the left.
But he'll have a number of other great pieces to choose from.
All purchases are strictly between you and Mike and do not involve the Member Shop in any way.
...and Stay for the Digital Tools SIG Meeting!
At 10 am, right after the "Eye Opener", the regular meeting of the Digital Tools Special Interest Group takes place. This month the subject is "Stories of Grit". There members will present their quest for perfection and how they overcame the many challenges we all run into doing our own projects. They include:
* Dallas' journey to build a perfect Systainer clone
* Dan's odyssey to build exacting CNC train rails
* Sam's challenges building his train steam engine
Fall Seminar and Hands-On Workshop
We're less than two weeks away from the start of a very big event! Gary Rogowski comes to town for the Fall Seminar! The opening session is Friday night, Sept 6th and runs through the weekend. Seats are still available. Bring a friend and enjoy a weekend of high-end wood working and learning!
The first of two sessions of his "hands-on" finishing workshop begins Monday the 9th. That session is sold out. However, he has agreed to stay on and do a second session, Thursday and Friday, Sept 12th and 13th. Two slots still remain as of this writing. Don't miss this one!
We Need "Santas"!!
Our Holiday Gift Sale (our biggest Shop fundraiser) is fast approaching.
We've got a great start on producing items to sell.
Join us every Friday morning at the Shop between 9 am and 1 pm to help us create more items. It's a great opportunity to meet your fellow Members and do your part to keep the Shop financially strong.
Can't make it on Firday? Then make something at your shop and bring it in. Need ideas, materials? Just let us know. But DO pitch in. We're counting on you!
Blood Drive - Important Update!
As you've already heard, our friends at Strata Lumber are sponsoring a Blood Drive to support the Rady's Children's Hospital. Bob and Jack have long supported our Design in Wood program by supplying all the wood for our Chair Program. So now it's time to support them! The event is Thursday, from 11am to 4pm. But you must sign up on the web site of the San Diego Blood Bank. We need to get some folks signed up quickly to avoid a cancellation of the event. Please click on this link and get involved. 
So Many "Heroes"!
Finally, we'd like to say a hearty "Thanks" and "Job well done" to the more than 25 Members that stepped up and answered the call for volunteers to complete "Shop 2.0", just a few of which are shown below.
Please address questions or suggestions to Gary Anderson,



August 19, 2019 Special Update

Shop Membership Hits 300!
No, no one bowled a "perfect game". But this news is even more exciting! During the past week, our Shop Membership hit and exceeded 300 Members.
This is a goal we've had for some time. And it's even more exciting to see it realized at the same time the Shop 2.0 expansion is taking place. Clearly we are doing something right. We continue to grow and attract new Members while helping our existing Members build and improve their skill levels.
Everyone reading this announcement has either directly or indirectly played a role in helping us achieve this goal. But I want to recognize two groups who have been really key in making this happen.
First is our Shift Supervisors, who, day after day, show up religiously to open and run the Shop safely and professionally. The additional service they perform is meeting, greeting and touring prospective Members. They do their job so well, it's easy to take them for granted. But don't! The next time you're in the Shop, let them know how much you appreciate their efforts!
Second, I want to recognize our Member "Sponsors". Dallas Keck both conceived this program and has tirelessly administered it to insure that all of our new Members get off to a strong start. But he would be the first to tell you that without the efforts of our volunteer Sponsors, it obviously would not be the success it has been. To all of you involved, our sincere thanks for making our Shop better and our new Members feel welcome!
Hitting this milestone validates the concept we first developed nearly five years ago. SDFWA Members want, need and will use a Member Shop. And so does the San Diego community at large! We're literally helping to "re-birth" woodworking in San Diego one woodworker at a time.
Additionally, the revenue stream generated as a result of this steadily growing Membership has made us financially sound and put us in a position to expand and continue to offer our Members an ever improving facility, resources and community.
And we've done it all with volunteers!
Congratulations and thanks to all!
Shop 2.0 Heads for the "Home Stretch"!
If you've used the Shop in the last two weeks, you know there's lots going on. But we want to alert you to the fact that "you ain't seen nothing yet"!
These next two weeks are slated to be the most intense of any time frame since we first opened the Shop. If you choose to use the Shop between now and the end of the month, you can and should expect a great deal of commotion and activity. We've made every effort to minimize the disruption to normal Shop use, but please, "Pardon Our Dust" as we move into the final phase of this expansion.
This Thursday promises to be the most dramatic. We plan to move both large lasers and the 3D printer to their new home in the other end of the building. If you've noticed, the standard door frame between the Reception area and the existing Classroom is a tad narrower than either of the lasers. Should be interesting!
Once the old laser space is vacated, work will begin on the new plan which includes a dedicated turning area, more storage and additional assembly benches.
If you are in the Shop, and see volunteers who need a hand, please take the time to jump in and help them complete this important work.
Should you plan to use the lasers after Thursday, you may wish to call ahead to make sure they're up and running.
If the chaos causes you any angst, please try to remember that the end goal will be well worth the aggravation.
Let's all pull together to support the "Hole in the Wall Gang" as they push this exciting project across the finish line. Shop 2.0 is about to become reality!
Please address questions or suggestions to Gary Anderson,


August 15, 2019 Update


.....and so it begins !
On August 1st, Shop2.0 became a reality as a hole was punched through the wall in the Reception area to access the new "Quiet Tools" room-tobe.
Tony had not even completely moved out yet. But Project Manager Dallas Keck has a plan and he's sticking to it!
And over 25 Shop Members answered our call for volunteers, setting the stage for a concerted effort to build our new Shop quickly and efficiently. The Shop as been a real bee-hive of activity every day since. This new crop of volunteers has been affectionately named the "Hole in the Wall Gang" and they have been "taking no prisoners!
Once the new space had been cleaned out, the painting crew was brought in. Erica and Jane were just two of the many Members who made short work of giving both the Quiet Tools Room and our new Classroom a fresh coat of paint.
One thing everyone agrees on is that the light and cool breezes coming in those windows is going to make a huge difference not just to these rooms but to the whole Shop.
Doug Glessner showed up with a floor sander to smooth and prep the floors.
Josh and new Member Cassiano wasted no time laying down the new epoxy floor. What a difference!
And what a difference it makes when everyone pitches in like this! Thanks again to the "Hole" "Gang"! :)
The electrical is in. The next steps include painting of the "blue stripe", and reinstalling base boards.
The "biggie" is the receipt and installation of the new roof-mounted exhaust fan which will evacuate all laser fumes and smoke while keeping the room quiet. It's on it's way, but Dallas isn't sleeping well wondering what day it will show up.
Once that's installed, the real fun begins. Stay tuned!!
Would You Like to be a Shift Supervisor?
If you're interested in helping make our Shop successful, have we got a deal for you! We need a few Shift Supervisors to help augment the tremendous staff that we have.
We'll train you carefully and thoroughly, give you the chance to "shadow" an existing Shift Supervisor then set you up with a shift that fit's your schedule.
You'll meet and get to know all kinds of other Members, learn while helping them learn, and, most importantly, you'll be keeping our Shop running smoothly and safely.
If you'd like more information, email Dallas Keck at or talk to the Shift Supervisor on duty and hear first hand how rewarding this position can be.
Gary Rogowski Finishing Workshop!
Amazingly, there are still a few slots left in the second session of the Gary Rogowski Finishing Workshop, September 12th and 13th. The first session on September 9th and 10th sold out immediately and this one will too. So wait no longer.
This is your chance to work side by side with one of the Country's most renowned woodworkers. He'll be showing you how to apply oil, varnish and shellac finishes on your own set of sample boards. Don't miss out. Sign up today!
Holiday Build This Friday!
This Friday, and every Friday between now and November, are "Holiday Build" Fridays at the Shop. Doug Glessner gathers his merry band of elves together and makes sure everyone has a project to work on (and donuts). You can bring your own or work on one of his. But come on down and join the fun. We're there from 9am until 1 pm. Come and go as you please. The only rule is to have fun. Join us!
Laser "Refresher"
  • This machine look familiar?
  • Remember when you took the Laser Class?
  • Remember forgetting some of what you learned?
  • Still wish you could get in there and create?
  • Need just a little bit of "refreshing"?
Tuesday morning, 10 am is your answer. Travis will be hosting a "Laser Refresher". He'll get you "back in the saddle". Just two slots left. Sign up today!
Shop Positions Vacant....Awaiting Your Arrival!
We could use a little about giving us a hand?
Sponsors - Are you willing to take a new Member "under your wing"? Make them feel comfortable, help get them through HOST, etc? Contact Dallas
Personnel Director - Our staff is getting pretty big! We need someone to help identify new volunteers and match their skills with our needs. If you've got Personnel experience, please let us know.


July 27, 2019 Update


Things Are About to Change!
That's right! "Shop 2.0" is about to become a reality.
We will be expanding into the front two rooms currently sub-let by Woodshop Wizards. Tony is moving out August 2nd and Dallas Keck has developed an exciting plan to renovate the space to make way for our new "Quiet Tools" room and a second Classroom/Meeting Room. Relocating the Lasers and 3D Printer will allow us to finally set up a professional "Turning" area.
To make all this happen, we need a little help. If everyone pitches in, no one will have to work too hard and we'll have a newly renovated Shop in no time. Here's a list of the help we need:
Framers and Drywallers: We need to open up two walls to move the lasers, then close them up again. (One day or less)
Painters: The walls in the new space need a fresh coat of paint. (approx 1 day)
Cabinet Builder: We need some storage cabinets for the new space. (1 - 3 days).
Epoxy Floor Coating Project: We need a couple of Members with good knees to help remove and replace baseboards and prep the floors. (1 - 2 days)
"Swamper": Cleaning, "gopher" and misc.
If you can help with any of these projects, even for a short period of time, please email Dallas Keck asap at
This is your chance to put your mark on our new Shop. Don't let us down!
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181
Eye Opener This Saturday
That's right! It's the last Saturday of the month. That's means it's "Super Saturday"!
8am New Member Orientation (new members only)
9am "Eye Opener" Coffee, Donuts, Shop talk and a brief presentation by Dallas Keck on the use of Epoxies as adhesives and fillers. If you like this, Dallas and Jesse Manor are willing to put together a "Live Edge Table" class. So don't miss out! There will be the usual free drawings, horseplay and other nonsense.
10am Digital SIG This month the focus is on inlays using a special technique on the CNC. You won't believe how great these look!
Total cost for all of the above..... ZERO! See you there!
Many of you know Tony Denopoulis, our neighbor and sub-tenant....the "Wizard" behind the Woodshop Wizards program. Tony has run his "woodworking for kids" programs for many years, long before he moved in with us. But as you may have heard, he's decided it's time to move on. He and his wife are moving to Arizona.
While we wish them the best, the open question is ..."What happens to Woodshop Wizards"? Tony would like to sell the business to someone who might enjoy teaching woodworking to youngsters, 1st to 6th grade. His projects are all pre-cut and require only hammers, nails, glue, sand paper and paint. He has found that the real core of his business is in the schools, negating any need for leased space.
If you or someone you know has an interest in learning more about taking over this successful enterprise, give Tony a call at 619-952-3988,
Shop Positions Vacant....Awaiting Your Arrival!
We could use a little about helping us out?
Sponsors - Are you willing to take a new Member "under your wing"? Make them feel comfortable, help get them through HOST, etc? Contact Dallas
Graphic Designer - We need some help designing fliers to promote our classes and events. Basic graphic design skills is all that's required.
Personnel Director - Our staff is getting pretty big! We need someone to help identify new volunteers and match their skills with our needs. If you've got Personnel experience, please let us know.
Assistant Education Director - Susan could use a little help with scheduling, arranging classes, finding TA's, etc. Great opportunity to get involved and meet a lot of interesting people!
Contact Susan ( or Gary (


