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3D Printer Content - Join the Discussion
Prusa i3 MK3 Filament Printer
Anycubic Photon S Resin Printer
3D Printer Materials
Filament - 1.75mm PLA on 1 Kilogram spools
Colors - The Shop provides a variety of colors


Software Downloads
Prusa Control - slicer and encoder from Prusa
OpenSCAD - open source design software 
TinkerCAD - browser-based 3D design sw


YouTube Videos
A 3D printer makes things from plastics. In a woodworking shop it can be used to solve woodworking problems. Need a special bracket? Want a custom pocket hole jig? Can't find the right knob or appliqué? This class provides the onramp to using our 3D printer to provide solutions to workshop challenges.
In this class we focus on the process (or workflow) to getting things made. First, you'll learn to print standard objects that we store locally on our printer. Second, you'll learn to print standard items that you can find on the Internet, specifically from the huge inventory of free models on Third, you'll learn about printing customizable items which are modified to your requirements. We do all this over the course of three hours while also giving you first-hand experience using the printer. To earn your 3D printer certification, after the class session you will complete a small independently print project.
This class comes with a Shop Slot for use in completing your certification project.
It's designed to get you productive quickly by focusing on easy results.
You'll walk away with knowledge of three quick-to-print workflows.
Learn to use our latest digital tool; solve you workshop problems with 3D printing.
This class is available to members and non-members alike.