G-Wikie laser with RuiDa Laser Controller






 The computer used with the laser was a generous gift from Richard Schulman.


  • Laser and CNC team leads and instructors include Dallas Keck, Pat Duffy, Mike Davis, Dara Sariaslani and Travis Good.
  • Justin Goodrich and Jim Sykora round out the team with their technical and documenting skills.


  • Cutting bed is 1200 mm x 900 mm (47.2” x 35.4”) 
  • Cutting bed will drop 18" to accommodate a rotary attachment 
  • Cuts flat stock up to 3/8 inch
  • Industrial-grade CO2 laser can etch organic materials such as wood, leather, cardboard


 If you have an interest in the Digital Tools group, please join our group and let us know.  


RuiDa 6442G Laser Controller Manual