June 19, 2019 Update


Congratulations to Us!
It's our 2nd Anniversary!
Today, the 19th of June, is actually the second Anniversary of the Opening Day of our Shop. Thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of us setting up the Shop and how much different it looks today.
It's still hard to believe how far we've come in such a short period of time.
We have nearly 300 Members, Shop usage is at an all time high and we're already planning our first expansion. We've introduced dozens of new people to the world of woodworking through our Introduction to Woodworking Classes. And over 100 Members have learned the exciting new dimension of Digital Tools. Members have had access to "hands on" sessions with nationally known experts such as Garrett Hack, and soon, Gary Rogowski.
None of this would be possible without the incredible support of so many of our Members. It's particularly important to again thank our Founding Members who made the Shop financially feasible, and also our amazing Shift Supervisors who keep us safe and make sure the doors are open. Don't forget to offer them a special "thank you" the next time you're in.
As we move into Year 3, I hope each of you not already involved in the Shop's operation, will join me in committing to a specific role that you can play in making our Shop even better. There is so much that still needs to be done. Please give me a call or email me to talk about how your skills and availability can fit in with the tireless Team we already have in place. You're going to enjoy it! I promise!
June "Eye Opener" Features Great Demo!
Digital SIG "Owner's Panel"
Join us Saturday, June 29th, at 9 am for the June "Eye Opener". Two important things you should know...
First, there will be (Anniversary) Cake! Second, Paul Duffield will be giving a brief demo on the basics of Band Saw Box making. Haven't you always wanted to give that idea a try?
As is our custom, the "Eye Opener" will be followed at 10am by a special version of the Digital SIG featuring an "Owners Panel" discussing four different price levels of CNCs and issues on building your own CNC.
Come for the Cake...stay for the SIG!
It's Time to Learn the CNC!
You've been to the Fair. You've seen what this incredible machine can do. What are you waiting for?
The next CNC Class begins Saturday, June 29th, at 6:30pm. This class has just two spots left. In addition to the "hands-on" personalized training, you'll receive a License to operate VCarve Pro on the Shop's CNC.
At the completion of the Class, you'll have added an entirely new dimension to your woodworking skills portfolio. Don't let others have all the fun. Treat yourself today.
Ed "Doc" Yager
Sadly, we must report the passing of long time SDFWA and Founding Shop Member, Ed Yager.
At 93, "Doc" was still practicing.....and woodworking....right up until a brief bout with Lung Cancer took him from us.
He was a true gentleman and strong supporter of the Shop. Ed, you will be missed!
This Friday is "Build Friday"!
This Friday, June 21st, is another session of our "Holiday Gift Build". Anyone who wants to can come down to the Shop, between 9 am and 1 pm and help us build items for the sale in November. (All proceeds benefit the operation of our Shop).
We need your help. But, more importantly, you'll have a good time! You can work on your own project or we'll assign you a roll in one of the projects we've got going. There's donuts, coffee and lots of good fellowship and conversation with other woodworkers. Learn some new skills and sharpen some old ones. Why not give it a try this week? I'll look forward to seeing you there.
This is a photo of Mary Russo with the toy train sets she's built. You have to see them in person to appreciate them! Nice job Mary!
Whether you realize it or not, it takes a large number of people to run our Shop. Over 50 volunteers give their time and talents to keep things running as they should. Many of you know at least some of the Shift Supervisors but most of you don't know all of the people "behind the scenes". So in each update, we're going to introduce you at least one of our "stars"!
Let's begin with Michael Lewis, our Director of IT. He is responsible for keeping our electronic systems, including Punchpass, up and running. His list of tasks is nearly endless, but includes scheduling classes and events, solving the Punchpass issues and questions that arise and working closely with our financial guys to make sure all the monies get collected and accounted for properly.
If that were not enough, he also volunteered to take over the SDFWA email (Constant Contact) duties from Harry Baldwin. Those colorful and interesting emails you get from SDFWA are all constructed and arranged for by Michael.
Michael is a retired Navy pilot and Software Engineer living in the Bonita area and is a long time member of SDFWA. Our special thanks to Michael, one of many "unsung heroes" that keep our organization running smoothly!
Shop Positions Vacant....Awaiting Your Arrival!
We could use a little about helping us out?
Sponsors - Are you willing to take a new Member "under your wing"? Make them feel comfortable, help get them through HOST, etc? Contact Dallas Keck.
Graphic Designer - We need some help designing fliers to promote our classes and events. Basic graphic design skills is all that's required.
Personnel Director - Our staff is getting pretty big! We need someone to help identify new volunteers and match their skills with our needs. If you've got Personnel experience, please let us know.
Contact Susan ( or Gary (
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181



May 23, 2019 Update


Big News! We're About to Get Bigger!
As most of you know, the Shop's bursting at the seams. We need more space!
Fortuitously, Tony, our sub-tenant (Woodshop Wizards), is taking his business in a new direction and no longer needs his space in our building. That gives us roughly another 900 square feet to work with.
Our tentative plan is to use his front room for a second classroom and meeting space. His back room will become our "Quiet Tools Room" and we will move our Laser Machines and the 3-D Printer in there. That move frees up the back corner of the Shop for some badly needed additional bench space and storage area. Who knows what else?
This is both an exciting and daunting undertaking. We'll need your help and your support.
And we'll be providing more information as soon as we have it.
Holiday Gift Build Needs You!
We are having a great time building gift Items for this November's Holiday Gift Sale! The current project is "Trains". They're everywhere and there are some pretty fancy "Choo-Choos" rolling down the track!
But we could use a few more helpers. Please join us every other Friday from 9 am 'til 1 pm or as long as you can stay. We can use anyone from any skill level. We guarantee you'll enjoy the day! Hope to see you tomorrow and/or June 7th!
Eye Opener. Digital SIG Postponed
This month's "Eye Opener" and the Digital SIG have both been postponed due to falling on the Memorial Day Holiday. (Turns out some of our Members have personal lives outside of woodworking!)
But we'll be back in action June 29th with an extra-special program. So jot it down on your calendar now.
....and Happy Memorial Day!!
New Bandsaw Policy - Important!
We need to make you aware of a new policy regarding Member use of the Shop Bandsaws and ask for your help and understanding in implementing it.
We continue to experience a significant number of problems with Members mis-using the bandsaws. While we've tried to keep our policies and practices as inobtrusive as possible, we have to do something to reduce the mis-use and abuse of our three bandsaws. This past week we've had to replace broken blades nearly every day. Some members are attempting to cut inappropriate materials and others are inproperly adjusting machine settings, creating actual safety issues. Other incidents include Members cutting unstable pieces without properly supporting them. Blade guides have been reset so tight the machines won't start up.
Consequently, the three bandsaws have been "locked out". This means you will have to ask the Shift Supervisor for access to the band saws.
When you do, expect the Shift Supervisor to ask what you plan to cut and to insure you have a plan to do so safely. Once the Shift Supervisor is satisfied, he/she will unlock the machine for your use. However, Members are NOT permitted to reset any of the guides or tension knobs. If you think they need adjustment, please ask the Shift Supervisor for help. Again, keep in mind that "wet" wood is not permitted in the Shop. "Urban" lumber cannot be milled in the Shop without prior approval by either Pete or Dallas.
Please understand that we would rather not impose these restrictions. However, something has to be done to bring the problem under control. Hopefully, once our Membership has a better understanding of the limitations of these machines, we'll be able to relax his policy.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
Shop Positions Vacant....Awaiting Your Arrival!
We could use a little about helping us out?
Sponsors - Are you willing to take a new Member "under your wing"? Make them feel comfortable, help get them through HOST, etc? Contact Dallas Keck.
Graphic Designer - We need some help designing fliers to promote our classes and events. Basic graphic design skills is all that's required.
Personnel Director - Our staff is getting pretty big! We need someone to help identify new volunteers and match their skills with our needs. If you've got Personnel experience, please let us know.
Contact Susan ( or Gary (
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181




April 25, 2019 Update



Eye Opener This Saturday!
Don't forget that this Saturday is the day for our monthly "Eye Opener" event at 9am. Lot's going on this Saturday. Ed Sides will be at the Shop at 8:30 am to sell his Teak boards for $10 per board foot. He ran out at the General Meeting. So if you missed out, this is your chance. Rick Van Hatten will demonstrate the Shop's Track Saw. You'll find this informative and useful. And there's a free drawing! And did we mention coffee and donuts?!
Digital Tools SIG
At 10am, Saturday, right after the Eye Opener, Travis will host the monthly Digital Tools Special Interest Group Meeting.
This month will feature a discussion on how best to use DTs to engrave plaques and similar items. There will also be the normal random exchanges and everyone is invited to bring in their projects.
Veneering Class Slated!
We're very excited to announce that Susan has finalized plans for an intermediate level veneering class taught by none other than Chance Coalter!
Many of you know Chance. He is one of the most popular instructors in the San Diego area. He will run a four day class on how to build and veneer a small table. Each student will actually build this talbe. It begins June 23rd and is expected to fill quickly. Check the web site for details.
New "SIG" - Luthiers
The first meeting of our latest Special Interest Group (SIG)was a raging success. 24 people showed up and there's clearly an interest in getting together once a month and talking about how to make musical instruments. If you'd liketo join them, you can! Just show up at the next meeting, Friday
April 26th, 7:00 pm at the Shop!
Shop Positions Vacant....Awaiting Your Arrival!
We could use a little about helping us out?
Basic Veneering Instructor - We've got a lot of interest in veneering and we know we've got some accomplished people in our Membership. Can you teach a class in basic veneering? We'll help you every step of the way.
Graphic Designer - We need some help designing fliers to promote our classes and events. Basic graphic design skills is all that's required.
Personnel Director - Our staff is getting pretty big! We need someone to help identify new volunteers and match their skills with our needs. If you've got Personnel experience, please let us know.
Contact Susan ( or Gary (
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181



April 16, 2019 Update



New Classes Scheduled
Router Seminar
Jeff Bratt has put together an incredible 4 hours on how to get the most from your router....and safely! I've sat through the "beta" class and it's a winner! You'll see one of the most pragmatic router tables I've ever seen. Additionally, Jeff will introduce you to a wide variety of jigs you can build to get the most from your router. April 28th. Just three slots left!
Laser Introduction
Spend three hours in this incredible class and you will have completed your first two laser projects!
One of the beauties of the Laser is how easy it is to learn and operate. Cut, engrave, decorate and create. All in just minutes!
April 27th Just 2 slots left!
There are still slots available in the Introduction to CNC Class scheduled to start on May 10th, 6:30 - 9:30pm.
This class will give you the fundamentals necessary to understand how to use the CNC to build new projects or enhance those you already build. Sign up now!
Introduction to Woodworking
If you have a friend or family member who's always wanted to learn to work wood, this is their chance.
Or, if you're unsure of yourself on some of the power tools or just want a better foundation for your woodworking, this is the Class for you. It's our most popular class and it starts May 5th. Only 5 spots left
3D Printing
Ever need to make a part...or a "widget"
Maybe just want to know what all the "Hoopla"
is all about?
Join the 3D Printing Class April 29th
FREE Shop Slots!!
That's right! You can earn free Shop Slots just by
volunteering to walk the floor at the Design in Wood
Show at the Fair. Sign up for either the 4 - 7 pm or
the 7 -10 pm shift and you'll receive a free Shop
Slot for each shift worked in those time slots. You'll
also see the Fair, get two tickets to the Fair, meet
lots of other people interested in woodworking. So
what are you waiting for? Sign up right now! In case you have forgotten, your member number is on your SDFWA membership card.
New "SIG" - Luthiers
The first meeting of our latest Special Interest Group (SIG)was a raging success. 24 people showed up and there's clearly an interest in getting together once a month and talking about how to make musical instruments. If you'd liketo join them, you can! Just show up at the next meeting, Friday
April 26th, 7:00 pm at the Shop!
Shop Positions Vacant....Awaiting Your Arrival!
We could use a little about helping us out?
Basic Veneering Instructor - We've got a lot of interest in veneering and we know we've got some accomplished people in our Membership. Can you teach a class in basic veneering? We'll help you every step of the way.
Graphic Designer - We need some help designing fliers to promote our classes and events. Basic graphic design skills is all that's required.
Personnel Director - Our staff is getting pretty big! We need someone to help identify new volunteers and match their skills with our needs. If you've got Personnel experience, please let us know.
Contact Susan ( or Gary (
Need Teak?
If you missed your chance at the last General Meeting to buy Teak from Ed Sides, you're still in luck. He's coming back to the "Eye Opener" April 27th. He'll be at the Shop with a variety of teak, various widths, at 8:30 am. Once again, he's selling his teak at just $10 a board foot...less than half of what you'd pay at a retailer.
Come for the donuts, go home with the Teak!
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181


March 19, 2019 Update


"Eye Opener", Digital SIG This Saturday!
The March "Eye Opener" and Digital SIG events will take place this Saturday, March 23rd, rather than the last Saturday of the Month, our normal time. And there's good reason...
Festool has discovered the existence of our Member Shop! And they want to get to know us. So they're sending their local Rep over Saturday to spend some time at the "Eye Opener". We expect at least a brief demo and plenty of opportunity to get all your questions answered. If you've always wondered about Festool, or want to know more, make sure you're at the Shop at 9 am Saturday.
We will also be auctioning off a classic antique power tool...a Powermatic Scroll Saw with stand. The real beauty of this piece is a 24" throat! Not much this tool can't accommodate! Must be paid for (cash or check) and hauled away on Saturday.
The Toy Books Have Landed!
If you ordered one or more Toy Books, the wait is over! They're at the Shop, waiting for pick-up. Just bring $15 cash or check for each one you ordered and see the Shift Supervisor to pick up your copy.
If you'd like your book signed by the Authors, they'll be at the next two General Meetings. If you bring your book in, they'll sign it for you.
Thanks for your support of this great effort.
Toys, Toys and More Toys!!
Jim Strawn's Toy Building Group is off and running. The first and third Tuesdays of every month, from 9 am - 3 pm, he leads a class in Toy Building.
He guarantee's that you'll go home with the toy you built! Right Jim?
The first two have been a huge success. If you'd like to join in the fun, just show up, ready to work on April 9th. Don't let others have all the fun...and all the toys!
Want to see more about the Toy Program? Click here...
Wanna Whittle While You Work?
John Rieger is running a "working man's" sequel to his first Whittling Class. That means it's the same Class, but on Saturday, April 6th, from 9 am - 4 pm.
This is the first in a series of Carving Classes that John will teach. And if you're not an experienced carver, it's a pre-requisite to the rest of the series.
Sign up on line or contact John
for more information.
Hey, Honey! Let's go down to the Shop!
You may not be aware of this but we do offer a "Spousal Discount" for Shop Membership. A Shop Membership (Silver) is currently $250. You can now purchase a Silver Membership for your spouse for just $125! It has all the same privileges as any Silver Membership. If you've thought about getting your spouse involved in the Shop, don't wait. We're going to be reviewing all Memberships and discounts at our April Committee Meeting. So act now.
Wanted: Walnut!!
Our Holiday Gift Builds and our new Toy Program are in high gear. But we need a little help with them keeping supplied. We've found a number of sources for maple, but we really need some walnut. Any size. Cut-offs would be great. We could also use Padauk, Purpleheart or any dark, contrasting hardwood. If you've got some pieces that have been gathering dust in your Shop for longer than you care to think about, do the right thing...bring 'em down to the Shop and let us turn them into something special. Will you help?
Hope to see you the Shop!!




