Shop Calendar Instructions

The Member Shop uses a scheduling program called Punchpass. This software allows members to schedule time in the shop or “shop slots” as they are called, reserve the digital tools, sign up for special classes, and to securely pay for your membership, shop slots and classes via credit card.  To do these things you will need to create an account in Punchpass.


You should be aware that you will have two online accounts with your membership.


To create your Punchpass account, you will need to provide your First and Last Name, an email address and a password.  To complete this process, you will need access to your email so that you can confirm the email account.


When you click on the link in the  section of the Shop Memberships page you will see the Punchpass page used to create your new account (or to login if you happen to all ready have one).  Enter your First and Last Name, your email, and a password then click on the Create Account Button.





New Account Information





Note: When you click on the Create Account, Punch Pass will send you a confirmation email. You will not be able to proceed until you click on the Confirm My Account button in the email.




Email Confirmation Notification


You will get an email that looks like this from Punchpass








Confirmation Email


When you click on the Confirm My Account link, you will be taken to the Punchpass page where you can confirm your password. Re-enter the password you used originally 






Enter your password and you will be able to Purchase a Membership, Purchase Passes and look at the class schedule.





Welcome Page




If you are interested in becoming a member, go to the Purchase Passes page.



Membership Options