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Equipment - photos and specs  
CNC Parts and Materials
  • end mills recommended (either 1/8" or 1/4" shank): 
    • 1/8" flat end mill
    • 1/8" ball nose end mill
    • 1/4" flat end mill
    • 60º 1/2" V-carve bit
    • 90º 1/2" Vcarve bit
  • stock materials up to 6" thick and up to 33" x 33"
    • wood 
    • MDF
    • acrylic
    • wax
    • foam
  • local sources
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Using a computer to precisely control a router to cut and engrave wood is at the heart of CNC. The Member Shop recently acquired a Shapeoko XXL CNC which is capable of milling wood up to 33”x33” in size. This class will teach you how to competently and confidently use this tool with your woodworking projects.
The key to this class is practice. You will use the CNC from the very first session and by the end you will have completed five projects. To design your projects and to define your cuts you will receive a license to Vectrics’ VCarve Pro (Windows-only). Our goal in this course is to build confidence through practice. Consequently you will receive five EXTRA Shop slots so that you have extra time to practice during and after the course.  
A CNC is a computer-controlled tool so we require proficiency with Microsoft Windows. Familiarity with computer design is desired but not required. There is homework prior to each of the four 3-hour class sessions. Lastly, before receiving your certification for independent use of the Shop CNC you will complete an independent project.
When you complete this class you will have the confidence and competence to design and cut wood using the Shop CNC.
If you really want to know CNC then this is the class for you. 
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Why do I need a CNC?