March 8, 2018 Update


Susan Lively-Klug is our new Education Director!
I'm pleased to announce that my plea for a volunteer to head up our Education Department has been answered. Susan is somewhat new to woodworking but not to leading volunteer organizations. I'm excited about the skills and enthusiasm she brings to the position.
Her challenge will be to build on the great foundation laid by John Rieger and all of our Education Dept Members. She is anxious to get started and also anxious to hear from each of you as to what Classes you would like to see offered moving forward. We are extremely fortunate to have someone like Susan take on this important position. Please help me support her in every way that you can!
Learn the New Festool Domino Machine
The Shop offers the new Festool Domino Machine. But it takes a bit of instruction to understand how to use it and how to get the most out of it. Dana Chapin, one of our long time Shift Supervisors knows the tool well and has been kind enough to teach two session of a Class on how to do it.
The Sunday one is filled, but as of this writing, there are still a handful of seats left in the one on Wednesday evening from 6-9pm.
What Are You Building?
Items for the 2019 Holiday Gift Sale are already starting to show up at the Shop. Doug Glessner's "Builds" are in high gear every other Friday. The next one is this coming Friday, March 15th from 9am - 1pm. Why not join us? You don't need to bring a thing, there is no charge and no slot required. Join other Members helping prepare for this years event by working together to build toys, boxes and other gift items. It's a great group of people. You'll fit right in!
But if groups just aren't your thing, we still hope you'll build and donate one or more items to help us fund the Shop's operation. Need ideas or materials? Just let us know.
Let's Make Music!
Several Members have expressed an interest in starting a "Luthier" group (sure hope I spelled that right).
Well, that sounds like a new "SIG" (Special Interest Group) to us.
Mike Davis has volunteered to help organize this merry group of music makers. He's shooting for a first meeting, at the Shop, on April 5th. Let him know if you're interested. Open to all SDFWA Members
Want to Learn to Use Our CNC Machines?
There are still slots available in the Introduction to CNC Class scheduled to start on March 14th, 6:30 - 9:30pm. This class will give you the fundamentals necessary to understand how to use the CNC to build new projects or enhance those you already build. Sign up now!
New Laser Class Just Posted!
If you've been itching to "Learn the Laser", this is your chance. Due to popular demand, we've just added an extra class. It's just one 3 hour session that will take you from zero to actually completing laser projects.
You're going to love this tool. It's only limit is your imagination.
Sign up now for Monday night, 6:30 - 9:30pm
Hope to see you the Shop!!


February 19, 2018 Update


I have an important and urgent matter I need to discuss with you.
But first, let me correct an omission in the Update I sent out yesterday.
Saturday's "Eye Opener" This Saturday, February 23rd, is a big day at the Shop. At 8 am, we have a New Member Orientation Meeting. If you're a new Member and have not attended one of these, please come in at 8am on Saturday. At 9 am, we have our monthly "Eye Opener", a chance to informally come together, talk shop and eat donuts! Dana Chapin will be demonstrating our Festool Domino machine which has become quite popular.
We'll be auctioning off the Jet 6" jointer recently replaced by the 12" Grizzly. Opening bid will be $100. We will also have a free drawing for some pecan pieces recently donated by one of our Members and maybe another item or two.
What I failed to include in yesterday's update was the Digital Special Interest Group Meeting at 10am, which is open to all who have an interest in Digital Tools. There will be a discussion of Lightburn Favorite Features, a look at the new CNC just recently donated to the Shop and a presentation on digital joinery. Should be a very informative session!
Now for the really serious issue...
John Rieger, our Educational Director, has made the decision to step back from this position. As I hope everyone is aware, John has done an incredible job of getting our Educational Program up and running. Many of us have enjoyed one or more of the classes he has produced and all of us benefit from the revenue his Department has generated to help keep the Shop financially strong.
He will be sorely missed in his current position. But he has indicated that he will remain involved, particularly in growing the new Carving School he has recently initiated.
Needless to say, this leaves a huge hole in our Shop's Management structure. It's really important to find a new Educational Director! We need someone, preferably with some Education experience, but even more importantly with the management skills to assemble a full staff of volunteer Members that can teach, TA and otherwise support the variety of classes we'd like to offer our Members. We will see that our new Educational Director receives all of the training and support he or she will need.
If you have either of these skill sets and would be willing to help us out, even on an interim basis, please let me hear from you. If you have some experience, but aren't sure if it's enough, or if you want to take this on, contact me. Let's talk it over and see what comes of it. No arm-twisting, I promise!
If you know of a Member that might be a good candidate, let me know that as well.
Over the last several months, many of you have told me that if I needed your help, to let you know. Well...this is the time!
The magic of our Shop is our people! We have over 50 highly motivated, hard working volunteers that keep the Shop running, and running well! Let's pull together and find a new Educational Director that can lead a team that will take our Educational Program to an even higher level.
I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181


February 18, 2018 Update


Festool Domino Demonstration
This Saturday, February 23rd is "Eye Opener" day at the Member Shop. The "Eye Opener" is an informal get-together of our Members. The purpose is to eat donuts, drink coffee and "talk shop". But if that's not enough for you, Dana Chapin will be giving a brief demonstration of the Shop's Festool Domino machine. Everyone that has tried this tool just seems to love it. Join us Saturday at 9 am and see for yourself.
...and There is More!....Saturday "Eye Opener"
Also at the "Eye Opener" this Saturday, we'll be auctioning off our 6", 3/4 hp Jet Jointer that we recently replaced with the new Grizzly 12" model. It comes complete with floor stand. So if you need a jointer....
And there's even more!! A Member just donated a quantity of beautiful live edge Pecan. We planed up a piece and it's absolutely beautiful. We decided to give away a piece or two to someone attending the Eye Opener. We might even have a couple of other prizes. But you won't know if you don't show up! Hope to see you there!
Christmas is Coming!
Items for the 2019 Holiday Gift Sale are already appearing. The every-other-Friday "builds" are in high gear. But we could still use a few extra hands. Join Doug and the rest of the group Friday, March 1st from 9 am to 1 pm of whatever part of that time frame you can. You'll have fun, learn and make new friends!
Doug is also looking for an Assistant Special Projects Director to help him handle the many Special Project Activities that have come his way. If you're willing to pitch in Contact Doug
Tuesday is "Toy Day" at the Shop!
Jim Strawn has successfully started up another Toy Group. This one meets the first Tuesday of each month. (Next Meeting, March 5th, from 9 am until 3 pm). It's open to any Shop Member that would like to learn and/or help build toys. Come and learn from an expert. No fee or Shop Slot charged. Just fun!!
Help Wanted.....Help Needed....Help Appreciated
We need a Shop Handyman. There are several minor projects that will make our Shop more inviting to and functional for our Members. For example, hanging towel dispensers and other items, replacing the mop sink, building shelves, etc. Work your own schedule and make a difference!
Email me today for more information.
Shop TV!
One of our Members donated two TVs to the Shop and we found a great use for them. In both the Reception area and the Digital Tools area these units cycle a collection of informative slides that keep you up to date on Projects built by Members, Who's Who and doing what, Upcoming Events and Classes, New Shop Equipment, and much more. You can also view "Shop TV" from your own computer. Just enter the following url: Try it!
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181


January 21, 2018 Update


New! 12" Grizzly Jointer!
Now we know how to make these guys smile. Just bring in a great new piece of equipment! Thanks to the generosity of a number of our Members, most notably Eric Hedegaard, we have a beautiful new addition to our Shop. The photo really doesn't do it justice. We're working on the electrical hook-up now and hope to have this baby up and running in time for the next Eye Opener...all 1,100 lbs of it. It includes a helical head and, well, we just can't wait to fire it up.
Shop TV!
One of our Members donated two TVs to the Shop and we found a great use for them. In both the Reception area and the Digital Tools area these units cycle a collection of informative slides that keep you up to date on Projects built by Members, Who's Who and doing what, Upcoming Events and Classes, New Shop Equipment, and much more. You can also view "Shop TV" from your own computer. Just enter the following url: Try it!
Saturday "Eye Opener"
This Saturday, January 26th, at 9 am, our Eye Opener will feature a look at our new Grizzly 12" jointer including an demonstration by Edward Skinner. We will also auction off the Shop's 14" Jet Band Saw that we recently replaced with the Agazzani unit. As always, the "Eye Opener" is a great opportunity to spend some time "talking Shop" with fellow Members and learning someting new. Come for the donuts, go home with a bandsaw!
Saturday's Digital Special Interest Group Meeting
At 10 am this Saturday, The Digital Special Interest Group will feature some really cool stuff! The "My Little Pony" laser project pictured here along with a demonstration of the new Origin Hand Held, Computer Controlled Router. Time permitting, a third segment will cover DIY Acrylic Bending.
Christmas is Coming!
Doug Glessner, our Special Projects Director has announced the start of the 2019 Holiday Gift sale Schedule. The Sale will take place in November, but the fun starts now! Beginning February 1st, Build Workshops will take place every other Friday from 9 am until 1 pm. All Shop Members are welcome and encouraged to attend and build some stuff! If you're a SDFWA Member but not a Shop Member, you can still participate. Let Doug know what you'd like to make and contribute.
Doug is also looking for an Assistant Special Projects Director to help him handle the many Special Project Activities that have come his way. If you're willing to pitch in Contact Doug at
If It's Tuesday, It Must Be "Toy Day"
Jim Strawn is working on his New Year's Resolution. Beginning in February, the first Tuesday of every month will be "Toy Day". This will be your chance to come to the Shop and be part of the Toy Building Program. Learn to build toys, work with other Members and contribute to a worthy cause. More info to come. Thanks, Jim!!
Help Wanted.....Help Needed....Help Appreciated
Ever stop to think about how the Shop runs? Not just "where does the money come from", but who does the work. Who opens the doors, maintains the equipment, keeps the books, runs the classes, cleans the floors, organizes meetings, writes the letters, handles the problems, answers the questions, meets new Members, etc.etc... The answer is ....our Members! Over 50 of them that generously give their time to make our Shop run. If they didn't do their part, the Shop would cease to exist.
But we can't expect the same people to continue to carry the whole load forever. Please do your part....get involved. You'll not only help the Shop, but you'll find far more satisfaction and gratification than you do now. You'll meet a lot of Members you don't currently know, learn more about Shop and about woodworking. We'll find a position that matches your skills and schedule. And you'll be glad you decided to step up and help make our Shop special! Email me today for more information.
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181


November 20, 2018 Update


Holiday Gift Sale
Thanks to all who contributed to our "1st Annual Holiday Gift Sale" at the Shop this past weekend. Doug Glessner, his elves and many of you contributed hundreds of items that generated....wait for it.....over $10,000 in revenue for the Shop!! This was truly a Team effort and it was great to see how many of our Members got into it! Even more importantly, we had a number of customers who expressed serious interest in Shop Membership and Classes.
Speaking of Classes...
There are a number of great Class offerings coming up. Black Friday is also coming up. See where I'm headed with this....? Your family doesn't need to drive themselves crazy trying to figure out what to get you for Christmas. Just send them our way and we'll sell them a gift certificate for whatever class you're interested in. The Snowman Lathe Class is at the end of next week. Followed by the "Mushroom" Lathe Class! In January we've got "Double Beveled Marquetry" and the first Class in our new "Carving School". In February we have another Introduction to Woodworking Class which is almost full already. Treat yourself! It's almost Christmas!
Saturday "Eye Opener"
Yes, I know it's Thanksgiving Weekend. But let's face Saturday, you'll be itching to get out of the house! Come on down to the "Eye Opener" at 9am Saturday. There will be coffee, donuts and Jim Strawn showing you how to properly set up your band saw. It's also a great opportunity to meet other Members, "talk shop" and kick around ideas on what new items we can make for next year's Holiday Gift Sale!
Then There's This....!
Immediately following the "Eye Opener" on Saturday, starting at 10am, is our regular Digital Tools SIG (Special Interest Group). This is always open to all Members and free of charge or slots. This Saturday our own David Collins is going to demonstrate the Lichtenberg method of decorating wood. If you were at the Holiday Gift Sale, you may have seen the beautiful bowls that Mike McElhiney did using this method. It is as spectacular as it is interesting. I, for one, can't wait! Don't miss out. We've been promised real "fireworks"!
And Finally....
This is the time of year we think more about those things in our lives that we are thankful for. As I reflect on this past year, one of the things I'm most thankful for is the incredible Members we have that have made the Shop so successful. I thank you all for everything that you do and wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181



October 20, 2018 Update


Things are really "hoppin'" around the Shop! Check it out!
Need a Planer?
As many of you know, DeWalt sent us this new Planer and asked us to test it. It's the same exact design as there old one, but made by a new manufacturer.
Well, several of you have used it and it stood up every bit as well as previous units have. We've completed our report to them and it's now time to move it out and bring back our existing Dewalt planer that has the helical head. So this one can be yours!
To be fair to everyone, we're auctioning this one off Saturday, Oct 27th, at 9:15am during this month's "Eye Opener". Starting bid is just $300 which is half the list price. Don't miss your chance!
New Finance Director - Gary Correia
Mike Osborne has been our Finance Director for the past year. He's done an incredible job of tracking our finances and we all owe him our thanks. But he's decided he wants to spend more time actually woodworking.
Fortunately, Gary Correia has come to our rescue. Gary is a relatively new Member of the Shop and SDFWA but highly qualified for this job, being a recently retired CPA. He's also currently taking classes at Palomar and he and his wife continue to operate their own tax practice.
Please join me in giving Gary a warm welcome. We appreciate his willingness to step up and help operate our Shop!
2018 Maker's Faire Huge Success!
Member Albert Gora led a small but dedicated band of Shop volunteers October 6th and 7th in presenting our Member Shop to the "makers" of San Diego at the annual event in Balboa Park.
Thousands of people attended the event and a significant percentage of them stopped by our booth to see what we were all about. We displayed products made by our Members and offered the kids a chance to assemble a laser cut reindeer, complete with red nose. Over 600 reindeer found new homes and many San Diegans now know more about SDFWA and our Member Shop.
It was a lot of work, but well worth the effort. Thanks again to all involved for making it a success! ...not sure who had more fun....the kids or our volunteers!
Fridays Are Fun!
One way to tell whether people enjoy an event is to see if they come back the next time. Last Friday, 15 Members showed up to work on the Holiday Gift Sale! It's a great group and it's growing!
If you haven't joined us yet, you really should. It's fun, you'll learn and's woodworking! Become part of the group and help us get ready for the big event on November 16th and 17th.
Your skill level is not important. We have a task to suit everyone. We meet every Friday from 9am -1pm.
Come on! Join us! I'll buy you a donut!!
8:00 am - New Members Orientation - If you're a new Member of the Shop, join us for an informal "how-goes it?". Let us answer any questions you may have
9:00 am - "Eye Opener" - Open to all Shop Members. Presentation on how to use the Shop's dovetail jig. Auction for the Dewalt Planer
10:00 am - Digital SIG - Open to all Shop Members. Dallas will talk about using digital tools to enhance traditional woodworking projects.
Ed Gladney will talk about the new DIW categories for Digital Tools.
Jeff Bratt will present a brief tutorial on Corel Draw.
Join us!!
Jim Strawn has been on the prowl. This time he's found a 12" Grizzley Jointer that he believes would be a GREAT addition to the Shop. The's $2500 (but it's $5K new). Doug Glessner agrees. We need this jointer! They've joined forces to launch a donation campaign to buy the jointer. And they've made the first pledges. They're hoping you'll help.
I you are willing to make a pledge towards this project, contact Jim, Doug or myself.
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181


