We attempt to record all of our Zoom video events. You're welcome to enjoy the replay, add comments, or even consider hosting your own video event. There is a growing list of members who can assist you with a video production. We are looking for ways to get us through these interesting times without going stir crazy. Send us your ideas and we will get back to you soon.



Event Name Date Held Video Link
 CNC SIG  Saturday 5/30  Getting that Glossy Finish with Polyurethane
 3d Printing SIG  Friday 5/29  Bellus3D Facial Scanning to Print/Cut
 Shop Supervisor Meeting  Thursday 5/28  Shop Reopening Procedures Review
 General Meeting  Wednesday 5/27  General Meeting with George Vondriska 
 Shop Reopening Update  Saturday 5/23  Sharing Reopening Plan with Members 
 CNC SIG  Saturday 5/23  Rob Sandstrom's CNC Journey
 Laser SIG  Friday 5/22  Ceramic Etching, Ortur Rotary, Show & Tell
 Fast Start Fundamentals  Wednesday 5/20  Stiles, Rails and Half Lap Joints
 Fusion 360 SIG  Monday 5/18  Manufacture Workspace
 Shop Tours Select  Saturday 5/16  Workebenches Tour
 Hand Tool SIG  Saturday 5/16  Spokeshaves
 Fast Start Fundamentals  Wednesday 5/13  Building a Hanging Wall Cabinet #3
 Mold Making and Epoxy Resin  Tuesday 5/12  Mold Making and Epoxy Resin 
 Fusion 360 SIG  Monday 5/11  Fusion 360 SIG
 Woodworker Spotlight  Saturday 5/9  Del Cover on Niki de Saint-Phalle
 Digital Tools SIG  Saturday 5/9  Show & Tell with Fusion 360's Canvas
 Laser SIG  Friday 5/8  Lightburn 301
 Epoxy Resin SIG  Thursday 5/7  Show & Tell with Lance and Cassiano
 Fast Start Fundamentals  Wednesday 5/6  Building a Hanging Wall Cabinet #2
 Fusion 360 SIG  Monday 5/4  Import/Export
 Hand Tools SIG  Saturday 5/2  Sharpening Planes and Chisels
 Laser SIG  Friday 5/1  Lightburn 201
 Fast Start Fundamentals  Wednesday 4/29  Building a Hanging Wall Cabinet #1
 Fusion 360 SIG  Monday 4/27  Beginner Class (Session #3)
 CNC SIG  Saturday 4/25  Touring Home CNC Machines
 Laser SIG  Tuesday 4/21  Tracing and Node Editing
 Fusion 360 SIG  Monday 4/20  Advanced Class (Session #2)
 Hand Tool SIG  Saturday 4/18  Lea Nielson Hand Planes: Variety and Use
 Laser SIG  Thursday 4/16  Ortur Laser Set-up Help Session
 Fast Start Fundamentals  Wednesday 4/15  Five Steps to Squaring Boards
 Fusion 360 SIG  Monday 4/13  Beginner Learning Session
 Online SIG  Monday 4/13  Vacuum Clamping System
 Laser SIG  Saturday 4/11  Touring Large Home Lasers
 Holiday Gift Build SIG  Friday 4/10  Show-and-Tell and Planning
 Fast Start Fundamentals  Wednesday 4/8  Marking and Measuring Tools
 Fusion 360 SIG  Monday 4/6  Beginners Class (Session #1)
 SDFWA Outreach  Monday 4/6  SDFWA Outreach
 Hand Tools SIG  Saturday 4/4  Card Scrapers
 Online SIG  Friday 3/27  Wooden Putter Head Build
 Laser SIG  Saturday 3/28  Ortur Laser Hangout
 3D Printer SIG  Monday 3/23  3D Printer Show & Tell