September 27, 2018 Update


What's this?!
Is it a it a plane? No, it's....well, it's a Laser! Yes, another laser. We've had such great interest in and demand for the existing laser, we got to thinking. What happens if our demand for the machine outstrips our supply? Well, Sam Takahashi came up with an answer. He donated a second machine. And Travis Good offered to pay for it's installation and the associated venting and electrical. It's sure nice to have friends like that! Preliminary reports are that it works even better than our existing laser. Stop in and check it out! Speaking of friends, Justin Goodrich built the table and Pat Duffy has spent some long days unpacking and setting up this new beauty! Thanks to all, guys!!
"Eye Opener" This Saturday Morning
The last Saturday of each month we host an "Eye Opener". It's a very casual opportunity to visit the Shop, see what's new and share questions and ideas with fellow Members....all over donuts and coffee. This Saturday we've asked Joe Penny to briefly explain how he builds the blanks for his beautiful segmented turnings. This is a great opportunity to see this technique and ask questions of a Member who has clearly mastered the process. He's bringing his jigs along as well and will talk about how to make them. Coffee and donuts will be ready at 8 am and Joe will get started around 8:20 or 8:30 or whenever he's ready! Then stick around for the Digital Sig...
Thanks in advance to Joe. If you have an idea for future "Eye Openers", contact Dallas Keck.
Digital SIG (Special Interest Group)
Saturday, Sept 29th, 10am
Travis will host the monthly Digital Special Interest Group Meeting right after the "Eye Opener". He's still finalizing the agenda but it's clear the focus will be on the new Laser. There's lots to consider. Training Members on the differences between the two machines, etc. Be a part of that discussion. There will be a "Ask Any Digital Tools Question" segment and it's also "Show and Tell" time. So bring your most recent project with you to share and inspire the rest of us!
Garret Hack Workshop ....Huge Success!
Following the Fall Seminar, 16 of us had the opportunity to be part of a hands-on Workship with Garrett, right there in the Shop. I had never done anything like this so I didn't know quite what to expect. But I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was solid, practical instruction, followed by "doing".
This event sets the stage for introducing other nationally known experts to offer this type of workshop experience in the future. If you have a "dream presenter" you'd like to see us bring in, let us know.
Saturday and Sunday, Oct 6 & 7, we will have a booth at the San Diego Maker Faire in Balboa Park! This should be an incredible way to show off our Shop to San Diego and to gain new Members. We need people to man the booth both days for one four-hour shift. It should be great fun and we really need your help. Please email Al Gora, for more information or to sign up. Thanks in advance!
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181



September 4, 2018 Update


There's a great deal of "news"! Check it out...
Aprons, Aprons, Aprons!
When we first started raising money for the Shop, we asked Members that could, to donate $1,000 towards that effort. Nearly 50 of our Members did so! And that's what really got our Shop going. We've always wanted to do something special to recognize those 50 Members and we think we've found just the thing...their own Shop apron, hanging right there in the Shop! So if you're one of those 50 people, you'll find your name tag in a new spot...on your new apron, in the Classroom. Thanks again for really stepping up!! And we hope we'll see you in there using it often.
Help Us "Holiday"!
One of the key revenue streams we rely on to keep the Shop open is "Special Projects". And we need every Member to support this effort. We've decided to hold a Holiday Gift Sale at the Shop on November 16th and 17th. We'll sell items Members have made with all of the proceeds going to the Shop. You can help several different ways.
  1. Participate in the Gift Building Workshops every other Friday, including this Friday, Sept 7th, from 9am-1pm. It's fun and you'll meet other Members and make new friends!
  2. Contribute one or more items you've made in your own Shop. Anything salable is welcome. We can use cutting boards, bowls, boxes, pens, wall hangings, toys, sculptures...whatever you would like to do.
  3. We'll also need people to stage the sale including marketing, setup, cashiers, etc.
There's a board in the Reception Area where you can sign up to help. Hope to see you Friday!
Digital SIG (Special Interest Group)
Wednesday Night, Sept 5th, 7pm
This free event is open to anyone interested in Digital Tools and is simply an informal "get-together" to talk Digital.
Tomorrow night, Albert Gora and Al Lewis will share our plans to participate in this year's Maker Faire in Balboa Park, October 6th and 7th. This will be a great opportunity to let San Diego know what a great resource we offer. Tentative plans are to offer the kids a "quick to assemble" project to show them the thrill of building something from wood. We could use your help and your ideas. So why not join us and help us put this thing together?!
Laser Slots - "Two are better than One!"
You may have noticed that there are now twice as many Laser slots available to you than there used to be.....but they are for 2 hrs rather than 4hrs. We realized that most laser users were completing their projects in an hour or two. We also noticed many days the laser slots were all booked up. By going to this system, we expect to make it easier for everyone to get time on the laser. And yes, if you have a big project, you can book two consecutive slots. Let us know how this works for you.
And......speaking of the laser, we have exciting news to announce. Just not quite yet. So don't miss the next update!
Take Monday and Tuesday Off!!
Monday and Tuesday, Sept 10th and 11th, the Shop is hosting the Garrett Hack "Delightful Details" Workshop. To say we're excited about this is a bit of understatement. We hope this will be just the first of many opportunities for our Members to work side by side with nationally renowned woodworkers. To make this the best experience it can be, we are closing the Shop to normal use those two days. We appreciate your understanding and we hope to see you there!
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181


August 23, 2018 Update


There's a lot going on in the Shop this week. Check it out....
Holiday Gift Workshop
Friday, August 24, 9am - 1pm
We could really use your help for a few hours on Friday as we continue to build gift items to sell at our upcoming Holiday Gift Show in mid-November. We'll put you to work on something you are comfortable with and you'll have a chance to meet other Members. You may even learn a thing or two...or teach us a thing or two!
August "Eye Opener"
Saturday, August 25, 8am - 10am
If you missed our first "Eye Opener", you missed a great time. Don't miss this one. Come when you want, leave when you want. It's just a great, informal opportunity to have a cup of coffee and a donut while "talking shop" with other Members. Around 8:30, Dallas and Doug are going to briefly demonstrate how to use our new Vacuum Press system. If you're interested in veneering, you won't want to miss this! And there may even be a surprise or two.
See you there!
Digital SIG (Special Interest Group)
Saturday, August 25, 10am - Noon
This free event is open to anyone with an interest in the Laser, CNC or 3D printer. This months program is on designing a project using the LightBurn program. Come, learn, share and contribute. It's a great, informal gathering of people just like you...interested in Digital Tools!
There will also be plenty of time for questions as well as information on upcoming classes.
WWW (Women Who Woodwork)
If you're a woman, and you're not hanging out with this group, you're obviously missing a good time. Sharon Sykora is building a mighty force! This was taken at their "Potluck" on Sunday. They're either having a heck of a good time or the photographer is doing something naughty!
New Feature Added!
Dallas Keck has been hard at work on a lot of projects. This is his latest. We now have frequently needed supplies you may have forgotten to bring to the shop with you. If you need sandpaper or dominos, they are now available through your Shift Supervisor for a nominal charge. The items are displayed in the front entry display case. Dallas plans to add additional items including safety glasses and ear plugs. If there's something else we should stock, let him know! Good job, DK!
  • Questions or Comments? Contact Gary Anderson, or 619-670-1181


June 8, 2018 Update


Good Afternoon!


I have a great deal of information to share with you!


But first, I need to clear up a couple of issues regarding Renewals.


To continue to be a Shop Member and to use the Shop after your first anniversary date, you must purchase a renewal. The decision to allow you to carry over slots from your first years Membership does not alter that requirement. (We have to pay the rent, folks!) Once you purchase that renewal, any slots you have left over will be added to the 15 (Silver) or 50 (Gold) you purchased for “Year 2”. But you cannot use slots without a current Membership.

The other question that has come up is “If my expiration date is June 19th, should I wait until June 19th so that I get a full year out of my renewal?” The answer is “No”. Your expiration date will be extended a full year beyond this years expiration date regardless on when you buy it.


I hope this clears up any confusion that we may have inadvertently created. However, if you still have questions, just call or email. And just a friendly reminder to those of you that have June 19th expiration dates…it’s coming fast. Please renew today. If for some reason you don’t intend to, please email me and let me know the reason. Thanks!


Thanks to all of you that made last Saturdays Tool Sale a huge success. We had a great turnout sold virtually everything within the first 45 minutes. Best of all, we saw some Members we haven’t seen in a while and everyone seemed to enjoy just hanging out and “talking Shop”! Special thanks to Justin Goodrich, his wife Heather, Dallas Keck, Doug Glessner and Pete Sterling for all the work they put in to preparing for the event! We raised nearly $1500 for the Shop!


We have four slabs for sale in the Shop courtesy of our new friends at LumberCycle in Romona. They donated these to the Shop so that we could offer our Members a great value and to use the proceeds for Shop Operations. We still have two redwood slabs and two cottonwood slabs, all about 7 ft long and roughly 18-24” wide, natural edge. The price is just $75 each, first come, first served. So stop in and have a look.



We have just completed some needed electrical work in the Shop to replace ballasts in all the ceiling lights, add some outlets in the Digital Tools area and to add two additional lighting fixtures to that corner of the Shop. The results are dramatic and we think you’ll notice, particularly in the DT area. Special thanks to Sunstate Equipment Rental (just up the road from us) for donating a lift, for the second time! If you need to rent equipment, please patronize them and let them know who you are.

Speaking of the Digital Tools area, Travis has developed a special level of recognition for any Member who certifies in all three (CNC,Laser and 3D Printer) tools. The “Digital Tools Maven” plaque now hangs proudly in the DT area and sports just one name thus far….Mark Stook. Congratulations Mark! More classes for all three machines have recently been posted. So if you’re interested in seeing your name up there, go to it!


We have a new Festool Domino machine in the Shop thanks to several of our Members chipping in to make it happen. Dana Chapin is going to teach a class on June 30th in how to use it. All proceeds from the $25 class will go towards buying the Special Attachments package that we need to complete the tool offering.


Another class you might find quite interesting is Chance Coalter’s Miter Fold Box Class beginning on July 1st. If you want to learn veneering from a Master, here’s your “Chance”!

Have you always wanted to learn to “Turn”? This is the month! We have four different offerings of a basic spindle turning class. Check the calendar for details.


Speaking of our Education Program, we have a special request for badly needed help. John really needs someone to assist him with the administrative side of the job so that he can continue to concentrate on putting together more great class offerings. The job is not a difficult or time-consuming one. He just needs someone to help with the calendaring of classes, printing and distribution of fliers and other administrative issues. If you’ve not yet volunteered to help us, please give John or me a call. We’ll give you more details and answer any questions you may have. Can you help? This is important!


Looking ahead, we’ve decided to have a Holiday Craft Sale to bring our Members together in an effort to generate funds for the Shop. Doug Glessner has generously agreed, as Special Projects Director, to coordinate this fun and exciting event. But we’re hoping that all of our Members will help support the effort by making items we can sell. If you’re interested in being involved, please let Doug or myself know.


The Shop will be closed next Saturday, June 16th. We’re epoxying the floor in the Reception area and hall. Please plan accordingly.


Thanks for listening! Always let me know if there’s anything we can do better!


Warm Regards,


Gary Anderson



May 23, 2018 Update amended



Good Morning,
I apologize for bothering you again. But I made at least a couple of serious omissions in my last “Update” and felt the need to correct them. We have so many Members doing so many good things, it’s easy to lose track.
First, I inadvertently left out the name of Marlo Olson when crediting the Team that put up the acoustic tiles in the Classroom. This turned out to be a lot bigger job than any of us thought it would be and Marlo was actually the real “work horse” that brought it home. 
Second, I failed to mention the fine work of our Special Projects Team. You may recall that Doug Glessner heads up this effort for us. Pat Duffy brought in a project from a local school that needed a large, custom counter/work station. He and Doug went to work and produced a huge and beautiful piece that made the school happy and generated over $2,000 in funds for the Shop! Talk about a “Win-Win”! If you would like to help out on these projects, or have a lead on someone looking for our services, please contact Doug. Either way, pat him (and Pat) on the back the next time you see them.
Speaking of giving people credit, long time SDFWA Member Jim Covell is leaving the area and donating all of his shop equipment to our Shop! Dick Ugoretz and his team are running the sale that will liquidate his tools this Saturday starting at 8am sharp at Jim’s home on 2732 Inverness Drive in the La Jolla area. So if you can, please stop by and buy something or at least than him for his generosity.
And then there is Abdel Ibrahim. He asked us to buy a Festool Domino Machine for the Shop. We didn’t have the budget, but he offered to donate money towards it. He got Bryan Blacksher, Chris Allphin, Jerry Mackelburg, Donna Puterbaugh, Kurt Krummel and Edward Skinner to join him and guess what… That’s right! We now have a brand spankin’ new Domino Machine at the Shop!
I can’t tell you how proud I am of all the Members we have that continue to find new ways to make our Shop even better! Nice job, Team! Really nice job!!



May 19, 2018 Update


Good Morning!

Can you believe our “new” Shop has been open nearly a year? Yup….June 19th was our official opening date. What a year it’s been! I can only hope you’re enjoying our Shop as much as I am.
When we opened, about 150 of you had already signed up for Shop Membership or received a Shop Membership as a result of having contributed $1,000 or more to the fundraising effort. That 12 month Membership will be up for renewal on June 19th. As you might imagine, we are anxious to see everyone renew. Detailed information on how to renew will be emailed to you in the next few days. I hope we can count on each and every one of you renewing!
There is a great deal of activity going on in the Shop. If you’ve been there recently, you know that Dallas Keck and his crew of volunteers including Pat Duffy, Jerry Mackelburg, and more finished installing the acoustic tiles in the Classroom. Everyone seems to agree it has made a tremendous (positive) difference. We also have a new chime/strobe alert that lets Shift Supervisors, busy in the Shop, know that someone new has arrived. We’ve begun the process of moving tools and supplies, hidden in cabinets, out into a more visible location in the Shop. This should allow Members to see the tremendous number of tools available to them. Our new display case in the front entry area has been cleaned and fitted with shelves to display items built by our Members. Anyone have anything we can put in there? Bring it in! Let’s show people what we do here!
Another exciting new resource is the donation of two additional laptop computers. These are being kept in the Classroom and are intended for the use of our Members to design projects for the digital tools (or anything else). They have all the relevant software installed and ready to go! Ask the Shift Supervisor if you need access to them. 
We continue to be extremely proud and excited over the educational opportunities our Education Team is offering. The newest addition is 3D Printer Training. Travis Good is offering a 3 hour “3D Printer Introduction” Class. $50 includes an extra Shop Slot to come in and complete your 3D Printing Project that will lead to your Certification on our new 3D Printer. The next session is May 27th at 1pm and, as I write this, there are still two slots left. We are once again offering Jerry Beaudry’s “SketchUp” class in June. This class always fills up quickly so don’t wait to sign up! We are also running another Introduction to Wood Working, Part 1 class beginning June 3rd. If you know of a friend, relative or neighbor interested in learning our craft, this is the perfect opportunity. And, more good news….John has just alerted me that Paul Dersham has agreed to hold another Finishing Class Series in August. Stay tuned for more details on that.
Here’s the “Biggie”……!
You should be aware by now that Garrett Hack will be our Fall Seminar Speaker this September. What you probably don’t know is that he has agreed to stay on two extra days to conduct a hands on Workshop, right here in our Shop, on September 10th and 11th. Pete is still putting the final details together. But the workshop will be “Delightful Details” featuring a number of ways to make your pieces more attractive and eye catching, easily and inexpensively. Techniques will include beading, inlay and more. Garrett conducted this same workshop in Portland in April. I just spent about an hour on the phone with the Portland group and they can’t wait to bring him back. They told me that of all the experts they’ve brought in over the years, Garrett was the very best. We will be back to you soon with the details but you may want to mark your calendar now. And be ready….we expect this Workshop to fill up quickly. World Class Woodworkers are coming to our Shop! How great is that?!
While you’re marking your Calendar, add Saturday, June 2nd. At 8:00 am that morning, we’ll be selling off our excess equipment, wood and supplies. Items include a 14” Jet Band Saw, a Scroll Saw, clamps, cabinets, cocobolo, tool chests, and much, much more! These will be sold at REALLY low prices. We need to get them out of our way and into the hands of Members that can use them. We’ll have coffee and donuts and you’ll find plenty of other Members there to “talk shop” with. Please join us.
Several people came forward, after my last update, in response to my request for more volunteers. Every volunteer makes us stronger. Remember, we exist only because of our volunteers. Most importantly, however, is that these people constantly talk about how much more they enjoy the Shop once they get involved. Which makes me wonder….why isn’t everyone involved? If you’re still not “part of the Team”, please reconsider. We will find a spot for you that fits your schedule and skill set. Come on! We need YOU!!!
Finally, we will close the Shop on Memorial Day. Please work around that date.
Thanks to each of you for making our first year so successful! Can’t wait to see what “Year 2” will bring!
Warm Regards,
Gary Anderson
Member Shop Chairman



April 16, 2018 Update


Good Morning!
I have three important Shop issues to update you on! Please read this all the way through.
First, tomorrow is “Two-fer” Tuesday! There are two unique ways for you to enjoy the Shop on Tuesday evening. First is our Carving “SIG” (Special Interest Group). This group, headed up by Chuck Meacham, meets the first and third Tuesday of each month to simply get together and carve. No cost, no obligation, just fellowship with other carvers, sharing of ideas and techniques and an excuse to start carving again. The other half of “Two-fer” Tuesday is our new “Digital Hangout”. The idea of this group is to encourage all Members with and interest in, or curiosity about, Digital Tools to dip your toe in the water. Our Digital Tools Guru, Travis Good, will be on hand to demonstrate the CNC, Laser and our new 3D Printer. The whole idea is to show you what they can do, how easy they are to operate and to give you a chance to ask all your questions in an informal setting. 
Both of these “Two-fers” run from 6pm to 8pm. Again, there is no cost and no sign up is required. So come on down to the Shop tomorrow night! See some old friends and meet some new ones! 
The second important announcement is that effective May 1st we will be changing our Membership pricing format for new Members. While our existing price structure has worked well, it is extremely confusing to people when you have to explain that there is a charge for SDFWA Membership, another for an Initiation Fee and then a third for Shop Membership. Consequently, we are going to switch to a plan that offers two simple options….a Silver Membership for $235 and a Gold Membership for $395. The silver still includes 15 slots and the Gold still includes 50 slots. Both include a one year Membership in SDFWA. Both include Safety Training. Both are still a tremendous value for woodworkers! It is important to note that both will re-new at the new Member rate, currently the $235 and $395. We will also ask all new Members to sign up for automatic credit card renewal.
What’s most important to you, is to know that this has no bearing on YOUR Membership. It is our intent to renew any Membership in place prior to May 1, 2018 at the same rate you paid for it…$150 for Silver and $300 for Gold.  The one difference is that we will begin to include your SDFWA Membership renewal in the payment. This will simplify your life and ours! So, when your Silver Shop Membership comes up for renewal, you will receive a notice from us asking for $185 ($150 for another year of Silver Membership and $35 for one additional year of SDFWA Membership). The additional year of SDFWA Membership will be added on to whatever year or years you have already paid for. Gold will work the same way….$335….$300 for Shop Membership and $35 for SDFWA.
Once again, you will receive this information in detail before your renewal comes due. But we wanted to make sure you knew that the new price plan has no affect on you, our loyal, existing Members. Should you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to let me know.
The third item I want to discuss with you is our need for more volunteers. We currently have over 50 highly dedicated and motivated volunteers running our Shop, which is a very big and complicated operation. This also means we have 220 Members who aren’t volunteering. Just a little bit of time and effort on the part of you 220 folks can really take the pressure off the rest of us. Several people stepped up the last time I asked. But we still need more. You don’t need to commit to a lot, as you’ll see in a moment. And you don’t need to promise to show up every week. And we’ll do our best to match you with a task that is best suited to your interests. 
Let me list some of the needs we currently have. I’m hopeful you’ll step up and help us out!
HOST Certifiers: These are the people that administer the Hands On Safety Training that everyone must go through before becoming Certified to use power tools in the Shop. All that is required is a reasonable working knowledge of most power tools. We will train you in the rest.  A HOST Certification takes approximately one hour and you can schedule it whenever your calendar permits. Best of all, you’ll be meeting a new Member and helping them off to a positive start it the Shop process. Remember, it’s only one hour. And you can schedule it in conjunction with your use of a Shop Slot to save an extra trip!
Special Projects Helpers: This could be one of a hundred different projects we have under way or on the drawing board. It could be assisting in building cabinets or racks to display the many tools we still have hidden away. It could be cleaning out and re-organizing our Router table cabinets. It could be painting newly built fixtures. Someone needs to go through and sort and organize our rapidly growing collection of nails, screws, bolts washers and other hardware. We need someone to clean out our new display cabinet, add shelving to it and begin to display works by our Members. The list goes on but you get the idea. Let us know what you can do, how much time you have and we’ll match you with the right task! No training needed!
Teacher’s Assistants: Many of you have attended one or more of the great classes we’ve offered in the Shop. Most of those classes require that someone assist the Instructor. The biggest need is with our Introduction to Woodworking Classes. The lack of experience by these students require several TA’s. I’ve done this myself and it’s a very rewarding 3-4 hour experience….seeing new woodworkers developing a new passion. No training needed!
Shift Supervisors: If you’ve spent even one shift in the Shop, you know that this position is the backbone of our Shop!    We are currently blessed with a wonderful group of Shift Supervisors. But they not only need a break now and then, but we are rapidly approaching the day where we will want to add additional shifts to our schedule. We won’t be able to do that without your help. If you have a reasonable level of experience in woodworking, please consider this position. We will train you.
Marketing Director/Marketing Helper: It’s time to let the San Diego community know what a tremendous resource we offer.  We need someone with at least a bit of marketing experience to head up that effort. I will give you plenty of ideas and support. And….we could use someone to simply help with the details…delivering brochures, making fliers, getting them printed, etc. This is a critical position if the Shop is to continue to grow. If you have an interest in either of these positions, please give me a call.
We have additional needs as well. So if you want to help but don’t see the right match above, call me or email me and we’ll find something that you can get excited about.
Thanks for reading this all the way through! Your ongoing support means a lot! 
Hope to see you soon….in the Shop!
Gary Anderson
Member Shop Chairman




March 23, 2018 Update


Good Morning!
It’s time for another Shop Update. I’ve got lots of news and some important “action items” that we need your help with. So please pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and allow me to fill you in.
First, some very good news! In our original Business Plan we projected a first-year Membership of 260 Members. Some of the sharper members of the group may recall that when we opened the Shop in June, we had 150 Members. We have been steadily adding new Members ever since and last week hit the “260” number! This achievement is important not just because of the financial benefits but it represents a strong endorsement of the concept. Thanks to all who have played a role!
One of the things I’m most proud of is the Educational offerings that the Shop has provided. You have heard me sing the praises of John Rieger and his Team many times. And that’s not likely to change, because they tirelessly work to provide a diverse and valuable array of ways for our Members to enhance their skills. And I also thank you for the support you’ve given. The Class fees not only enable us to further strengthen our offerings, but are an important part of our revenue stream. There are currently some classes coming up that I really want you to consider and support.
The first is the “Wood Finishing” class that begins Friday evening, April 6th at 5pm and runs for four weeks. This was the most requested class when we surveyed and John has landed the man generally regarded as THE authority on the subject in San Diego, Paul Dershem. We are very fortunate to have him teaching this class and it’s important we fill it up. We all know how critical finishing is to a successful project. Here’s your chance to become an “expert”! Don’t miss it!
The second is the “Shaker Oval Box Making” class by Phil Stivers. Once again, we’ve got the very best instructor available. The important thing to note is that while the first class is May 5th (it’s two consecutive Saturdays) the deadline for signing up is March 31st. The reason for this is that the supplies need to be ordered well in advance. We must “buck the trend” of signing up at the last minute on this class. Please have a careful look at this one and act today if you’d like to be a part of it.
Abdel Ibrahim is fairly typical of the type of new Member we are seeing join the Shop. He’s relatively young, a really nice guy and while new to woodworking he’s “all in” in following his new passion. He recently came to us and asked if we would acquire a new Festool Domino Machine that he and other Members could use in his furniture building projects. When we explained that we don’t currently have the budget to buy one, he proposed that we launch an effort to raise the money from our Members to make the purchase. He generously offered to contribute $200-300 of his own money if other members would step up and join him. So we thought we’d give it a try! If you would like to help, just email me ( with whatever amount you’d be willing to pitch in (no amount is too small). If the total hits the $1,000 it will take, we’ll get back to you on how to make the payment. Anyone up for the challenge?!
There are several changes to the Shop you may not be aware of if you’ve not been in recently. We’ve completed the shelving in the Storage Area and now have ample room for Members to leave “glue-ups” overnight or over the weekend when needed. We’ve added two new tools…a brand new DeWalt Scroll Saw donated by DeWalt and a 3D Printer donated by Travis Good. The new printer will be housed in a beautiful cabinet built by Dick Huntington and his team. We  hope to have Travis demonstrating the 3D Printer at the General Meeting this Wednesday night. The “WWW” (Women Who Woodwork) built a great looking cabinet to house an expanded assortment of First Aid supplies (located just inside the Shop on the left) that hopefully will never be opened! Thank you ladies! We have also added a second Laguna Band Saw that has re-saw capability in direct response to the heavy demand we have for that operation.
After my plea in the last update, several people came forward to volunteer for a number of positions. Thanks so much! This type of volunteerism is critical to our ongoing success. We can’t expect just a few people to carry the whole load. We still have needs:
-Shift Supervisors and TAs (Teachers Assistants).
-Fundraising Director
-Publicity Director
-Social Media Director (come on one of you younger folks…help us out here!)
Please let me know if you have an interest in any of these positions. We can work around your schedule.
That’s it for now! Time to get to the Shop! Hope to see you there!



January 27, 2018 Update 


Welcome to the 2018 version of our SDFWA Member Shop! We’re not getting older, we’re getting better!
Our Member Shop Committee has big plans for 2018. We’re determined to do everything we can to make the Shop better, help you enjoy it more, and bring in additional Members.
Before we get into 2018, let me give you a quick review of 2017. We opened the Shop June 19th with approximately 150 Members. We closed the year with 232 Members. One of the goals we had in opening the Shop was to turn around the several year decline in SDFWA Membership. Year-end Membership in SDFWA recorded the biggest increase in 10 years!  And thanks to your support, our financial plan is right on track.
You’ll probably notice some additional activity over the next 2-3 weeks as we make some physical improvements to the Shop. Dick Huntington and his “Table Team” are going to build out the Storage Area, including providing shelving for Members to store their “glue-ups” and other projects on a short-term basis. We will also begin a project to set up a clearly defined and separate “Digital Tools” area. This will include venting the laser. Additionally, it will allow for a separate area for the lathes. 
The major issue for 2018, however, will be our ability to continue to grow the Team that keeps our Shop running and growing. We currently have over 50 volunteers from Committee Members to Shift Supervisors, Instructors to various Specialists. All of these people share a dedication to making our Shop work and enjoy the satisfaction of being a part of what we’re all building together.
But if we are to continue to grow and improve, we need more help. And I hope you’ll consider getting involved by taking on a task or responsibility that fits with your schedule and interests. In fact I’d like to challenge you to make 2018 the year you get involved in the operation of the Shop!
Specifically, we have an urgent need for the following positions:
-Shop Secretary: This individual will be responsible for a variety of administrative tasks including organizing and filing the mounting volume of paperwork the Shop produces, taking minutes at Committee Meetings and setting up appropriate administrative policies and procedures to meet our Members needs. Most of the work can be done from home and will probably require just 2-4 hours per week. Skills required are basic computer skills and a willingness to help us organize our paperwork!
-Social Media Director: We are seeing an exciting level of interest in our Shop by younger people. It’s also clear that younger people expect groups they’re a part of to have a social media presence. We don’t. But we can. We just need someone (young or at least young at heart) to make it happen. If you have an understanding of social media, we need you to help us get started! You have a blank slate and can do it to whatever degree you have time to help us. Won’t you help?! You don’t need to be an experienced woodworker, just a bit of a “techie”!
-Assistant IT Director: Brian Kranson does a wonderful job of running our IT systems (Punchpass, phone system, camera system, computers, etc.) But he also works for living and needs some help. He’s a great guy to work with and learn from. If you have these skills, you could make a huge difference in just 2-3 hours a week. 
Teacher/Teacher’s Assistant: We have a constant need for people to teach classes or help as teacher’s assistants. If you have always wanted to teach, have a particular expertise you’d like to share or just want to be part of the “Class” environment, our Educational Director, John Rieger wants to hear from you. 
Project Team Member: We still have a large number of things that need building!  We have a couple of great “Team Leaders” to help organize the effort, but they need some help. Can you offer just a few hours of your time to help us finish building out the Shop? 
Publicity Director: We’ve got a great Shop! Now it’s time to let San Diego know about it! If you enjoy the process of public relations and sharing good news with people, this job’s for you. You’ll have control over what you do, when you do it and how you want to approach the responsibility. But you’ll be playing a really important role in helping us continue to grow.
Come on! Jump in! We need you and you’ll find that you’ll get far more out of this than you’ll put in. Call or email me and let’s find a position that matches your skills and interests. And if you’re new to the organization, don’t be shy! We want you involved. You don’t need to be an expert woodworker…just willing to help.
Finally, I want to make sure you’re all aware of the exciting list of Class offerings that John Rieger and his team are producing. Introduction to Scroll Sawing, Shaker Box Construction, Spindle Turning, Pen Turning and Bench Plane Restoration are all now on the calendar. Check the web site for more detailed information or talk to John Wednesday night at the General Meeting. He has also secured the services of Paul Dersham to teach a series of Wood Finishing Classes during the month of April. If there are other class offerings you’d like to see, be sure and let him know.
I would like to conclude this update with a hearty pat on the back to everyone involved in the Shop operation. I am very excited about the steady increase in usage we’re seeing and I am so appreciative of the attitude of respect and friendship that everyone is bringing to the Shop. If you haven’t been in lately, come in and see what I mean. We’re really having fun!
Thanks for reading! Have a great 2018!!
Gary Anderson


December 23, 2017 Update


Good Morning!
As 2017 draws to a close, I wanted to share one more update with you.
But first I want to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for the support you’ve given the Member Shop. Together we have accomplished what many believed impossible. Just one year ago we had just received approval to pursue our new plan. Today we have a fully functioning Shop serving the needs of well over 200 Members. And I believe that the best is yet to come!
As excited as I am about the Shop, the most significant part of this past year was learning just how many truly great people we have in this Association. The generosity, the selflessness, the professionalism and the dedication of so many has been the most fulfilling part of this last year for me. I can’t thank you enough for the time, the support and the encouragement that you have provided me and all Members of our Shop Committee. There is no doubt that our Association will someday look back at 2017 and see it as a “watershed’ year for SDFWA.
I know most of you are focusing on family and the Holidays, but here’s just a few quick items of interest you may want to be aware of.
Shop Director Pete Sterling has announced that Dallas Keck has accepted the position of Assistant Shop Director. We have been anxious to fill this important position but wanted to wait until we knew we had the right person. Those of you that know Dallas probably know what a special individual he is. He is already involved in several different facets of Shop Operation which should make him a quick study for his new role. This appointment also strengthens our management team and helps insure continuity of Shop Operation well into the future. Please join me in congratulating both Pete and Dallas on this important development.
The Shop will be closed on Christmas Day and on New Years Day.
Thanks to all of you who bid on the beautiful wood slabs Mike McElhiney so generously donated to the Shop. The Silent Auction that Pete ran at the Shop generated over $1200 in revenue that will go directly back into Shop operations. We are looking forward to seeing at least the photos of what projects come out of these exciting acquisitions! 
While we are talking about donations, I also want to recognize the generosity of Sam Takahashi. You may recall that in a recent update, I asked if anyone had a vacuum press they might be willing to donate to the Shop. Sam stepped up and offered to cover whatever the cost of a new vacuum system will be! Our Educational Director John Rieger is working with one of our soon-to-be instructors, who will lead classes in marquetry at the Shop, to select a system that will best meet our needs. Thank you again, Sam!
We had our first “incident” with our Saw Stop Table Saw. A Member accidentally extended the aluminum cross-cut fence too far out, into the path of the blade. As he pushed it forward, the cartridge tripped and instantly shut down the saw. I can hear some of you snickering at this point. But I must tell you that I have come close to making this mistake myself. I think it’s because many of us have never used a table saw where the metal portion of the crosscut bar would reach the blade. The important thing is that no one was hurt and that we now know that our Saw Stop shut down feature seems to work as advertised. Let’s all learn from this “teachable” moment. It only takes a few seconds, before we hit the power switch, to stand back and make one more check to insure we have a solid plan!
We have a new “Beginning Scroll Saw” class coming up. Ideally we could use a couple more scroll saws, if not as a donation, then as a loan for that class. If you can help, please let us know.
Doug Glessner and Marlo Olson got us started this past week on organizing our Storage Area. They built a storage rack above the area all for long term storage which has cleared the way for the extensive shelving we intend to add, some of which will be dedicated to Member Short Term Storage. These two guys continue to find ways to help us make the Shop better! Nice going, gents!
Thanks also to Ron Prater. Pete put out a request for someone to take over the Wednesday afternoon slot as a Shift Supervisor. Ron not only stepped up but did so quickly and willingly. It’s this type of volunteerism that will continue to make our Shop great! Please don’t forget to thank your Shift Supervisor for the critical role that they play in keeping our Shop open and operating smoothly!
Another thing we’re working on is an effort to make better use of our Facebook Page. Yes, we have our own FacebookPage:
We want to both promote the Shop as well as our Members and the items they are producing. So please stop by occasionally and check it out. Also, send us photos of what you’re doing! Other members want to see!
In closing, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and wonderful, healthy 2018! Thanks again for making 2017 the very special year it has been!
Warm Regards,



November 17, 2017 Update


Happy Thanksgiving!
The Holidays are suddenly "here".  And I want to get this brief update out before we all get swept up in the rush of activities headed our way.
I'm pleased to report that all the news is good!  You may recall that when we opened in June, we had approximately 150 Members.  As of today, we stand at 222!  And the Membership of the SDFWA is experiencing it's first upturn in nearly 10 years.  Just as we hoped would happen, we're seeing an influx of new Members, and younger and more diverse Members as well.
The main reason I'm sending this is to alert you to some important events you may or may not be aware of.
The Shop will be closed on Thanksgiving.  I'll be giving special thanks that day for all the support you have provided that has turned this idea into an exciting reality!
On December 2nd and 3rd, John Rieger will be offering a new type of event....not a class....but a "Workshop".  To be precise, it's a "Holiday Gift Making" workshop.  It's geared towards beginning and intermediate woodworkers, but it's also intended to be an opportunity for Members to get together, build something useful and work side by side with other woodworkers all at the same time.  He's offering the opportunity for you to build up to four simple but attractive and useful wooden items from a menu of 8 or 10.  You choose which ones you want to build, we'll provide the materials, plan and guidance.  You make them!  The reason for the two day schedule is to allow overnight "drying time" for those items that need it.  The price is just $20 which is what we expect the cost of materials to be.  There's also a rumor that elves, Christmas cookies, hot chocolate and miscellaneous goodies will be on hand to make this a casual and enjoyable event.  You do need to be a Shop Member and have completed your Safety Training to participate.  If you do need either the Safety Orientation or HOST, there are sessions scheduled between now and then.  Please join us!  It should be fun!
I would also point out that there are openings in some of the Laser Classes in both November and December.  I don't expect those to last long.  So if you want to learn how to operate this great new addition to our Shop, don't wait to sign up.
We do have a request.  We are now ready to build out the shelving and other storage components in the storage area in the Shop.  We are planning to build two 8' sections of shelving, 2' deep and 8' high.  Our plan is to build these out of 2 x 4's and plywood.  However, it occurs to me that someone may have (or have access to) existing shelving....wood or steel.  If you do, and you'l be willing to donate it, please let us know right away.
Finally, as I write this, Jim Strawn is at the Shop, on his day off, repairing one of our Band Saws.  Most of you know how dedicated and responsive he is in keeping our equipment running.  It's one of those things that you don't notice only because he does it so well.  So the next time you see him, please let him know how much you appreciate what he does for us all!
That's it!  I wish you and all of your Family a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Warm Regards,
Gary Anderson



November 5, 2017


Good Morning!
It's been a while since my last update and I have much to share!
One of the most significant pieces of news is that we finally have a Laser Engraver....and it's a beauty!
You may be aware that we've spent a great deal of effort to find the best combination of size, capability and price.  It was a long and, at times, perplexing process.  But in the end, I'm very pleased with the decision we made.  It's a used machine, but we've replaced the tube with a brand new 100 watt tube and also the controller.  The bed will handle stock 3' x 4'...a big plus!  Additionally, it has a "z" axis that allows use to put items up to 18" deep into the unit.  There is also a rotary attachment that will allow you to etch of engrave curve items such and bottles or bowls.  The precision and speed of our new machine is, in my opinion, incredible!
Last evening, John Rieger, Pete Sterling and I had the opportunity to go through the Laser Training Class that Travis Good has created.  It's a three hour class that takes someone like myself (no laser experience) and has you producing lasered objects two to three hours later.  I can't tell you how excited I was with the experience and the potential that this machine and Travis' program have for our Shop.  To make up for the delay in procuring the machine, Travis and his team are accelerating the roll out of the the Introduction to Laser Class that could begin as soon as late next week.  The Class will be one session, three hours in length and be $50.  If you have a desire to be included, let me know and we'll put you on the list, first come, first served.  I really think you'll be quite impressed.
We had another good month, financially, during October.  Once again, we took in substantially more than we spent.  One reason was that we now have a viable "Special Projects" program up and running.  You may recall that our business plan calls for multiple revenue streams including income from projects built by our Members and sold to the public.  Doug Glessner has stepped forward and volunteered to take on this challenge.  Our first project came from a couple that needed a new bed frame and cabinet for their RV.  Doug met with them, bid the job and led the team of Marlo Olson and Dallas Keck in building it out, finishing it and installing it in the RV.  The clients were ecstatic over the result and the project netted $2,000 for theShop!  Very nice, guys! Please give each of these guys a big pat on the back for a job really well done!!  If you'd like to be a part of projects like this, please let Doug Glessner know (
I can't say enough about the job our Shift Supervisors are doing.  Pete challenged them all to choose a shift and "take ownership" of it.  Well, they've done just that.  As you have likely experienced, if you have used the Shop to any degree, these individuals knock themselves out to make sure the facility is clean, that you have what you need and that they are there if you need a hand.  It's important to remember that they are volunteering their time and effort every week.  They deserve our constant appreciation and support. 
Those same Shift Supervisors are also feeding back lots of information on what you like and don't like as well as the "fine tuning" adjustments we need to make to the operation of the Shop.  Better access to hand tools and supplies was one of their top issues.  Pete and I have been working on this and are making good progress.  But admittedly it's a big job.  With help from Jim Strawn, we've begun to clean out the excess equipment in the Storage area.  This will allow us to build in permanent shelving which will give us a better place to offer you short term storage of your projects.  We've also designated a large red tool chest to be available along the West wall (next to the belt sanders).  In this chest you'll find all the basics (hammers, mallets, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches) as well as some "nice to haves" like specialized drawing and measuring devices.  I hope to have all the drawers clearly labeled soon to help you quickly and easily access what you need.  More needs to be done, so if you like organizing, sorting and arranging, please let me know.  We can use your help.
Another issue the Shift Supervisors brought up is the issue of not knowing exactly when Members are coming in to the Shop.  If you've signed up for a slot, say 9 to 1, and you're not coming in right at 9 or shortly thereafter, please call the Shop and let the Shift Supervisor know.  You're welcome to come in at any time, but it's helpful to them to know that you are coming and didn't simply forget to cancel.  Again, it's important to extend every courtesy we can to this Team.  They are the heart and soul of our Shop!  Also, there seems to be some confusion about the option of spreading your 3 hour slot across two "shifts".  That's totally okay with us.  Again, just communicate what you want to do with the Shift Supervisor.
This Saturday is Veterans Day.  I suspect most of you would agree that the recognition of our Military Service men and women is extremely important.  In that light, we thought it would be a good idea to start a tradition of doing something special on Veterans Day.  So we'd like to offer free Shop use to any Shop Member that's a past or current member of the US Armed Forces.  (No slot charge).  Keep in mind that each slot only accomodates six people.  So if you would like to work in the Shopon Saturday, I would suggest you book early.  If you're a Veteran but don't have any need to use the Shop, please stop by anyway.  We'll have the coffee on and donuts on hand!  And all "war stories" are welcome!  To all of our Veterans, "Thanks Again" for your service.
Finally, I want to extend a special welcome to the many new Shop Members that have joined the Shop, the SDFWA or both, over the last couple of months.  We are very pleased to have you with us.  And we are particularly excited to see more young people and women joining our ranks.  You have joined a great group of people who are all pulling together to make our Shop something really special.  And to those of you that aren't new, I hope you'll make an extra effort to make our new Members feel welcome....both at the Shop and at the General Meeting on November 29th.  It's always a bit intimidating when you join a new group and don't know everyone.  Let's cut through that barrier with an especially warm welcome!
As always, we welcome your feedback.  We've had a number of good suggestions and are implementing them as fast as we can.  Keep 'em coming! 
Warm Regards,
Gary Anderson
Member Shop Chairman


October 7, 2017




Once again, there’s plenty going on at the Shop!  Here’s a quick update.


You may have seen or heard that Monday morning, Allie Wagner, TV personality on KUSI’s Morning Show did three live segments from our Shop.  She did a wonderful job of helping Pete, Travis Good and I extoll the virtues of our new Shop.  We had calls and walk-ins all day, so we’re very pleased with the fine work James Lagrone did in setting this up!  Hopefully we’ll be able to attract some of the other stations as well.  If you’d  like to see the interviews, here’s the link…


The minute KUSI left, Doug Glessner and Marlo Olson began to disconnect the Saw Stop from the dust collection system to allow it to be moved so that we could slide “Big Blue”, our larger CNC from it’s berth and out the door to it’s new owner.  Brian Kranson’s excellent work in finding a buyer for this piece netted us $8,000 and freed up the space we need for a new laser engraver.  Atta Boy, Brian!!


Meanwhile, Travis Good began training our new CNC instructors so that you’ll soon have access to training for our new Shapeoko CNC.  More details to come.


Monday night, Jerry Beaudry began another SketchUp Class and this morning (Saturday) Bob Bostick began another sold-out Introduction to Woodworking Class.  I can’t say enough about John Rieger’s work in developing these Class offerings.  The SketchUp Class is a great example of us being able to offer all of our Members the opportunity to strengthen their skills.  The Introduction to Woodworking is the gateway through which we can help produce new woodworkers and new Members.  And the revenue from both help us finance the cost of operating the Shop.  It’s called “Win-win-win”!


Another important development is that we have a new Financial Director for the Shop.  Bruce Nelson has done an incredible job setting up our financial accounting and reporting system.  Unfortunately, he seems to think that his retirement is for actually using the Shop rather than accounting for it.  So he has been asking us to replace him for some time.  Fortunately, Mike Osborne has stepped up and agreed to fill some very large shoes that Bruce leaves behind.  We really appreciate that, Mike!


Speaking of finances, you might be wondering how we’re doing.  I’m pleased to report that we’re doing quite well.  September was a very good month with over $10,000 in revenue and approximately $3,700 in net income after all expenses were paid.  The revenue surge was due to the large number of new Memberships sold (Open House) and another great month of Class activity.  We still have work to do.  It’s critical to our long term stability to sign up another 100 members.  But it’s good to have a “cushion” to work with while we’re doing that. 


I’d like to return to the subject of training to highlight two upcoming classes.  Two of our Members are developing their plans to share their considerable expertise with those of you who have an interest.  Dave Henry is not only familiar to most of us, but an established authority on the subject of “Bird Mouth” joinery.  He has a three session class coming up the first week in November that I think is going to be really special.  The other offering I’m really excited about is Jig Making/Box Making by Jim Franz.  You may not know Jim, but you’ve probably seen his boxes beneath the many ribbons bestowed upon him at Design in Wood over the years.  He was one of the first people I approached about teaching a class when we began the planning for our Shop.  As it turns out, one of Jim’s principles is that before you can build boxes, you must build the necessary jigs.  And wait until you see these jigs!  (and the boxes).  The details for both are on the web site under the Training tab.  Both are very small classes, so don’t wait to sign up.


We need your help in a couple of areas.  First, we’d like to offer a class on inlay but need a vacuum press.  If you have one you’re willing to donate, we’d love to hear from you.   And, we still need a few more mini-lathes to properly equip ourselves for a turning class.  The other thing we need is a Secretary.  This is not a position we originally planned on.  However, like many parts of the Shop operation, it’s a larger task than we anticipated.  What we’re looking for is someone with basic administrative skills to help us organize our paperwork, take notes at our meetings, arrange and send out periodic mailings, update lists, order supplies, etc.   Most of the work could be done from home.  If you think this is something you’d be willing to take on, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss it with you.  Please email or call me!!  Thanks!


In closing, I just want to remind everyone that this is YOUR Shop.  We want you involved.  If you want to help out but don’t know how to go about it, just let me know.  We’ve got a ton of projects and I’m certain we can find one that matches your skills and interests.  And if you have ideas or suggestions for making the Shop better, don’t keep them to yourself.


Thanks for listening…I look forward to seeing you in the Shop!


Warm Regards,






September 17, 2017


Fellow Members,
As you may have already heard, our Open House was a booming success!  We had over 250 people including approximately 40 Association Members that turned out for the Shop Tour just before the Open House began.  Special thanks to Avis Durgan and the team of helpers she put together to clean the Shop from top to bottom.  Bekker's Catering, owned by Oscar Worm, long time Association Member and now Shop Member, donated and served approximately 200 lunches.  Thank you, Oscar!
The feedback from everyone was extremely positive and 17 people bought memberships on the spot.  Additionally, several of our key Directors had the opportunity to educate our guests on upcoming classes, the CNC machine, Special Interest Groups and more.  I couldn't be more pleased with the event and thank again all of you that contributed your time and support.  What a great Team effort!
Wednesday night, Pete conducted another Shift Supervisor meeting to continue to strengthen communications and equipment knowledge among our management staff.  The primary emphasis was on the proper and safe use of equipment.  Pete, Jim and I are becoming increasingly concerned about the number of problems we are seeing in this area.  So we have asked the Shift Supervisors to take a more vigilant and assertive role in making sure that all Members are using equipment properly.  So if you sense a change, understand that it comes from us... not because we're trying to be heavy handed, but because we're concerned for everyone's safety.  Let me give you some examples of what I'm referring to.
Someone ran stock across the jointer that was so thin that the "heel" of the push stick was planed down to almost nothing.  (The jointer is intended for flattening stock, not making thin stock thinner.)  We've had a serious nick taken out of one of the planer blades indicating someone ran stock through there that likely contained  a nail or screw.  I've personally watched two different Members pull blades off the band saws by "backing out" of a cut with the blade running.  Another major problem continues to be Members running glued up pieces (with glue "run-out" still in place) through the belt sanders.  Please understand, any such run-out must be scraped off before putting the piece in either the sander or the planer.  The Shift Supervisors had a chance to see what happens when you don't.  Jim showed them the belt on the one sander that was a solid slick of gum where the sanding grit used to be.  Moving forward, we will use the video tapes to go back and identify who is responsible for equipment abuse. 
Again, please do your part by observing good safety practices and letting someone know if you see others failing to do so.   Please don't put our Shift Supervisors in the difficult position of having to get after you about this.  Do ask Shift Supervisors is you have any questions about the proper use of equipment.
We continue to be excited about the Classes John Rieger and his team are putting together.   We are going to offer both Introduction to Woodworking 1 and SketchUp again in October.  Two of "our own", Dave Henry and Jim Franz are offering to share their expertise.  Dave will be doing a class on Birdsmouth Joinery.  Jim Franz, one of our very best box makers will be doing a class on Box Making preceeded by a class on making the jigs necessary to make his boxes.  Additional information on all of these are available on the web site.  Next week, four Members who have volunteered to learn, then teach CNC operation will begin their four week training.  We hope to offer CNC training to the Membership as early as November.  And don't miss Jim Strawn's Mentor Class on Toy Making coming up September 30th. 
You should also know that the Shop has received several hundred dollars in donations in memory of Dick Rosenberg.  Before his death, he let his family know that in lieu of flowers at his funeral, he wanted the money donated instead to the Member Shop.  Our sincere appreciation and condolence goes out to the entire Rosenberg Family. 
Finally, another call for help.  Ted Thompson has generously agreed to take on the responsibility of getting our Powermatic Lathe running in good order and to develop a certification process for those Members wishing to use it.  The lathe itself works fine, but we need some tools and attachments.  If you have "lathe parts" you would be willing to donate, please contact Ted directly at  We need everything from tools to a grinder for sharpening.  While we're talking about lathes, you should know that Member Paul Sasaki has donated a very nice mini-lathe that we're anxious to have.  When he went to get it ready for pick-up, he noted that the belt was no longer serviceable.  Those of you that know Paul can guess what happened next....he ordered a new belt at his expense so that it would be working properly when it arrived at the Shop.  Thanks again, Paul!
Another note...the new Mortising Machine now has bits.  So feel free to get in there and make some square holes!! 
The Shop is clean, full of great tools and just waiting for you to use it!  Hope to see you soon!

September 4, 2017

Fellow Shop Members,


Activity has reached fever pitch as we prepare for our Grand Opening/Open House event on Saturday, September 9th from 11am-1pm.  Much remains to be done to insure that we put our best foot forward.  If you would like to help, please contact Avis Durgan,  She will be happy to match your skills with something on the “to do” list.  We also need help during the event itself. 


If you have not yet been down to the Shop, please don’t miss this opportunity.  It should be a great day and members Olga and Oscar Worm, proprietors of Bekker’s Catering have generously offered to host a BBQ lunch! 


One of the things you will notice when you visit the Shop is the tremendous job our “Table Team” (Dick Huntington, Dan McNaughton and Pat Duffy) has done in building out the various tables surrounding our key pieces of equipment.  Please thank them when you see them!


The long awaited “Founders Group” plaque should also make its debut that day.  Mike McElhiney and Tony Tait have been ignoring the hot weather to make sure the project is completed on time.  I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with.


As most of you know, we lost one of our favorite Members this month.  Charlie Bierman was not only the heart of our Toy Program but a truly special individual.  He had asked us to display some of his toys at the Shop and, thanks to Avis Durgan and Bryan Blackshear, those toys now greet all Shop visitors just as they enter.  I’m sure Charlie would be pleased with what they’ve done.  Condolences also go out to the Dick Rosenburg family.  Dick passed away this last week.  As his health deteriorated, he donated his entire shop to us.  When you use the SawStop table saw, it will be one of the many tools we enjoy courtesy of Dick Rosenburg. 


John Rieger, our Educational Director, has been working overtime to further develop our list of Class offerings.  He has some very special things coming up and will be announcing many of them at the Open House.  We’re also delighted to share that Jerry Beaudry has agreed to teach another session of his SketchUp class.  You may recall that the first one filled up quickly.  I took it myself and found it to be very valuable.  It’s a tremendous program and, of course, Jerry does a great job. 


Special thanks to Wright Rodman, Alan Lewis and Dana Chapin who answered the call for needed equipment that I put out in the last update.  These guys came through big time and saved us nearly $1,000 that we would have had to spend to buy the items new.  Gentlemen, your generosity is much appreciated!


One of the “unsung heroes” of our Shop is Jim Strawn.  He has been laboring tirelessly to get all of our equipment up and running, and running well.  Pete and I stood in the tool room recently, looking out at all of our equipment and realized that not one item was down due to maintenance.  Jim really deserves our thanks and our support.  If you are tempted to “adjust” a piece of equipment, please don’t!  He is spending a great deal of his time correcting well-intentioned but uninformed attempts by some members to “fix” things.  If you feel something needs attention, please communicate that to the Shift Supervisor and they’ll make sure Jim takes a look at it.


Again, the continued success of our Shop operation will depend upon everyone doing their part.  We need 2-3 more volunteers to help with various things at the Open House, including directing visitors to the correct parking area, greeting Customers at Rockler and sending them our way, etc.  We also need one or two people to stain and finish the beautiful tables our Table Team has built.  John Rieger, our Education Director needs an assistant or two to share the tremendous load he’s carrying.  If you always wanted to teach woodworking, write lesson plans, do some basic marketing to help publicize the classes, etc, please contact me or John. 


And finally, it’s time to fire up our Special Projects Team!  As you may recall, our business plan calls for some of our revenue coming from Special projects.  This is where we accept commissions for special woodworking projects, bring a group of Members to build them and use the revenue to fund Shop activities.  If you would like to be part of this effort and learn more about it, please let me hear from you.


In closing, I want to say a special “Thank You” to our Shift Supervisors who truly make the Shop run!  Pete has asked that Shift Supervisors take on a specific shift each week and “make it their own”.  Our Shift Supervisors have responded very enthusiastically and all shifts are being manned consistently.  In turn, they will receive free Shop time as an incentive to help keep the Shop running smoothly.  The next time you’re in the Shop, please take a moment to let the Shift Supervisor know how much you appreciate their giving up their time to open the Shop for you.


I hope to see you all on Saturday! 


Warm Regards,


Gary Anderson

Member Shop Chairman



July 24, 2017


Good Evening, Fellow Shop Members,
I'd like to take a moment to update you on at least a few of the many positive things going on at the Shop
First, the new Dust Collection System is finally in place.  Some final adjustments are being made and the DC Team is still adding to the soundproofing around the unit itself to further reduce the decibel level in the Tool Room.  The good news is that very little of the noise is noticeable in the Classroom.  This will allow us to continue to offer classes without cutting into other Members use of the Tool Room.  It appears that the investment we made in that "tall wall" is paying off.  We are now finally able to permanently place the equipment where it needs to be and say "goodbye" to the scissors lift which, while necessary, has really been "crowding our style"!
The Mortising machine is due to be installed tomorrow and the wide belt thickness sander which has been back ordered is now set to arrive on July 30th.  Our "Table Team", headed up by Dick Huntington is very busy.  They've added outfeed tables to both table saws and a base to our new CNC machine.  Brian Kranston and Ted Thompson are building a series of clamp racks and a whole flock of Members, summoned by our new Special Projects Manager, Avis Durgan, have added a second vise to each of the benches in the Classroom. 
Anticipating that we'll finally be able to present a "finished" Shop, our Grand Opening Celebration has been scheduled for September 9th.  You will, of course, receive more information on that event as it draws nearer.
You may recall that while the Shop has been available to Members since June 19th, that we made the decision not to "charge slots" until all of the commotion of the Dust Collection installation was behind us.  This seemed to be the right thing to do.  But please be aware that as of August 1st, you will need to formally "sign in" when using the Shop and slot use will be tracked from that day forward.  Should you have any questions or concerns about your slots and their accounting, don't hesitate to ask.  We intend to go out of our way to be fair and accommodating with all Members.
Also, and this is important, be aware that if you do not make a reservation to use the Shop, at least the day before you wish to use it, and if no one else reserves a spot, the Shift Supervisor will not report for that Slot.  So you may arrive and not be able to access the Shop.  While this may be a minor inconvenience for some, it seems more acceptable than expecting a Shift Supervisor to sit alone in the Shop for four hours. 
Our Classroom has been a busy place.  We've completed our first formal series of classes...SketchUp...taught by Jerry Beaudry and enjoyed by a group of 18 of us.  Thanks to Jerry's generosity in teaching the class pro bono, we also raised over $1,000 to support the operation of the Shop.  Jerry, once again, Thank You! 
Our next major training program is "Introduction to Woodworking, Part 1" taught by our own Bob Bostick.  This class is extremely important to us for two reasons.  First, it will help us attract and support a new group of woodworkers (and SDFWA Members).  Second, it should produce a significant level of financial support for the Shop.  The program runs the four Saturdays in August, beginning August 5th.  It will run from 8am until Noon each week.  And it is extremely affordable at just $195, tools and materials included!  If you are new to woodworking or would just like to "learn the right way" to do the basics, this class if for you.  But let me also ask your help in passing the word to your friends, neighbors and fellow employees.  Let's all get behind Bob and give him a full roster of students!  More detailed information is available on the web site.
Additionally, Bob Stevenson will be holding a Mentor Class (Mortise and Tenon) at the Shop on July 29th.  And Jim Strawn has committed to starting his long awaited "Toy Building" Class on September 23rd.  Contact these gentlemen directly for more information.
Another exciting development has to do with our CNC program.  Travis Good and Justin Goodrich have been working diligently to get this equipment up and running.  The determination was made that most members would have difficulty learning the complexity of the large CNC affectionately known as "Big Blue".  Consequently, the recommendation was made to add a second, smaller but more "user friendly" CNC to allow Members to learn CNC operation quickly and easily.  Travis also was kind enough to donate the second CNC machine.  Travis, "Thank you, again!".  Sunday, Justin and Travis conducted a Beta test of their training program using two marginal subjects....Pete and me.  They quickly decided they needed better "raw material".  So a second training program test will be run later this week or next.  The machine is up and running I can tell you that it's very exciting indeed to watch it create.  We hope to announce CNC classes in the very near future. 
Finally, I need to ask your assistance in an important matter.  As you know, we've started the operation of our Shop with an ambitious but practical schedule designed to best serve our Members.  We have recruited and trained a number of Shift Supervisors to help us keep the doors open, the Shop operating safely and to assist you with your questions and needs.  Shift Supervisors are free to sign up for whatever shifts they wish.  While we have a handful of truly dedicated and committed Shift Supervisors working one or more Shifts a week, we still have shifts going unfilled.  When that happens, either Pete or I have to step in.  As you might imagine, that is not only getting to be a heavy load but, more importantly, it takes us away from doing the things we need to do to make the Shop better and to grow our Membership. 
In order to avoid having to curtail the hours of Shop operation, we need to have several more Members volunteer to be a Shift Supervisor.  And we need all Shift Supervisors to pull at least one or two shifts per month.  While this is a really important job, it's not a difficult one.  And it's a great opportunity to get to know your new Shop better as well as your fellow Members.  The next Shift Supervisor Training Session is Wednesday, August 2nd from 6 - 8 pm.  We'll teach you everything you need to know and answer all your questions.  You'll be free to work whatever and however many or few shifts you wish.  But by working as little as one shift a month, you'll be doing your part to keep us open and successful.  Please do your part.  We need you!  Sign up on the web site or by calling Pete or me.
If you haven't been to the Shop recently (or at all), stop in and say "hello".  The coffee is on, the Library is growing there are lots of great woodworking tools waiting to see you.
As always, we look forward to your input and questions.
Warm Regards,
Gary Anderson

June 25, 2017
Good Morning, Fellow Shop Members!
There continues to be a great deal happening at our new Shop.  So I wanted to take this opportunity to bring you up to date.
The Shop opened this past Monday as scheduled and there's been a lot of activity. 
Phil Goetsch and Tom Veatch led an army of volunteers (Marlo Olson, Mike Osborn, Dallas Keck and more)in an effort to install our new Central Dust Collection System.  Before they got too far along, they realized that Oneida had shipped the wrong size stand for the collector itself.  The new stand has been shipped but won't arrive until July 3rd.  So the installation process is on hold until July 5th.  That necessitates keeping the lift in the Shop which does create a bit of havoc with machine placement.  Please understand that once the system is in place, all machines will have a logical and permanent location.  Until that time, please work with us.  We will probably need to restrict access to the Shop during the installation, likely July 5-6.
Most of the equipment has arrived.  We have a new Powermatic variable speed drill press that's a real beauty!  Don Spangler donated a brand new 8" (helical head) Jointer that is an absolute joy to use. And the new 20" planer, all 900 lbs of it, has landed!  The only major pieces of equipment not yet in are the 25/50 Thickness Sander and the Laser Engraver.  
Congratulations to the 41 Members that are now "Safety Certified" and thanks again for Mike Howell and his band of "Certifiers" (Dana Chapin, Jeff Bruder, John Rieger, Travis Good and Justin Goodrich) for all of the time they've dedicated to this effort.  The next scheduled Safety Orientation is Wednesday night.  If you're anxious to work in the Shop, you'll want to sign up for that.  We will schedule more HOST slots as required.  However, most of today's slots went unused.  So future scheduling will depend on demand.
Jerry Beaudrys SketchUp Class begins Thursday night (June 29th) and runs for four consecutive Thursday evenings (6 - 8 pm).  I signed up today and there are just a few slots left.  SketchUp will be one of the methods of design that will be compatible with both our CNC and Laser Engraver.  So you don't want to miss this opportunity.   Just $60 for four sessions.  Sign up now on the web site...."Member Shop - Training - SketchUp".
We do need some help on a number of fronts.  If you would like to take on a "building project", we need a table built to permanently house the sliding Chop Saw.  We also need clamp racks and tool racks built as well as a Suggestion Box.   Another thing we need is someone to help Certify Members on the Powermatic lathe.  If you're an experienced turner, please let us know!  Finally, we still need a few more Shift Supervisors if we are to maintain the operating schedule we have established.  This requires just four hours of your time and we will provide you with all the training you need.  You don't need to work every week.  Whatever you're able to do will help.  If you'd like more information, email the Shop Director, Pete Sterling (
We do ask that you "reserve" a slot when you want to use the Shop.  We are finding that there are shifts that no one uses and it's pointless to tie up a Shift Supervisor for four hours if no one is coming.  Letting us know in advance that you want to use the Shop will help us schedule more efficiently.  (And don't forget to bring your Safety Glasses!).
The Wood Carvers group held their second meeting in the Schilbe Classroom on Tuesday.  Anyone interested in carving is welcome to join the group.  They meet the first and third Tuesday of each month.
Thanks again for your patience as we work through a series of minor start-up issues.  But feel free to stop in any time and have a look around.  The coffee machine is now up and running!
Gary Anderson

June 14, 2017
Good Afternoon!
I wanted to bring you up to date on several items.
First, it was a very good day for the Shop yesterday, as the City of San Diego finally granted us final approval on our permitted build-out of the space.  That nightmare, hopefully, is now behind us!
Second, we continue to shoot for an "opening" date of this coming Monday, June 19th.  There is still a lot of minor issues that need to be addressed.  Again, if you can help us either Thursday morning or Saturday morning, it would really help.  Our core of volunteers has been exceptional, but frankly, they're getting tired and we could use some reinforcements. 
Third, we completed our first round of Safety Certification last night.  We are running our Committee Members through it first.  I'm pleased with the process we have in place which is built upon the very successful program they use in the Portland Shop.  For those of you that are very anxious to begin using the Shop, you'll be able to complete Safety Certification as early as this coming Sunday, June 18th.  I will be back to you no later than Friday with the details on how to sign up.  Remember, you'll need to complete this process before you can use the power tools in the Shop.
As always, feel free to call or email with your questions.
See you soon!!

June 7, 2017
Good Afternoon!
I wanted to bring you up to date on the opening of the new Member Shop.
We continue to struggle with the City of San Diego which continues to make up the rules as we go along.  When we called for final inspection, they said we needed a Fire Inspection first.  We pointed out that we had a Fire Inspection last week.  No, that was for Fire Sprinklers....we also need one for Fire Alarms.  Never mind there is no Fire Alarm, why couldn't they have done both in one trip?  So now we have to go back to City Hall, fill out an affidavit that we have no alarm, pay a fee to have that truth verified and wait again!  Your City government in action!
Anyway, we've decided to move ahead while their little games play out.  So Saturday is "Moving Day"!
We will be moving all the stored equipment from the storage area in to the Shop, setting it up and getting everything ready for our formal opening date of Monday, June 19th.  If you would like to help, please email me.
Next week, we will be conducting training for Shift Managers and HOST Coaches.  HOST is Hands On Safety Training which all of us will need to complete before using the Shop.  Once we are ready to schedule those sessions, I'll be back to you with further details on how you can complete this process. 
Last evening, we hosted our first "event".  Chuck Meacham held the first meeting of the Carving Group he is starting up. Everyone agreed it went well and will be just the first of many. 
John Rieger is just about ready to post our first training classes on the web site, so be watching for that. 
We still have a need for volunteers to do a variety of miscellaneous tasks including assembling and installing  things, cleaning, door and window casings, building a Suggestion Box, etc, etc.  If you want to get involved, please email me.
Stayed tuned!  More to come soon!

May 26, 2017
Good Morning, Fellow Shop Members!
I have a number of important items to share with you.  Please take the time to read this through carefully.
First, I'm pleased to report enormous progress in the build-out of the Shop.  The painting, thanks to Dick Ugoretz, Terry Blackledge, Marc Gehr, Bill Doane, Brian Blackshear and Mike McElhiney is virtually done.  What a difference that has made!  Justin Goodrich has been hard at it building cabinets with the Melamine donated by Frost Hardwoods.  (The next time you visit Frost, please thank them!).  He has begun to move them in to the Shop and Pete is in the process of negotiating for some counter tops for them.
Our structural contractor is done.  The electrician is virtually finished and the HVAC contractor began work yesterday.  He expects to be done Tuesday.  If all goes just right, we could call for final inspection on Wednesday of next week.  Keep your fingers crossed!
Speaking of Wednesday of next week (May 31st) we are presenting "the program" at the General Meeting that night.  I hope you will all make it a point to be there and to talk up Membership in the Shop with those that have not yet signed up.  We have an exciting and fact filled presentation planned that hopefully will inspire everyone to get involved with our new Shop!
Assuming that we pass final inspection next week, we plan to move all the equipment that we have in storage over to the Shop on Saturday, June 3rd.  We really need some help that day, especially from those of you with trucks.  We will be renting a large truck with a lift gate for the heavy stuff, but need pick-ups to haul all of the smaller items.  There's a ton of tools.  We need all hands on deck!  If you're willing to help, please email your name to Tom Veatch so that he can provide details and updates to well as to let you know if the date should have to change.
As exciting as all this is, there is still a staggering amount of work that needs to be done.  Let me list as many items as I can in the hope that you might be able to assist with at least one of them.
1. We are just finishing up installing the interior doors and windows.  They need to be "cased".  And the casing needs to be painted.  You can do this whatever day and time works for you.  (Contact Pete,
2.  We have a couple of hundred feet of vinyl baseboard that needs to be installed/glued into place.  Again, whatever day you're available is fine.  (Contact Pete,
3. We need a number of wood signs that need to be made.  If you have an interest in this type of woodworking, we could really use your help.  We have a good idea of what we want...we just need someone to build it.  (Contact me on this one).
4. We have a ton of old hand tools that need to be gone through, sorted and those that are keepers, reconditioned.  If you like digging through old hand tools, this job is for you!  (Contact Pete,
5. We could also use some help with general cleaning, organizing and general maintenance.  (Contact Pete or me).
6.  We are looking for a Librarian to take on the responsibility of receiving, sorting, organizing and arranging the books an videos that will be going into our new Library.  (Contact me)
7.  We also need a "Membership Director".  This will be a permanent position on the Shop Committee and will be responsible for all of the administrative issues that need to be kept track of for all of our Members.  (Contact me)
8. Once the equipment is moved in, we'll need help getting it all into pristine condition....tuning it up, cleaning it, etc.  Let us know if you can help with this during the week of June 4th.  (Contact Pete 
9. We can still use a few more Shift Supervisors.  If you can work one or more 4 hour shifts per week, please contact Pete Sterling (
10.  We have door hardware that needs to be installed in 10 interior doors.  Contact Pete (
As soon as the equipment is in, we will begin the HOST Training (Hand On Safety Training) and, of course, once you complete that, you can begin to use the Shop!!  More details on HOST will be forthcoming, including in Mike Howell's presentation Wednesday night.
Remember, this is your Shop!  Please pitch in when and where you can!
Thanks for your ongoing support!  We're almost there!!  If you're in the neighborhood, stop in and check it out!